The Fidelity

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well it's something .. wrote after reading Romeo and Juliet .. i just tried a modernize it .

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



The Fidelity




There he lay, my beloved,

on the bedside,

covered in crimson red blood,

dripping from his body,

all over the ground,

my heart beat skipped,

and I seized to breathe,

eyes dwelling tears,

they rolled down my cheeks,

the melancholy struck my being,

I ran toward him,

praying him to open his eyes,

he lays so still,

my heart throbs with agony,

I screamed his name out loud, 

he pretends not to hear,

why am I punished like this?,

what did I do to ail him?

crushing his hand,

to  my chest,

I remind him the promise he made,

open your hazel eyes ,

Oh my love!

my hands are drenched in his blood,

Why did you kill thyself?,

my love,why?

I never betrayed you,

I never loved the other guy,

enduring the passion,

and feiry in my heart,

I reach for the dagger next to him,

I tried to pursuade,

him back to life,

but my attempt failed!

YOU cannot come back to me,

but I can come to you,

to prove my you.


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