Death and Existence.

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Does death equal freedom? And when do we die?

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



I couldn’t say whether death equals freedom. Because is it not true that when you die, you are alone? And to some being alone is good but for others a nightmare, if you’re introverted like me then time with yourself is amazing. You can think over all of your worries and remember all of the things that you like. But when you die, you fall into a never-ending hole. Does your soul live on? Do you still feel? It’s impossible to say unless you, yourself have died. Even those with a faith that is ‘unbreakable’ and ‘100%’ in the Christian God, cannot actually guarantee that there is a God or Heaven or Hell. You can believe, yes. But evidently you cannot know.

I guess that some would make the argument that being with God equals freedom, but when you are with God in every sense, do you not become a puppet of something greater than you? Does freedom not mean literally to be free? And so how can any mere man be free when a greater being controls everything? Questions that no one can answer only philosophise. It’s hard to accept that you have almost no real meaning, so why think that at all? If you truly believe in a God, in a bigger thing than yourself, you are accepting that you are nothing.

But how, my readers, can that really be true?

You are you. And I am I. But are we not all one being? Existence is a funny thing, and I would argue that ‘Nothing’ does not exist. Because there could never be ‘Nothing.’ Without something, this world, this universe could not exist. And I think that it’s something that we all have to remember.

Because we all have an expiry date, whether we like it or not. One day we will die, and will not exist in a scientist’s mind. But thoughts equal actions. And thoughts keep people alive.

And so, we never die if we are not forgotten.


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