Life, at the last edge of hope

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The story tells about how important it is to keep your hope alive and struggle till the last breath. Because time and events can be changed at any second

Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



The heart touching sound of the birds is biding adieu to the dark night; on the other hand, the breezy dawn is welcoming the rising sun, the black cloud enfolding the complete sky with its shawl not allowing the rays of the sun to kiss the blooming flowers. The rumbling, breezy wind is frolicking over the grass, circulating the trees and kissing the blooming flowers, bringing along the fragrance house to house, declaring rain.

Noor Zaman, a handsome young pilot with black charming eyes, wearing his bright uniform, standing in front of the mirror,  checking himself how handsome he is, at the same time playing with the black straight hair of his whistling a musical note and admiring own image in the mirror feeling as if he is the only one in the world.

“Noor Zaman dear, come, breakfast is ready. Come on otherwise, you will be late.” Mother shouted, arranging the table with a murmur in her mouth.

“Hi mom, why are you murmuring?”  He greeted and started cobbling the food together in a hurry.

 She responds angrily, “Look at the sky, it is going to rain and you’re leaving.” 

“That’s not my fault mom. I have to because it is my duty, and don’t worry flight might

be delayed”. He interrupted her, and rushed to the car saying her goodbye.

“Good morning, sir” Said Noor Zaman to his boss.

“Good morning Mr. Noor Zaman, aren’t you late?” He asked.

“Sorry Sir. But Sir should we have the flight today as weather is stormy?”  He asked with a grin.

“If you are afraid, you must not accompany. You should resign, and sit at home.  We need no coward, alright.”  He replied with great anger.

Noor Zaman raising his eyebrows, left towards the plane. When he steps outside, the blowing breeze touches his rambling body that pangs the pierce to his heart, he spreads out his arms taking the breath up with ecstasy, feeling the weather, and its strange smell was really so intoxicating.

“Excuse me Sir!”  The voice broke his nice contemplation. He looked up and saw Mr. Sameer, the assistant pilot. “Sir, it’s time now.” He said.

“Yes dear!”  He responded with taking the breath up once again.

When they entered the plane, Mr. Noor Zaman went to see the passengers. He returned after a while, taking the charge asked to the control room for being ready to take off the plane IAB 787. He was granted the permission to take off the plane. After a while, the all beloved of the passengers standing in airport could see the airplane going with its extreme speed on the runway, and its bright lights were as if saying cheerio to its observers, then it disappeared in the arms of the black cloud. The sitting passengers could see the black cloud surrounding them by the windows of airplane. It was quite much comfortable for them.

After ten to twenty minutes, airplane received a big shock and suddenly the airplane got up from the yelling and crying of the passengers.  As it was a big airplane, which contained four pilots, the assistant pilot announced with great surprise that engines of the airplane have gone dead, and it is going down. Three of them started crying,” Sir…Sir...sir, it’s going to crash, now we are going to die.” Kneeling themselves down, they went insane losing the courage and gave up. On the other hand, the airplane was going down with the same speed as it ran before on the runway in front of the beloved of the passenger. All of them were thinking of the ones who care them a lot, everybody was recalling the nice moments of their lives, the soft smiles of family members. However, young Noor Zaman with the great audaciousness and without fear of the death was still performing his job. The pressure gear was in his hand, and he was doing his best to control the situation and bring the airplane under control. He was completely sweating and his eyes were full of tears, not owing to losing his own life, rather the hundreds of lives that were in airplane. He was trying in such a moment where some time hope itself becomes afraid and leaves associating. Airplane was almost going to crash, only few kilometers away from the earth.  At last, he closed his eyes with the last hope, without giving up, and with a huge pressure, he fluttered the gear. Magically, it worked, as Noor Zaman was holding the gear so tightly, therefore, it flew upward and after a long hardship, he could manage to have control over it. After the long agoraphobia, everything became normal. He touched his face, pulling out the hairs and cried out with a great joy of success between death and life, tears rolled on his cheeks. The other pilots quiver him in arms, kissed him with a great euphoria, the all passengers cheered up with a great excitement of getting a chance of living.  Mr. Noor Zaman announced to the control room for being successful. After some minutes the IAB 787 came in front of the restless eyes of the people who were waiting for it in the airport, all swayed with great glitter. After the huge sound of plane, the door opened and Mr. Noor Zaman along with his associates (pilots) came out with raising hands. A number of the people saluted him with great admire for firm performance.

Now, we have to think what would have been the result if Noor Zaman had kneeled down and given up as some people do? Remember the struggle and the faith of a man never goes in vain, it works until the last breath of a man. Just need the self-faith of yours that how much you believe in yourself. However, the fear of the death always kills the person before the death. So, be sure we all are always sailing in the airplane of our lives, and every one of us is the pilot of our own planes. You can find any time your plane crashing, and then there you need not to go insane. Do not be afraid of death; let it come, as it is already inevitable. However, if before you are frightened, and you give up, surely, you would lose many things.

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