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A princess was forced to marry. She refuses, until one night, a handsome man has come to whisk her away.

Submitted: April 27, 2013

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Submitted: April 27, 2013



There was once this certain girl. She had long, shiny blond hair. She had sparkling sea blue eyes.Slim and delicate fingers. She, was the princess of the skies.Ther year of her 16th birthday, her father wanted her to choose a husband. The princess was stubborn and would not choose one. 
"I do not want one!" she demanded, behind her fan. The king would not listen to her words and summoned all men who he thought who would be worthy to be the next king. When the princess heard about this, she burst out into tears. She didn't want to marry someone who she did not love. Her eyes would not stop dripping out beads of tears.
A knock came from the door and it slowly opened. "My  little angel." The kings whispered. "I have found someone who is handsome, smart, strong and well worthy to be your husband." 
The princess threw her fan on the floor, "I WILL NEVER MARRYHIM! HE IS NOT SOME WHOM I LOVE!" And with that, she ran out the room. She kept running and running in the darkness. Tears flooded her eyes. When she stoped, she was lost. There was nothing but and dim lighted cherry blossom tree, surrounded by darkness. Nobody was there. Suddenly, a ray of light appeared ahead. The tree grew farther and farther away. She took a few steps foward. Her hand spred out in front of her, reaching for the light. A man stood in the middle of the light, behind the giant cherry blossom tree. Light pink peddles gently landed on the ground. It was only the man in front of the tree and herself. Surrounding them was darkness. The man's silver hair shined. His gentle and kind gray eyes met hers. "Come," he said, "My princess, I shall take you somewhere else." He held out his hand, palms facing up. "Somewhere you can be carefree. Nobody will force you to marry. The warm sun will be blazing. The birds will be singing their soft melody to you. You will love it there." 
The princess gazed deeper into the man's eyes. She felt asif his gentle eyes engulfed her mind and soul. She put her hand in his. The man suddnly wrapped his arms around her body. Pure white wings appeared on his back. His embrace was warm. "I don't ever want to let go." The princess whispered to herself.

The next morning, a maid found the princess hanged from a bloomed cherry blossom tree. She was dead, but smiling.

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