Red Rose

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A beautiful and kind girl one day set out to find a special flower to cure her sister's sickness. Will she succeed to find this mysterious and rare flower?

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



There once was a gentle and kind girl named Pearl. She always loved helping others. She has a sister, but her sister was really jelous of her beauty and popularity. One day, Pearl's sister fell ill. "Is there any cure?" she asked the doctor.
"There is one, but..." the doctor paused. "I don't think it's possible."
Pearl grabbed his hand, "Please, doctor! Please tell me! I wish to save my sister at all costs!"
The doctor gently brushed off her hand. "Well, the Winter Rose's dew water will cure her illness."
"Winter Rose?!?" Pearls was taken back. "Such a thing exsists?"
"Yes," the doctor continued. "Winter Roses are white. And especially rare." 
"I will find it!" Pearl said firmly."
"But," the doctor stared into her eyes. "I need a RED rose."
Pearl tightened her grip on her skirt, "A red rose." she echoed.
The doctor nodded. "To get it, you will have to face the largest sacrafice you ever made in you entire life time."
Pearl gazed at her sleeping sister, "I will do anything for my beloved sister." she whispered.
The doctor's eyes softened, "You will find Winter Roses in the Enchanted Forest." Pearl nodded and left through the door, towards the forest, without facing back.

In the forest, it was dim, only lite by small twinkling fireflies. The breeze was cool and comforting. Pearl looked everywhere. In caves, in giant hollow trees, and finally she saw something. "A rose!" she exclaimed. "But... a white one." She sighed and moved to the next bush. "White Winter Roses won't  work for her." 
Just then, a low growl came from above. "What's that?" She turned her head side to side. The noise came again. She looked upwards towards the noise. A wild cat!" The cat had pure white fur with glistening gold eyes. "RREEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW." It said again. 
"Oh my!" Pearl cried, "You poor thing! You must be stuck up there! Hold on a second, little one." She started to climb the tree." I'll get you down safely for sure." When she got near the cat, it scratched her and jumped off the tree. "H-Hey!" She lost her balance and slipped off the branch. In an instant, she fell right into the rose bushes. Thorns digged into her skin. Blook splattered everywhere on the roses and snow. The blood slowly sucked into the roses. 


Two days later, Pearl's sister was well and about. Their parents were happy that the sickness has pst. The mother sat next to Pearl's bed. "Thankyou!" Her sister cried. "Pearl I'm sorry that i was mean to you! You saved my life!"
While Pearl. She was smiling. A happy feeling of her sister safe and well. She smiled until the end. In Heaven. 

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