In the darkness of the night, the dark ones whisper...

In the darkness of the night, the dark ones whisper
Beware, for these types always leave a fissure
A crack in your sanity, a break in your mask
Beware of their presence, for they choose not to ask
They creep and poison your thoughts with their venom

The dark is inside you
The thoughts stir and brew
Stored up in your memory
The feelings you try and bury
You may never see it coming,
The day the dark starts thrumming

They become tangible things
The thoughts have sprouted wings
The words whispered ring
For you are no longer their king
So you must endure the chaos they are sure to bring

You see, demons are wretched creatures
Who tend to expose their hideous features
Always looking over your shoulder
As their gazes grow colder and colder
The longer they stay,
The more likely you're prey

The more they prey,
The more black turns to grey
The more grey they become, the larger they grow in sum
For grey does not hide as well as black
Since black blends with the shadows that grey doth lack

In these moments of discord you're torn
As the dreamer and believer within you mourn
Because the dark is all consuming
And the doubt within you is blooming
And as always, with a bloom comes a blossom
But this one shall be regarded with caution

For despite the pretty word
What emerges is rather absurd
It will sprout and breed a creation
But the creation will be an abomination
For they will plant the seeds of doubt
With these nights full of fear drawn out

And in these nights, the demons do appear
Their words penetrate your thoughts like a spear
And if their words somehow should fail
They have other means by which to assail
See, demons have this kind of sorcery
The most sinister weapon in their armory

The have no hidden intent
Rest assured, your soul shall be spent
They want to drag you down
Deep into the Pit, where you shall never be found
So the only way to defeat your inner demon
Is to not let yourself weaken

So the moral of the story is
When it comes to your demons, be an extremist
To not only live your life, but to get through
You must slay your demons, before they slay you

Submitted: September 10, 2015

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