Downfall of a Loveless Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

TW for domestic violence.

He hits.

She cries.

He laughs

She screams.

He kicks.

She falls.

He feels empowered.

She feels beaten down.

He's drunk.

She's scared.

He's delusional.

She's hysterical.

He thinks she's weak.

She's the strongest person you'll ever meet.

She takes the abuse for the kids.

She won't give up.

Cause that means all he's ever said is true.

She's scared for her life.

He never takes it easy.

He's always liked it "rough".

He feels like a man when he sees her tears.

He never loved her.

Men like him can't feel love.

Never have and she knew he never would.

She's remained headstrong all these years.

The broken ribs and bruised pride.

Never giving him the satisfaction of a response.

One night he gets mad.

He beats her within an inch of her life.

She knows resistance would be foolish.

He calls her a good for nothing whore and she cracks.

She yells and for the first time fights back.

She knows its her end.

She won't go out without a fight.

Her kids hide in the back closet.

Jeremy the oldest grows some courage when he hears the crack of a broken bone.

For the first time he calls the cops.

The officers have to knock down the door.

They see him grab a knife and shoot without regret.

His funeral was a lonely one.

His mother was the only attendee.

She spit on his grave.

A man that knows no love will show no love.

Submitted: September 10, 2015

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