The Song of Nereus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mermaids are the women thrown off of ships when sailors got afraid because having a woman onboard was bad luck. And as they sink the bottom, legs tied together, they slowly change until they can breathe. Until they can use their tied legs to swim. And they drown sailors in revenge, luring them in by singing in their dangerously addicting voices, still husky from the sting of the salt water that drowned them.

The night was dark and stormy, the ocean was roaring and the sailors were nervous. The ship was one lightning strike away from sinking into the depths of the forbidden sea. They had been warned, but still they travelled the banned waters. The men had done everything in their powers to keep the storm from happening. Praying hadn’t worked, chanting was not changing anything, The Gods were angry.

So one man went into the hidden chute and withdrew his hidden treasure. A woman named Nereus. The man had gone against the most prominent law of the sea and brought the beggar woman aboard in hopes of selling her to a rich Greek family.

“This is your fault!” the man had hissed.

The woman begged for her life, but nothing she had said seemed to register to the man. He was beyond reasoning and there was no changing his mind.

“Please Mister Eld, please leave me be. It is not my fault! The gods are not punishing me. The men aboard this ship are not good men. There is nothing we can do but continue to sail. Throwing me overboard will not absolve you of their sins!” Nereus begged, but Mister Eld held fast and bound her arms and legs.

Eld led Nereus to the bowsprit and prepared to throw her over.

“If you do this, The Gods will punish you. Shall any man with evil in his heart ever dare to sail the waters of the world, they will drown. They will be lured to their deaths and be dragged to the depths of the ocean, damned for all of eternity. The deaths of hundreds will be on you Mister Eld. Remember my words, for they will become the truth.” Before Nereus could continue to speak, Eld stabbed her in the stomach and pushed her over the edge of the ship.

Nereus tried to keep her head above water, but her arms and legs were bound with strong rope, and so she fell deeper and deeper into the water.

Seven meters down and her lungs burned from inhaling water while exhaling her screams. Fourteen meters and her head felt as if it were to explode. Finally, when she was sure that she was a dead woman, she felt a burning sensation on her neck. Her legs felt like they were being fused together. And in what seemed to be a violent flash of light, Nereus transformed. She could breathe. Her hands were free. Her legs were gone and in their place, a beautiful tail.

The Gods had spoken. Nereus was to live and make good on her damnation.

She opened her mouth and the sound that came out was not human. It was magical. It was haunting. And with it, she knew what she was destined to do.


Fifteen long years passed before Nereus felt his presence. Eld was near. She swam to the surface and could barely make out the shape of a ship on the horizon.

In the years since her transformation, Nereus had spent her time luring evil men to their deaths with her Song. No man with evil in their hearts could resist the Song. Nereus had been daydreaming of the day Eld would sail again since she had lost his ship all those years ago. She had thought of all the ways she would kill him. And now, he was in her sights.

The ship was nearing and she opened her mouth to sing.

“Look into your souls

Do you see the evil?

Do you feel the hate?

Look into your hearts

Do you see the darkness?

Do you feel the need?

Join me in the waters

The waters of sin

Join me in the waters

And forever be satisfied

Look into your minds

Do you see the thoughts?

Do you feel the want?

Join me here

Here in the waters of your Gods

Join me here

And you will never wish for more

Look into yourselves

Do you see the delirium?

Do you feel the greed?

Jump to me my dears

And never again will you feel empty”

The men jumped. As they always did. And while most of them drowned, Nereus saved just one.

Eld was delirious. He needed to die. He wanted to embrace the waters. He wanted… he wanted… he wanted.

It was his biggest fault. One that he was not alone in. But it was his want and the evil in his heart that went on to be the death of him.

Nereus took her time tearing him apart. She ripped him limb from limb and fed his remains to the beasts. And when she was done she felt light. Her burden was lifted. Her need for revenge was sated. Her soul was free.


The women who die violently at sea will forever be saved by the magic of Nereus. These women will go on to transform and swim and kill until their souls are free. Men might be the ones to kill them, but they will forever be the ones who win in the end. Because a woman killed at sea is a woman to be feared.

Submitted: September 10, 2015

© Copyright 2022 MajorMania. All rights reserved.

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