Stargate Unending: Main Character's Bios

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General bios for the lead characters in the script-show Stargate Unending.

Submitted: December 24, 2008

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Submitted: December 24, 2008



Colonel John Cross
Late thirties, has been in the Stargate program for fifteen years. He knows how to have fun, but can be dead serious when the time comes. Served in the first SG-12 as a Major, he gained command of SG-12 when the rest of the team was promoted and/or given other assignments in 2017. Has known Carol Jackson for her entire life on earth. She is(currently)the only person on Destiny who calls him by his first name. Was married for a little over a year and a half when his wife died in a car crash, and he took a full six months off of SG-12 while recovering. As a result, he stays away from getting into a serious relationship with a woman...
Major Kris Mathews

Early-thirties, looks younger. Relative newcomer to the SGC, she joined SG-12 right after being assigned to the SGC, she has the ancient gene, but it’s not very powerful. She is an excellent pilot, and is renown for her skills in an F-302 and several other aircraft. Her skills are comparable to Col. Sheppard’s flying abilities. Has been on SG-12 for a little over a year, she’s one tough nut, committed to the Air Force.
Dr. Janet Smith

Mid-twenties, a medical doctor who is very outgoing, outspoken, and quite hyper. She has a great sense of humor. She is fascinated by everything, knows how to put together and take apart almost anything, and if she can’t, she figures out how to. She has photographic memory. Has passable flying skills, almost never carries a gun, opting for a zat. She studies civilizations, history and archeology as a passion. Comes from a big family, she likes to attract attention, so whenever she speaks, her voice seems a little louder than everyone else’s. Is incurably curious and inquisitive.

Dr. Carol Jackson

Early-twenties, a protégé in the scientific areas, she has opted to take after her ‘aunt’ Sam Carter, and even though she is relatively young, she is quite smart. As an eleven-year-old girl, she was found abandoned on a planet, and Daniel Jackson adopted her. She has spent her whole life around the Stargate and SGC, so it came as no surprise when she declared she wanted to join the SGC. She is a civilian, like her father, and has known Col. Cross for her entire life on earth. At the age of eighteen, she had already been off world three times, and it seemed like her life was on the fast track towards a career in the Air Force. But on her eighteenth birthday, it was discovered that she couldn’t join the military due to a previously undiscovered sight problem. Later, a device  that SG-1 discovered was able to cure her, but she had already moved on, and the air force wasn’t the right place for her. Might have been in a telepathically induced sleep (Destiny).
Captain Kiran Karla
483 years old, but appears to be in her mid-thirties. She is a refugee from an advanced society name the Garens, who have opted to stay self-sufficient. They are on the same level (or were) as the Ancients, but the ancients ignored them, and so the Garens withdrew. They have a fleet of ships that patrols their system, and an impenetrable barrier that protects it. They also have a way to move their entire planet out of existence. They have individual cloaks, like the Sodan. Karla was on a scout trip when she was forced to watch (the gate was surrounded) as an army of Jaffa came in and slaughtered an entire planet’s people. She was horrified, and reported it as so to the counsel. They put her in a psychic hospital, and she left the hospital with the memories suppressed. She was on a later scout mission when she witnessed another atrocity; two SG teams killed in cold blood, and an entire village burned to the ground by the Ori. This stirred memories from her suppressed mission, and she turned rouge. For ten years she wandered, trying to avoid her people, until she stumbled across an SG team. She sought refuge among them, and later joined the air force. She looks like a human, but has what she passes off as a tattoo on her lower arm, that is actually a device implanted into the skin that extends her life. Starting with Flashpoint, she always wears at least two forms of bladed weapons, "Just in case".
Major Eric Moore
Mid-thirties, he is sweet, but tough. Has a troubled history that is referenced but never clearly stated. Has passable flying abilities, his real strength lies in strategy, he is extremely sharp and quick, enjoys playing games, but is somewhat reluctant to do anything 'fun' around senior officers. Likes to sword fight. (Flashpoint), has at least one older brother who got him liking sword fighting (Flashpoint).
Captain Elizabeth Johnson
Mid-twenties, she’s tall, silent. She joined the military to get away from a troubled home. Not much is known about her. She is familiar with telepathically induced unconsciousness, and harbors a dislike for scientists (Destiny).
Captain Shelby Porter
Late-twenties, has a history of insubordination. Smart, calculating, she loves chess. Outspoken, which has gotten her a history of black marks, loyal to her direct commanding officer, even against a higher superior. Her sense of humor is comparable to Jack O'Neill's famous sarcastic remarks.
Doctor Sam Park
Early-twenties, he is another newcomer to the SGC, a civilian who was given special access to help decode a long dead language that tricked even Daniel Jackson. Brilliant in the areas of mathematics and languages, he is so new that everything is amazing to him. He has slipped into military life easily, as his father, who was in the military, ran his house like the military. He enjoys target practice, and cracking computer algorithms as a hobby.
Major Jennifer Emerson
Early-thirties, was a member of SG-15, but becomes a member of her husband’s team. She is Col. Emerson's niece. Sweet, and everything you could want in a woman, she is funny, and enjoys practical jokes. In the beginning she knows more about the ship, because she was the one who always escorted the scientists to the ship, and has a fair knowledge of how to work it.

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