A Black Crisis

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Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013




A Black Crisis

The year is 2150, except in a different reality. World War II has come and gone, some people may believe that the allies won the war; this is folly in this new reality. The allies had they marched on the beach of Normandy, but then Germany started winning battles and crushing the combatants, they started with the invasion of Wales, up to the Battle of London, then Britain fell. The harsh Russian winter ceased and then Germany marched to the heels of St. Petersburg, the USSR fell. The US remained independent for another year. Then the United States citizens elected a new president, President Jones; he was a support of Germany and opened to doorstep to harsh times. The world was Germany’s; even the tiny island of Fiji fell under the new iron fist. The total world domination endured for about 100 years, Hitler was dead for a long time until some countries decided that they are through with this society. A third of Asia, and the area around Australia revolted; they threw out the garrisons and manned the defense situations. These countries became “the new allies.” The axis anticipated that the new allies would attack, but the countries remained defensive as they only have enough supplies to defend themselves. Now they are attacking with a secret weapon.

Meet Patricia Mary Anthony. She is 35 and happily married to Bruce Matthew Anthony who is 36. Patricia has two children, Ivan Robert Anthony, who is 6. Ivan can often be reckless and foolhardy but he loves his parents with all his hart and will stop immediately when told to by them. Also, there is Madison Bethany Anthony, who is 8, she is somewhat rebellious of her parents and often does not give them the respect they deserve and likes to stay out of family fun. Patricia currently lives in Singapore, the scientific hub of the revolting countries. She is very special as she has an IQ of 213, much higher than most of the other scientists that live around her. Sometimes the male-centered society prominent in some areas, prevents her from thriving and showing her true potential. Everyone is almost always tense, anticipating attacks from Kazakhstan, the closest military hub of the Axis.

“Patricia, do you understand what this job entitles?” Said the interviewer,

“Yes, I am to help design and develop a weapon to fight the Axis,” said Patricia,

“Good, your background is phenomenal; you graduated from Tokyo University with a PHD in particle physics and astrophysics. You also have plenty of experience with studying black holes,” said the interviewer, “I’d like to offer you the job,”

“I would fancy it, thank you for it. Where precisely will I be working, that information hasn’t been revealed to me,” said Patricia with a gargantuan grin,

“277 universe avenue, on your first day ask for Selene, she will show you around,” said the interviewer. Patricia then thanked the interviewer,

“Wait, could you tell me what the date is?” Said Patricia,

“Friday the 13th,” Said the interviewer, Patricia then thanked the interviewer and walked out of the office. The day was fairly gloomy as she walked back to her home, it smelled as if she was out in a damp, grassy bog. She was fairly poor as she could not land a very well-paying job until now. When she got home her husband was reading the kids a story,

“Was there really a white whale?” Said Ivan,

“Probably, and huge!” Replied Bruce, “Patricia! You’re home!”

“Well, how’d it go?” Said Bruce,

“Really well! I got the job!” Said Patricia still bearing that gargantuan smile,

“Excellent! Let’s celebrate!” Said Bruce, that night they treated themselves to a more luxurious meal than they were used to, it was fun and very enjoyable for everyone. The next day Patricia woke up and started to get ready for work. She was up earlier than even the children, who needed to go to school. She was given the day before what she was expected to wear, it was a lab coat and a very rough black shirt that chafed her skin bearing the lab’s name, Roosevelt Labs. It was named after the American president in World War II.

It was six in the morning when Patricia started walking to the lab, there were so few supplies that people had to walk as cars were deemed a waste of gasoline and metal. Very few people were on the streets at this time, and when she got to the lab most of the scientists weren’t there yet either.

“Patricia?” said a voice right behind her,

“Yes?” said Patricia while turning around, there was a shorter woman with an Aryan look to her, blond hair and blue eyes.

“I’m Selene, the receptionist of the Lab, I’ll show you around,” said Selene with a smile, the lab was state of the art, with all of the best supplies and machines. The lab was very large, certainly bigger than her college lab. Each scientist had a station where they would work; hers had a computer, tools, previous research notes, and a notebook where she would keep all her notes. As if it was on que, when she touched the desk the first other scientist opened the front door, he engaged in small talk with Selene for a little bit, then walked in.

“Oh, you must be the new scientist,” said the man,

“Yes, I’m Patricia,” said Patricia whilst extending her hand toward him, “you are?”

“I’m Matthew, pleased to meet you,” said Matthew, more scientists came in eventually, introducing themselves, and then going to work. It seemed that outside these men might be very lighthearted, but in the lab it was all work. Patricia noticed a stack of papers on her desk and started to analyze them as she supposed she was meant to do at that time. It was an observation log of the experiments done, she thought that the weapon would be a bomb or a missile. She was only too right. She saw the research for a really strong structure made out of osmium-iridium alloy, but then she saw research on singularities and black holes. Patricia realized that the bomb would not destroy the people of the Axis, it would destroy the Axis itself.  Patricia then spoke to the scientist next to her,

“So we’re building a singularity bomb?” said Patricia,

“Yes, we’ll finally wipe the axis off the map, and finally be at peace,” said the scientist as if he wanted billions of lives to be destroyed.

“Isn’t this immoral,” said Patricia,

“Isn’t it immoral what the axis does to the people living there?” said the scientist, Patricia was about to annul his point, but she decided to keep her mouth shut and keep on working. In the following weeks, Patricia worked a lot at the lab and had barely any time at home. She suspected that the scientists didn’t think much of her even after all of her contributions to the project. After the third week she finally got a day off to be with her family.

“Judging by how you look, it seems like your job is seriously putting you to work,” said Bruce,

“Thanks, that exactly what you say to a woman when she looks down,” said Patricia, Bruce laughed and sat down next to Patricia whilst putting an arm around her. The day was very slow as Patricia just wanted to hang around with her kids and husband.

“Mom, why aren’t you home much?” said Ivan,

“Well Ivan, I have to work to give us money to buy things, remember?” said Patricia,

“Yes mom, I just want to play with you more,” replied Ivan,

“We will after the scientists and I finish a big thing were doing,” uttered Patricia,

“Okay mom,” said Ivan.

The rest of the day was filled with lots of board games and fun. The next day Patricia went back to work. As usual she was first there and she got started on the device, right now it was at prototype stage. It was utilizing dark energy to create a singularity. It was very high tech and it could not be tested as if they did so it would destroy their entire third of the world, and probably more. The other scientists came in as they always did. “Patricia?” Said Henry, another one of the scientists,

“Hmm?” said Patricia while still focusing on her work,

“Are you ready to start the simulations?” asked Henry,

“Yes, here are the notes I made. Is there anything else you need?” said Patricia whilst handing Henry her notes.

“No, but come this way, we need everyone to view the simulation for extra input,” replied Henry, Patricia walked with Henry toward the computer; they inputted all the notes and a scan of the prototype into the variables then started the simulation. It showed it being deployed and then under the initial vibrations of the drill it detonated destroying them. The simulations continued somewhat like that, when It was launched by missile it was shot down, it was deployed early, it didn’t activate at all, and more events that ended up Patricia wanting to tear her hair out.. The scientists were spending more and more time in the lab and sometimes Patricia slept in the in bunks provided at the lab, she simply couldn’t go home because it was too late for her. Patricia pulled multiple all-nighters trying to fix the multiple problems of the device until it was finished, the simulation couldn’t find any problems, they looked over it again and again and it was perfect. Everyone celebrated and got two days off. Patricia spent it being with her family that she saw far too little of lately.

“Are you ready?” said Matthew to the group of scientists the next day. Everyone said something like yes; today they would launch the device through the earth, through the core, and underneath Germany where it would detonate revealing the black hole.

 “I have a surprise for you all,” said Matthew, he walked away and after a little bit he came back with a bottle of champagne and glasses for everyone. Everyone was surprised and happy when they saw the champagne. It was good champagne as well; it tasted wonderfully, like someone took the spirit of good taste and autumn and shoved it into a bottle. Everyone celebrated for an hour and socialized.

“Okay, let’s get started,” said Patricia. All the scientists went up to their safeties that when all turned would open their buttons, and when they were all pressed the device would be launched. They all turned off the safety and were hovering over the button.

“You realize that this will change everything,” said Ina, another scientist,

“Yes, and it’ll either save us or, not so much,” replied Henry, “3, 2, 1… do it,’ counted down Henry, they all pressed the button and then looked at the screen that showed the bombs progress. Then an error occurred and it detonated in the earth’s core. Everyone then had a look of horror as the sensors indicated errors and then went blank. The black hole was eating the earth’s core, and it was growing.


The Black hole ripped through the laboratory with a deafening noise, it would be the result of 500 elephants simultaneously jumping atop a log. It started sucking the scientists in, Patricia could only watch in horror as she help a firm grip on a pole whilst watching her colleagues fall in.

5 days later

The black hole detonated in the earth’s core, the scientists told the guard to raise full alert, that’s when the ground started falling in. the ground was as unstable as walking on top of a piece of crème brulee, step in the wrong place, and you fall through.  There were now paths marked by signs and spray paint, the axis and the new allies now are living side by side with the only intention of surviving. In Singapore, at first everyone was panicky and trying to figure out what to do. Most of the population of earth died that day. After that first day people started trying to figure out how to live. When it was figured out that Patricia was part of the team that was building the bomb she was sent out from every colony set up by the survivors they could find. She was the last living member of the scientist team that caused this, and every minute Patricia lived she had a very abominable feeling of guilt deep in her stomach, she never slept without a couple of nightmares. “Mom I’m hungry!” Said Ivan,

“I know Ivan, look, there’s a grocery store right there, let’s go get some food, yeah?” Said Patricia. As soon as Patricia secured the handle of the grocery store door the ground broke underneath her. She managed to grab a piece of land and then she looked down. It was a black hole, dark… motionless… deadly. Since when an object gets close to a black hole it is frozen in time and space, it seemed as Patricia could see the areas where other people fell, scorched into the areas.

“Patricia!” Screamed Bruce, he told the children to stay put before he went to help her, “you’ll be okay,” said Bruce, “That thing looks bigger than the universe itself,” thought Bruce aloud after he started to help Patricia.

“I am a grown woman and an astrophysicist, I know the probability of me surviving this encounter,” replied Patricia,

“Please don’t think that way,” said Bruce, Patricia then grunted in frustration as she tried to climb out of her hole, her attempts failed each time, and the last time when she was almost out, she lost her grip and let go. For Bruce it seemed so quick, but for Patricia it took an eternity, it seemed that it took days between her letting go and her actually fading out of consciousness, but it happened actually as quick as Bruce saw it did, in a couple of seconds.

“Life changed after that, no more TV, no more… fun essentially, we spend all our time trying to improve our situation but it is almost futile. Our farm keeps us fed and winter is very mild here, but it still is very miserable here. All that is left now is solid ground kept there by our world anchors, its safer, but still very bad that it was before. The militias ran by random warlords always battle but luckily they have the common courtesy to leave us alone to live. It is fun sometimes to look through stores that aren’t looted. You find that odd battery or solar panel. We make do, barely. We are so lucky that we have food in our stomachs and a roof over our heads, many people are now nomads or controlled by random warlords. The black hole is still there but it has become reality. As much as I want to forgive Patricia, part of me will always hate her, for doing this, and actually knowing what she was doing, I can’t stand the thought that I basically helped her. I know that she was trying to make something marvelous, majestic, maybe magnificent, but it blew up in our faces. Our reality was changed, because of her and those scientists.” Worded Bruce, he was finishing his account of what happened before the destruction of life. His kids were older, 16 and 18. As much as he wanted to forgive her, he couldn’t because of what she had done. Patricia essentially killed billions of people, and that in a twisted way of Karma, took her down.

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