Battle Tower Book #2 Sacrifice

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The second book in "The Battle Tower" series, enjoy!

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012





The guards in Riptide seemed overwhelmed, but managing as the Bandits charged with practically no weapons to the wall, only a couple had guns, but only half-broken pistols, not anything with that could do damage. Zenith headed out to the wall to help the guards, at first they resisted his help, but eventually they accepted it. Zenith started to fire with his rifle at the oncoming crowd. These bandits were large in numbers, but not well armed, most of them were only armed with clubs and only one is about 30 had a gun, and they were the first to go. The guards tried to aim their shots with rifles, but gave up and started mowing down the men with their fully automatic combat rifles. The guards won this battle as the bandits laid down in the ground in bloody heaps. Zenith thought this strange of the Bandits, normally they would not be this foolish, but he shrugged it off and just for good measure, gave the guards his mortar and his mortar ammunition. “Thank you Zenith, we really needed this,” said one of the guards,

“Don’t worry too hard about it, it wasn’t doing anything collecting mouse droppings in my attic,” said Zenith. It was true, even though Zenith regretted killing anyone; he still had his weapons in case someone tried to kill him first. Everyone here had weapons except if you were a toddler, it was just to be safe and even though the “official” government said that if you were under 13 you were not allowed to have even a sword, no one paid attention to them as the government was just politicians shut up in offices, they called the area around their central area The Republic of Thurn, after the last name of the “leader,” Ethan Thurn, another useless politician. Zenith went back to his home which was just above his bank. And started wondering why he got a suit, there was no use to it, it took up space, and it basically just sat there, but who cares he wanted a suit. He put it into his closet and looked at the broken 1911 pistol he found. Sure he was a gunsmith but that gun was broke as hell, he fixed the barrel, but there was still the ejection handle which was better as a paperweight right now. He simply put the gun in his desk drawer and started reading, he had plenty of books but he had no time to read them until now. He was thinking that the attack was way too easy, as if the bandits wanted their men to be used as gun fodder. Almost on que, he heard the gate explode, and he watched as three cars, rudimentarily armed, burst into town and start firing.

“All right, you all know what we’re here for, and if someone doesn’t  step out in the next 10 minutes, were gonna take a person and their entire family,” said a bandit who spoke over a speaker on the outside of the head car. Zenith knew exactly what they meant, the bandits saw the guards set up better defenses and the Bandits would have to try much harder to get the sacrifice that they wanted. The Battle Tower was very far off in the distance, but still there. Zenith was debating in his mind whether or not he should go, and time started to slow to a stop. Each second was tantalizingly maddening, sometimes he got some courage to save the town for a year, but then his fear hit him making him think of his life, just stopping, it was maddening for him. He checked his watch, even though he only spent five minutes thinking about it he felt like several lifetimes had passed. It went on like that for a while until he heard the timer on his watch say it was nine minutes, one more minute until the bandits grab a family. He went near his blackened windows and started pacing for 53 seconds. Then he heard the bandits “Okay, you asked for it, go out boys!”

Then Zenith charged out of his shop, fell down on his knees, and put his hand on his head, “The time is not up yet, just take me! Save the innocent family you were going to take!” Said Zenith,

“Well well well, someone who finally has a spine to save other people, normally we have to get into a home and the man begs and pleads for us to only take him. Oh, I’m ranting again, get inside!” Zenith looked up and saw two bandits burst out a car and shove his head into a bag that felt like a potato sack. He then was shoved into the car, the bandits then took off  his mask and started to speak to him. “Finally, someone who actually does not require us to burst into their home first, you gained some points in my book for that. Oh sorry, I’m Red, that’s Mr. Red to you, I run my little group. Either you will suck up to me to get out of the battle tower, not going to happen by the way, or you’re going to try to make my life miserable or kill me, that’s just gonna make me want to kill you myself.”


“Okay, should I tell you my name or do you not give crap?” said Zenith

“Right now, we don’t care, “said a random bandit. Zenith just listened to Mr. Red rant about random stuff all the way to the camp. The topics included the tower, spineless people, what he wants for dinner, and other random crap. Zenith eventually tuned him out as he started at the camp before him, it was frightening how there were so many people. He counted very briefly around 50 people on just one section of the wall standing guard as sentinels. He couldn’t believe how he missed it, but as soon as he looked up from the people, he saw the huge tower. He has seen pictures of it but not in person. He knew that the tower would not be easy as the bandits laughed amongst themselves as they shot a traitor in the forehead. “Barbaric,” he whispered to himself as he really honestly thought the guard beside him was gonna kill him. Well at least it would be quick, Zenith actually remembered that his revolver was in his pocket, and he was really tempted to kill Mr. Red. He fingered the revolver when the guard next to him noticed and knocked him out, then probably killed him.

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