Battle Tower Chapter 3: Charlie

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The third part of the Battle Tower series, enjoy!

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013




Zenith woke up in a jail cell the following morning, his head hurt like hell and it was like he had a hangover, except 100 times worse. As he sat up he realized that he was chained down to the point that the only thing he could move was his torso as to sit up. He glanced around seeing the jail cell, it was a very rough jail cell made up of random bits of various objects, the stale bread was already claimed by maggots and the water seemed, lethal. It was horrendously boring and aggravating to sit in that cell, he stayed there for a couple of days either wanting to kill himself, Mr. Red, the maggots that were attempting to crawl into his nose, or just tear out all of his hair.  Eventually a guard came around to bring him to the tower, he took him out of his restraints but still had zenith tied up in a rope and handcuffed. As Zenith walked to what he assumed was to the tower, he saw Mr. Red with a huge face of satisfaction and cockiness. Then Zenith saw the entrance to the tower, when he walked in he saw that actually there were people there as well from other cities and villages, Zenith was the last to come in. No one wanted to speak, half of them were scared out of their minds, the rest were either thinking about how they would survive, or just being ridiculously confused. Zenith sat down and hat a backpack shoved into his face, he opened it and found a revolver with 7 bullets including the ones already loaded, a linen scarf, a knife, and a scuba mask.

“What the? What am I supposed to do with this?” Said Zenith quietly to himself, he turned over the contents of the bag repeatedly trying to think of the purpose of them. He thought that it was to give them a slight advantage, but then he realized it. The contents of this bag were to give hope to the people in thinking that they will do well when actually in the situations that Zenith expected were going to happen they will be useless. “What am I going to do to a bear, whack it over the head with a scuba mask?” Thought Zenith with a slight chuckle, it was always something he really liked, when presented with an impossible situation, instead of stressing out he chuckled at the severity of the situation. He then thought of what he might encounter in the arena, everything from enormous replicas of Frankenstein walking around trying to kill them, to nanobots trying to take over their bodily functions. Zenith then glanced around to room, the people were uninteresting with what seemed to be a grocer, an owner of a pet shop that seemed to specialize in rats, an owner of a hair salon, and a few other people like that, but then he glanced at the corner, he saw a child no older than 7 sitting there scared out of his mind. Zenith immediately moved to sit next to him, “What’s your name,” said Zenith,

“Charlie,” said the child, apparently Charlie,

“Well Charlie, I’m Zenith, why are you here? I didn’t think the bandits took children,” said Zenith,

“I didn’t think so, but when they burst into my house wanting someone, my mommy pushed me to them!” Said Charlie before crying again, Zenith immediately regretted saying what he said and tried to help the child. Eventually he just waited as he was never good with kids. Charlie eventually calmed down and said, “I’m so scared,” in an almost whisper,

“Well Charlie, I simply will not leave you alone so you’re coming with me,” said Zenith, Charlie’s eyes immediately brightened as soon as zenith finished his sentence, he then hugged Zenith and said,

“Thank you so much sir,” Said Charlie,

“I’m not gonna just leave you alone in that h,” Zenith changed his word from hell to heck as even though the child was probably going to go the hardest period in his life he still didn’t want to use that work in front of Charlie, “heck hole, and by the way, my name is Zenith, you can call me whatever you want, as long as it’s not like stupid,” said Zenith. Charlie then rested his head on Zenith’s arm saying “I’m so tired,” Zenith just sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair. Everyone else seemed to be acting very selfish; two people actually fought over a piece of plastic thrown in by one of the bandits. It seemed that as well as being a way to keep the nearby peoples in fear of them, the battle tower was also a source of morbid enjoyment, not so much in the fighting, but more in the spectacle being shown to Zenith; luckily Charlie wasn’t looking out of fear. Another man walked toward Zenith, Zenith was preparing for a  fight until the man said,

“You gonna need some help with him?”

“Probably,” said Zenith, “I’m not the best with kids,”

‘Is it okay if I come with yall, I’m not sure if ill be able to hold my own out there,” said the man,

“On one condition,” said Zenith, “well actually two, one is that if were ever to get in an argument and fight you won’t take it out on Charlie,” said Zenith while gesturing to Charlie, “the other is that you tell us your name,”

“Ha, of course, my names Wayne by the way,” Wayne had barely any time before the guards opened the doors to the wilds out there.

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