The Battle Tower

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A short story series I will be starting up, each around 1000 words and with one major event as a climax. This one is basically background information. A more eventfull one will be up soon! I will probably have one part up per week.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012




The Battle Tower Chapter #1: Riptide


It was a gloomy fall day in Riptide. The people mostly stayed inside unless work, or fear, kept them outside. The city was named after a large riptide just outside the village that was so large that if you even just stepped in the water just outside the pier, you would be sucked out to sea. Many newcomers and small children were lost this way. The pier eventually got fenced off with razor wire to stop the constant loss of life. The town was controlled by a militia that meant good, but did not have the force to stop the bandits. A man by the name of Zenith lived in Riptide, he was an honest, good man whose biggest flaw was that he could gamble away all his money. He was a 6 feet 8 inch caucasian male, he was 23 years old, and a banker. In riptide and most other cities currency was in electricity and measured in amps, two amps could get you a piece of bread. As well as being a banker, after Zenith closed up shop he would leave the city and scavenge whatever he could, a coin there, a battery here. His bank was usually very quiet even though it held almost all of the citizens amps in the form of a daisy chain system of car batteries that can charge a battery any amount at will.

“Hi Zenith, i'm here to collect my money.” Said a Random person who walked in,

“Okay, How much? Wait, i need to see some identification first,” said Zenith, the man handed him a bank card that Zenith handed out to customers with their approval number, ID number, and bank account number. Each card is about 4 inches wide and 2 inches long and made of a corrosion proof plastic and laminated. This card was about 7 inches wide, 5 inches long, and made of cardboard. It was obviously an attempt to steal money so Zenith’s hand went on the revolver that he kept in the drawer nearest to him. The revolver was a model 500 revolver and had a nickel plating, right then it had only 3 shots in the chambers, Zenith had found it on one of his scavenging trips and had to shoot down 3 more bandits for it. “Okay, that was fake, show me the real one, leave peacefully, or leave in the hands of the militia.”

“I knew you’d say that, so screw  you!” Said the man who proceeded to flip Zenith off and pull out a short sword. Zenith whipped out the revolver and cocked it before the man had a chance to even open the screen that protected Zenith. The man still tried to kill Zenith until he got a bullet in the face. At the sound of the gunshot two of the militia men who were patrolling raced into Zenith’s bank.

“What happened?” Said a guard,

“Well, the man tried to rob one of my customers, and then he tried to kill me, i had to shoot him or else i would have had a sword through me right now,”

“Hmmm, let me see, the bandits always have some sort of identification on them so that other bandits won’t kill them,” Said the other guard, he proceeded to search the body for evidence, he found ammunition, the short sword, the fake ID, and a hungarian passport with a droplet of blood dripping from a flower petal, that was the symbol of the nearest clan of bandits, The Bloody Peace. As well as those items the guard found 20 old gold coins, 5,000 amps of batteries, and a desert eagle pistol with an empty clip and a bullet in the chamber. “You're in the clear, the bandit was from The Bloods, you can keep the pistol and the sword if you like, our armory is stocked but we don’t have enough people to use them. Also we have some money to add the the government account.” The men handed Zenith the batteries, Zenith measured and recorded the amount inputted and added the electricity to the government account.

It was market day and Zenith needed more ammo for his pistol, the ammunition on the bandit was 50 caliber sniper rounds, neither him or the guards could imagine what the bandit was doing with such powerful rounds. Anyway Zenith got more ammunition for his revolver and since the bank hours were over he went out and started to look through some abandoned houses. He found a broken colt 1911, a rusted knife, a battery equivalent to 50 amps, and a suit that he wanted for no apparent reason. Most people did not go scavenging out of fear that they would be captured by bandits. Also most people did not have a gun, or two guns at that. A bandit did actually show up,  but after he saw the glints of the guns on Zeniths hip, he simply ran away. Zenith found a little bit of the ammunition he needed, but only 10 rounds, it would last him for a little bit, he would have to buy some then. However on his way back he saw something that looked like carbon fiber, he walked over there and picked up an amazing find, it was a combat crossbow with a scope that would be very helpful as it is silent and has very common ammunition. Zenith then picked up as many crossbow bolts as he could find around him, and walked into town. When he walked in it was a little too quiet in the town for his liking. Sure there were still people walking around in the streets but the guards were... absent. Zenith shrugged it off and for good measure barricaded himself in the bank which was one of the most well defended buildings in the city with a mortar up top with Zenith found and repaired.

One of Zenith’s hobbies was gunsmithing and he was very good at it as he fabricated a rifle upstairs, and he fixed his mortar. Also to bring in some extra cash he runs a small gunsmithing business to make and repair weaponry from the people and the guards. He started to work on the 1911 pistol he found, it was a simpler fix than others he had done as there were only two things that were bad, the barrel was on the verge of shattering and if he fired it right then he would have been afraid of holding a hand grenade, not a pistol, and the ejection handle was snapped in two so he would have to fabricate a new one. Luckily the barrel was an easy fix as he simply made a new one from some aircraft grade aluminum he scavenged from a plane he found. The ejector handle was not so easy, he would have to use his CNC machine to fabricate a new one. He decided to ask permission to use solar panels to charge a battery to power the CNC machine, but immediately scrap the excess energy. It was a special permission from the guards that was not normally granted, but he decided to try. He was looking forward to getting all the supplies he needs to start setting up a house outside of the town so he didn’t have to live by the town’s rules. As he was thinking about that he heard the gunshots of the nearby bandits. They were screaming that it was time for the “sacrifice,” at first Zenith didn’t understand, but then as soon as he did he grabbed all the ammunition and supplies he had, stuffed them into a backpack, grabbed his rifle, and headed out to help the guards.

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