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Just some background information about my short story series, "The Battle Tower," nothing special, just to help you know the story.

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



The Battle Tower was erected in the year 3675 by the architect Zambrani Brown. It is seven floors which each contain a challenge from Zombies to plague to disturbing events. The tower is in Rome in the former area of the coliseum. The battle tower was a building that many people from all around would go to see, and possibly, compete in. It was almost sacred how beloved the structure was. Until the meteor happened, it struck in the center of area 51 where the scientists were messing with a new type of particle which could reverse our planet's climate back to the prehistoric era. The particle was lost and it started working. It happened overnight, forests started becoming rejuvenated and new plants started to spring up, wolves became raptors and essentially, overnight, all the world governments were toppled. At first some small governments tried to re-establish order and peace, and make good of the new fertile land. Then the bandits came, they seized the battle tower and instilled terror in the hearts of the people in Riptide, where Venice used to be. Every year the bandits collected one person, no matter how old or feeble they were, to put in the tower. The tower was sacred grounds but is now hallowed ground where people fear to go because of the bandits. The new events started 250 years ago, and are still going on. The bandits promise that as soon as someone survives the tower, they will stop their practice. So far that has not happened; the furthest someone has gone is 4 floors out of the 7 possible.

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