The Bear King of the Woods

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A short story that i really enjoyed writing, this was actually for a grade in English class.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



The Bear King of the Woods





“He killed my dad! How am I supposed to like him now? He causes so much crap in people’s hearts and minds, no wonder he is king by force!”


In the majestic redwoods, the feel is very different from the outsider, to the civilian. The smell is of the sweetest honey, and the scent of the apple flowers in bloom, but deeper, near the animals’ homes, it smells of filth and mold. The sight of the redwoods is majestic, grand, and powerful, but near the homes the looks are disgusting, with half destroyed houses and shredded fur on the ground and houses. The taste, all throughout the woods, is strange, wonderful, but horrible; the reason is the apple flowers in bloom from the palace of the bear-king. The touch is deceiving, the trees feel grand and powerful, but they are baited traps to turn people into warriors to fuel the bear-kings bidding.The sound is like a ringing bell, drawing you in, but forcing you out.

Jack was a simple farm hand, not with quite a lot of courage, but a great deal of potential. His job was to attack the mice and rats who wish to attack the crops. As he reached out to attack a mouse he saw a necklace on the mouse, is said “Horace.” Jack screamed “oh my! Horace is that you?” and with a happy face Horace said “yes, your long lost foster brother is found.” “Where have you been?” “I am unhappy to say I have just retired from thievery.”


As Jack went home with his now found brother his parents screamed out in joy “Horace! We are so happy to see you! Yes we know of your “exploits” but right now we could forgive you if you committed a thousand crimes.” After an eventful dinner and evening Jack was relieved to lay in his soft feather bed. When Jack lay in bed he thought “What should I do with Horace? Should I try to find him a job? He wanted to tell me something tomorrow so I will ask him then.” Jack snuffed out his candle and went to bed with the satisfaction that he found his brother.

The next day Jack had the day off, because his work master, a kind hearted man, herd that he found his brother. When Jack found Horace something interesting was in Horace’s mind. “Do you know what is happening in Riften?” Jack lived in Orvus and did not know much of the outside world. “No, I do not. Is something wrong?” “Only that the people are in severe poverty! You are lucky to even have the life you have now!” Horace said. A long discussion occurred and eventually Horace gave up trying to convince Jack.


“Mama Papa!” Screamed Robert, Jacks younger brother, “I got an award and I can see King Matthew!” “That is great Robert!” said Roberts mom “when?” “Tomorrow.” At dinner Robert went over everything, how he got the best student award and how he got the prize, Robert was so excited to see the Bear-King. As Jack went to sleep he thought “I wonder if all the things I have heard about King Matthew are true,” with a heavy heart, Jack went to sleep.

The next morning they all had a light breakfast for they were to eat lunch at the kings palace. “I am so excited to see him!” said Robert. When Jack, Robert, and their mom arrived at the palace they were about to enter the throne room when a guard stopped them, “No entry” said the guard, “why?” said there mom, “no entry” “very well.” When Jack and Robert peeked in the cracks of the door they say something horrible.

Matthew screamed “do I look like an idiot?” He struck out upon the visitor and sent him tumbling out of the palace and into the awaiting pikes of the guards. “Good riddance to a filthy peasant” stated Matthew, “if only he was wise enough to not set foot in this palace.” Robert said “what happened to papa?” “What happened to him?” with a sullen face Jack said “he has been killed by the slime, Matthew, in a fit of rage.” “Why did you kill my papa?” Screamed Robert, Robert started bawling, and Matthew, being slightly affectionate, said “I am sorry to say, your papa deserved it, but if it makes you feel better you can have 100 gold coins.” “Okay, but please don’t do that to any other papa.”


When Jack arrived home he was enraged and sullen. “He killed my dad! How am I supposed to like him now? He causes so much crap in people’s hearts and minds, no wonder he is king by force!” Screamed Jack at his mom, “Son, don’t worry, I am sure he is in a better place.” Jack was infuriated, his mother’s spouse has just been murdered and she was not doing anything about it! Jack stomped up to his room, locked the door, and read a not from his grandfather that he was told only to read when he was ready, it said:


Dear Jack,

I hope you are ready to read this, but you are the true heir to the throne of the red-woods. I was forced to abdicate because of the swine, Matthew. This note is brief, so I hope it explains everything. I believe that you should assume the throne of king, by force or otherwise. Jack, you must listen to me, I need you to arm yourself, the king will be after you soon. At the time I wrote this letter I was in the dungeons of Matthew, awaiting execution, Jack I love you and I always have!


When Jack was finished he was astonished “what?” Jack re-read the note four times. “I guess I better start.” Jack went into a secret chest he had and took out iron talons, and a sword to put on the wings. “I guess all I still need is armor, luckily I have this.” Out of the chest came a coin purse with 1,500 gold coins, his life savings. Jack rushed out of his house to the armor and weapons shop. “What do you want?” said the shopkeeper “just some iron armor” said Jack. “Armor? What do you want with that?” “Oh, nothing.” The shopkeeper was suspicious, but did nothing and handed over the iron armor.


When jack went back home he hid the armor, he woke up Horace and explained his plan. “What? You want to overthrow the king? Well, I suppose I should help.”


“Thank you! Well I know the king has a medical problem and needs some medication, this will give us a chance to weaken and maybe kill him. I have weapons and armor; I know how to use them too.” Said Jack.


“Okay, let us go tomorrow.”


The next day they went out to the bear kings palace, they had food, weapons, coin, and armor. When they went up the steps into the palace they saw the extravagance in the palace, the servants were even wearing gold trimmed velvet! As they walked along the hallways Jack felt like he was in turmoil, he thoughts included “oh my, oh my my my my, what are we going to do when we see the king? Well we should just get past some servants; steal the medicine, than leave.”


When they saw the doors into the imperial throne room a servant was there, his backed was turned but when he heard the sound of jacks talons he turned around. Jack and Horace froze like statues, like medusas subjects, they froze. When jack started moving again the servant had enough.


The servant said “wh? How did you get in here? This hall is exclusive for his Excellency and his subjects! You must get out!”


Jack said “listen, this will go two ways, the easy way where you live, or the hard way where you die.”


When the servant turned to run jack took out one of his blades, and threw it right past the servant’s ear, grazing him. The servant turned around again with a face of mortal terror. Jack slowly backed the servant into a corner and said with a very menacing voice “Where is the king’s medicine?”


“Why do you need it?” Said the servant, When Jack unsheathed another blade he pointed quickly “there!!” Horace walked over and picked up the vile, he uncorked it and smelled. Horace handed it over to jack, when he smelled he was enraged.


“This is juice! JUICE!” Jack said, “You can live, for now.” Jack took the juice and sheathed his swords. Jack found a hiding place so he and Horace watched the king in his throne room. When the king took out the medicine jack sent a tranquilizer dart into the king’s neck. Matthew was out, so that was perfect when jack flew down and switched the vials.

It was not a very strong tranquilizer so the king was back quite quickly; he had no recollection of being shot so he just drank the juice. When Matthew tasted it he bellowed and ran into a secret chamber.

“Let’s follow him” said Horace, Jack swooped down into the closing doors and made it just as it shut. Jack saw a long narrow passageway, for a bear, for Jack it was large. Jack ventured down and saw dead prisoners, evil rats which he quickly killed, and one human! In their society humans are evil, horrible creatures.


The human screamed out, “save me! Please!” Jack just hurried along. Eventually jack came to a river, normally a regular creature would try to swim, Jack flew fast as a eagle, faster than other boats that are going along. When jack came to a big door he knew that he could not open it, but the bear is not the brightest of all creatures because he left the key lying on a table. Jack secured the key and opened the door. What jack saw was astonishing, but terrible.


Horace was scrambling around to find another passageway to help jack but he could not find one. Eventually he flung himself into the other doors and they opened a tiny crack, Horace had to squeeze his tiny mouse-shaped body to get through it. Horace was very quick, so he saw the prisoners, the human, and even a few guards tried to chase him. When Horace came to the river he scrambled along a few ridges to get to the door, which jack left open only to see Matthew holding jack over a pit of lava.


“You can’t beat me! I am the king; I should drop you into this pit!” Said Matthew, Horace had enough; he bit Matthews ear and saved Jack.


“Time to end this brute.” Said Jack, A long battle ensued until One of Matthews servants came with the medicine. “My turn.” Said jack, Jack swooped over to ben, the servant, and tried to take the medicine.


Jack looked into the Matthews eyes as he attacked Ben, they were full of hate and deceit, and was not astonished to see him hurl himself into the pool of lava, destroying his very being. As soon as Seth saw his master destroy himself, he slithered away like the very coward he is. Ben saw that he lost all his allies; he sped forward at Jack, but missed and flew into the wall and into the abyss that is death, joining his master. Jack stared at the empty throne of the king, it looked deserted and abandoned. “I suppose I should take up my rightful place” said Jack; “Yes, go ahead” said Horace as Jack, the son of the true emperor of the woods, sat upon his rightful throne, assuming the position of king.


A few months ensued, Jack fixed the problems that Matthew created and became one of the woods favorite kings! At the end of his time though, Jack sat on his throne for the last time when an assassin hired by one of Matthews brothers arrived, piercing Jack through the heart. When the assassin went away Jack walked in, he saw the impersonator and saw the assassin, he threw a sword with deadly accuracy into the assassin. Jack paced the room, he though about everything and thought he should end this. Jack walked to the balcony and when Horace walked in Jack said, “I love you Horace” Then Jack took his final breath of pure, mountain air, then jumped descending 100,000 feet before landing. Horace was devastated and took a vow of silence, until the end of his days.

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