Modern Day Feminism: A Fight for Equality, or Superiority?

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I had to write on a controversial topic for my Research and Composition class.

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014



Modern day feminism as of late has taken a turn for the worse, and seems to no longer be about equality, but superiority. The ideals and morals of many modern day feminists’ have been getting worse and worse and are getting taken too far. There were many things that feminists’ believed in long ago, such as how wrong abortion is, how at the time men had more power than women, and that women and men should be treated as equals, not one superior to the other, and those beliefs are being taken to an extreme. Many modern day feminist are forgetting what feminism originally stood for, and are using the term feminism to make their own personal opinions known in a broad spectrum. They had originally taken a stand for equality, but by using social media, the rights of the first amendment, and many other sources used to access the majority of the world - Mostly the US - to propagandize their movement and make it known to many people, though they are doing it in very wrong ways, such as harm others, or shunning those that deny their movement, or criticizing people for not thinking the way they do. Those that live by these views have been taking things too far and in doing so are doing more harm than good.

When feminism was originally introduced, it was for a purpose; to fight for women’s rights. Lately, the modern term feminism has been used by those that want an excuse to voice their opinions in a very broad way. They have taken many extreme measures to get points across, such as starting fights on Twitter, or bashing anti-feminists for not sharing their views. In Michelle Goldberg’s article, “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars” she talks about how many feminists are using the hashtag known as #FemFuture to speak out against, and talk down on those who have different views from them. Within the article a feminist writer, Mikki Kendall who created #Solidarityforwhitewomen commented on the Twitter page #Femfuture  stating that there are those that don’t have internet access, and it’s not fair to those who don’t have access to this page, and the admins are not putting them in mind. The feminists who run the page refuse to make it so that people without access are able to see what’s being posted, and are being inconsiderate of them. Kendall continued by saying “Feminism has a mammy problem, and mammy doesn’t live here anymore. I know “The Help” told you you was smart, you was important, you was special, “The Help” lied…” What that means is that many feminists believe that in order to be heard, they have to be superior to others, and they demand others to obey them. When asked what people who are wanting to avoid those who are continuing to add wood to this social media fire, Kendall simply put “Self-care comes into this. Sometimes you have to close the internet.” Others made comments concerning this hashtag, like Samhita Mukhopadyay, the former editor of claimed that the hashtag isn’t needed, “It’s like you’ve been backed into a corner, everyone is so scared to speak right now,” (Goldberg 13-17). When it comes to the modern feminists fight to equality, feminists do not understand that there is no longer a need for it, and they are continuing to attempt to be superior to everyone else-mostly men.

Continuing in Goldberg’s argument, she brings up the subject of anti-feminism when she states that most modern day feminists will turn away anyone that disagrees with them, which in turn fuels the argument of anti-feminists that feminists are no longer fighting for equality, but superiority because if they were fighting for equality, they would be accepting of others views and opinions. (Goldberg 17). In the article “Am I that name?” Halina Filipowicz talks about how many modern day feminists make it sound like being an anti-feminist is a bad thing and that feminists are constantly criticizing anti-feminists, yet they are in the wrong. She goes on to say that those who are against the modern fight for equality are at risk for being mistreated by those who see them as a threat and can be seen as “Something to take care of” (Filipowicz 2-3). In an article on the site known as Jack Goodfellow stated that “... the issue with feminists is that they believe that they do not have to explain their arguments.” He also went on to talk about how modern day feminists believe that if you’re anti-feminist, you are anti-women, which is a little contradicting if you are a woman who is anti-feminist (“Excuse me, What is so Wrong With Being an Anti-Feminist? 1). Many people have commented on the Tumblr blog and Facebook page that has recently emerged from what appears an anti-feminist movement. Bethonie Butler started this statement off with her article, “Is This What an Anti-Feminist Movement Looks Like?” where she talks about how the page and blog titled “Women Against Feminism” seems to be the start of a new movement in women history. She quotes in her article a writer named Emily Shire, who stated that “[By] mocking Women Against Feminism [it] validates their argument that they don’t belong in the movement and affirms their belief that feminism has no space for them.” meaning that those who are against this blog and page are only setting an example in furthering the argument that feminists are not accepting, and that it is only there for a select few. Butler than quoted a prominent feminist and writer as saying that “When men are against feminism, it’s frustrating, if ultimately predictable… but when women come out against gender justice, it feels worse.” The reason that a lot of people are against the idea of feminism is that the idea of “Raising women to power, take the men away from power” Is only making it worse because there has to be a balance, Butler wrote as a way to get her point across. (Butler 2-9).

In an article written by Time Magazine author Cathy Young explained that many modern day feminists are causing an uproar in response to this page. Young goes on to explain that “Women Against Feminism is full of women of all ages holding a handwritten or typed sign with phrases such as ‘I am not a victim’ and ‘I can take responsibility for my own opinions’” which increases the belief that an anti-feminist movement might be on it’s way to becoming more and more known. She talks about the fact that anti-feminism is nothing new, and that for a long time there has always been women against the feminist movement because it goes against all original morals that most women go by. The article written by Young goes on to talk about the different stands that Women Against Feminism is taking, and why they are taking them. For example, many modern day feminists claim that rape is only committed on women, by men, when statistics have proven that there have actually been quite a considerable amount of men getting raped, and some are committed by women. Young goes on to explain that many feminists demonize men as presumptive rapists, while they portray themselves as victims. She brings up the comments made on the page and blog, where feminists stated that the members of the page “[Do not] understand what feminism is,” yet, so many people are against it, and the chance of that many people being wrong is very slim. Young quoted some of the posts on the page and blog, such as a majority of them stating somewhere around the lines of “I don’t need modern feminism because I believe in equality, not entitlements and supremacy.” (Young, Cathy. “Stop Fem-Splaining: What ‘Women Against Feminism’ Get’s Right.”)

Celina Durgin, an author for National Review wrote an article describing the public outcry of feminists that are shocked and appalled at the sudden outburst of anti-feminists. She talks about how on the page and blog there are some feminists who dismiss those who are against feminism, and go as far as mock them and try to make them “convert” to feminism. Durgin goes on to say that what many feminists do not understand is that many anti-feminists still believe in what feminism used to stand for but that means nothing to modern day feminists, and are dismissed when they try to explain themselves. According to her article, she also stated that the pages have debunked many arguments made by feminists such as campus rape statistics and wage gaps. They have given direct evidence that proves many feminist accusations wrong, yet they continue to deny the fact that they are wrong. Durgin states that “Feminists do not even know what they are fighting for, they are just finding any means possible to show their opinions.” (“Anti-Feminists Baffle Feminists”).  Any talk of the difference between modern and original feminism is instantly turned down by the majority of feminists. When feminists turn away anti-feminists, it increases their opinions that feminists are not accepting, and they are only for what concerns or helps them. There are many views that feminists have that anti-feminists are against.

A lot of the views that they have are those related to political issues, yet many feminists claim that their fight for equality has nothing to do with politics. Many of their views include abortion and how they are pro-choice, wage pays and how they believe that men make more, how they feel about the concept behind the difference of modern and original feminist, and how they believe that they are actually fighting for equality and not superiority. Mary Ziegler, an assistant professor of law in Florida wrote an article on the different sides of pro-lifers and pro-choicers. She states that many feminists started out with the belief of pro-choice when they believed that all men were rapists and that they should be allowed to get an abortion so they don’t have to look at that child (“Women’s Right’s on the Right: The History and Stakes of Modern Pro-Life Feminism.”). In her article “How Feminism Went Wrong: Abortion as the Price for the Male Model” Frederica Mathewes-Green talks about how many feminists believe it is their right as women to get an abortion so that the children will not “Mess up” their social lives and work. She also states that they believe that abortions are necessities in order to “Live up to the expectations of careers and in the bedroom… They need a quick and easy way to get rid of a potential child.”  Matthews-Green also stating that women are doing wrong in their roles as women by denying them. She also goes on to say that feminists were not always pro-choice and quoted Susan B. Anthony, a model for women equality, saying that abortions is “... something  men inflicted on women in their demands for unimpeded, no-consequence sex.” (“How Feminism Went Wrong…” 3). Augusto Zimmerman also quoted Anthony on this topic in his article “Feminism and gendercide: Pro-choice Feminism and the Elimination of Unwanted Girls” where she said that she “...deplore[s] the horrible crime of child murder… Guilty? Yes. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death!” By quoting this, Zimmerman is showing that many of the ideals that feminists once had and believed in are the complete opposite now. Zimmerman also quoted a leading feminist saying that “We have to remind people that abortion is the only guarenteer of a woman's right to participate fully in the social and political life of society.” Zimmerman concluded his argument by stating that “[i]f women have the “right” to kill off pre-natal beings, what will prevent them from killing children- that are out of the womb, and have been for a while- that they deem unfit to live because they interfere with their social lives?” (Zimmerman 23-27).  What Zimmerman is stating can be taken multiple ways, but in simplicity, he is saying that if we are able to kill children inside of the womb because it is an inconvenience to mothers, what will stop us from killing the children that are already bored? What happens if someone with a child suddenly gets a really good job, or finds someone they like that dislikes kids? By saying that abortion is the way to go, people are stating that it is okay to kill anything that is an inconvenience to them at the moment.

Another issue that modern day feminists claim to fight for is the matter of wage differences between men and women. They claim that men make more than women, but there have been many studies that have shown that there is no differences in what each gender makes in their jobs. many things have to be considered in how much they get paid, such as experience, what they are willing to do in their job, as well as age can sometimes play a role. Referring back to the article by Mary Ziegler, she also mentioned that many women have denied the roles that were originally put in place for them, and have gone after jobs, neglecting to have children, get married, and what was expected of them, and many have ended up 40, childless, and wanting to go back in time (“Women’s Right on the Right…” 2). In Frederica Mathewes-Green’s article she had also touched on the topic of careers, and stated that many women continued to adopt a man’s way of thinking, because they thought that no matter how liberated they thought they were, subconsciously they assumed men were smarter. In turn, they would go beyond what they were set to do, and it would cause a lot of stress in the woman's life because they continued to assume they were always worse than men, and would leave behind what was originally expected of them. He goes on to say that modern day feminists believe that they are treated differently in the workplace from men, but that statistics have proven that there is no difference in the ways that they are treated (“How Feminism Went Wrong…” 3).

There are many people out there that still consider themselves feminists’, but do not agree to the morals that modern day feminists have set for them. Many of the issues that occur are because feminists’ have lost track of their original morals of what equality really is and that there should be no superiority between the sexs, and only use their “Views” to voice opinions and claim to speak for all womankind, and their actions make them seem unapproachable. Many of their statements have been debunked, even though there are still plenty of feminists that claim their opinions to be true. Modern day feminism should no longer be around, there is no longer a need for it. Men and women are equal now compared to what it used to be and modern day feminism should be obsolete because there is no longer a reason for it to be.


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