Slenderman Stabbing of Waukesha

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I had to write a paper for my Research and Composition class that was related to current events. this one talks about how the girls were tried in the case of the Slenderman stabbing in Waukesha,WI.

Submitted: December 15, 2014

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Submitted: December 15, 2014



Slenderman Stabbing of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Is it fair for one to be claimed mentally ill in a crime committed by two persons? In the case that is well known by many concerning the two girls who claimed to stab a third girl to satisfy Slenderman, an internet phenomenon, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that is exactly what happened. Many have their own opinions as to what happened, whether it be the fault of the internet, the mental illness of one girl, or Slender Man himself. Others believe, that it was just an act of boredom. There has been many cases where a crime was committed out of sheer boredom. There was a case in Oklahoma, where a group of friends was bored, so they shot an Australian college student that was visiting America, in the back as he went for a run. All though the girls have plotted for months what they were to do, they are little girls, and out of the nature of women, they had meant to hurt another girl that was different from them. All of these facts, including the girls ages, leans towards the conclusion that they did it out of boredom.

Slenderman has many origins, depending on where you read about him. Some say he was based off of the internet meme created by Eric Knudsman of Florida (Anderson 1), and some believe that he’s been around for hundred’s of years. Slenderman is described as a tall, shadowy figure cloaked in a black business suit and tie (Anderson 1). His face is said to be a blank canvas of a face that is as pale as a full moon (Anderson 1). He is sometimes seen with black tentacles protruding from his back (Anderson 1). No one knows what he does with his victims, some say he eats them, or he carries them off, or kills them right there, and hangs them from trees (Anderson 1).

In the case concerning this monstrosity of an urban legend, the girls, 12 years in age, most likely do not know the entire story concerning Slenderman. Which would lean towards the fact that the girls might have been unstable. Yet, doctors assigned to them for the case only claimed that one of them was mentally unstable. The girls had told detectives when apprehended that they had been plotting to commit the crime for months (Ramde 1). If they were unstable, why did it take so long for them to know the ill-being of the girl? They must have shown signs of mental instability within those months of plotting. And why only one of the girls? They were both at fault for the crime, so their punishment should be the same. Both girls were assigned their own doctors by the state. Both girls went through a mental competency test to prove their illness, yet only one was dubbed mentally ill.  Only one of the girls actually stabbed the third. The one that did the act stabbed the victim a total of 19 times. The girls who committed the crime had originally planned on duct taping her mouth as she slept, then slitting her throat and covering her with a blanket, but changed their minds and did it outside of a restroom at a park nearby and left the victim in the woods. The victim drug herself to a trail where a bicyclist found her and called the police.

Some believe that the girls committed the crime due the website where Slenderman is most commonly found, They’re are many sites, youtube channels, and social media pages dedicated to Creepypastas, which are short stories created to shock and frighten people. while these sites and other locations where these stories can be found are not aimed at young children, thousands of children under 18 read them. According to Edmund while being interviewed had said that about one-third of his audience on Facebook and Youtube is between the ages of 13 and 17 (Anderson 2).  After the stabbing, the websites creator’s put a disclaimer up, stating that Creepypasta Wiki “does not endorse or advocate for the killing, worship, and otherwise replication of rituals of fictional works.” (Pettus 1).. But it was not the fault of the website. The stories on the site were never made with 12 year olds in mind, they were meant for people much older. And at age 12, they should know what is right, what is wrong, what is real and what is fake. The fact that one of them was claimed mentally ill would make it more believable that they did not know what they were doing, but only one was deemed mentally ill. The other one would have known the difference between right and wrong, and guided the ill one towards the right decision.

Many opinions have been circulated around this case, but girls at that age are more likely than not, going to know about the complete history with Slenderman, which leads some to believe that it was a mixture of a few things, such as information from the internet, mixed with boredom, which would make them commit such a crime.


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