A frightened Little Town

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The story is about an evil unknown force taking over a small seaside town.

Submitted: November 22, 2009

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Submitted: November 22, 2009



A Frightened Little Town

Written By Carol Pieterse. © 2004 Based on a true story

On the surface it seemed like the perfect little town. Quaint, yet dangerous. To the locals, this was a town to be feared. A sinister force has taken over this once carefree town. Unbeknown to visitors that come to this town, these forces know and see everything. Having spies everywhere, watching and reporting in all day long. They own everything; form the Police Force right up to the Mayor. That doesn’t stop there; they also own the surrounding towns. So be very careful if you decide to live in this town. Do not cross this sinister force or you would mysteriously disappear. Most people that have learnt of this have already left town and have their houses up for sale. They don’t even care if they receive the money from the sale of their houses or not. To come back would mean curtain death. Just look around and see how many houses are actually for sale. You will be quite surprised to see so many. It took me ten long years trying to figure out what strange things had been going on in this town. Just little things at first just didn’t add up. You might say weird goings ons. For instance 1am to 4am in the morning’s cars slowly driving past your home. Some even parked across the road watching your home. You report it to the police and they just say it’s your imagination, don’t bother us with such nonsense. There perfect cover is the local Crematorium. No one would ever suspect a place like that. Everyone fears them because so many people have vanished. You can’t honestly tell me that this crematorium has 150 corps a day to prepare and cremate. Not even in the big cities has there been that many. If they bribe you, I say take it and live, rather than fearing every minute of every day not knowing if you’re number was up. People starting to give you strange looks, and even avoiding you all together. Some have even been your friends for years. And you start to wonder why and remember if you had done anything wrong to offend these people. Politicians and Celebrities have even visited this town. They have commented on how friendly and peaceful this town is and how they wished they could live here. If they’d only knew what really was going on in this town. Believe me; they would be horrified to learn the truth. So the next time you decide to visit this town; don’t just look on the surface, have a really good look around. See how many houses are up for sale? Do the town’s people look at you strangely? Are some of them too friendly, wanting to know all about within 5 minutes. Be weary and very cautious, Who would you trust?


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