The Man and the Farmer

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A short fable I made for a school project, I'm very proud of it.

Submitted: March 12, 2015

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Submitted: March 12, 2015



There once was a farmer. A mysterious man once offered the farmer a tractor in exchange for money. The farmer accepted the offer, as it would help his farm. The next year, the man came again, this time offering a silo for money. The farmer accepted, because the tractor had increased production so much that his other silo was filled to the brim. The farmer invited the man to come to the bar and get to know him. Good times were had, but the farmer did not see the man again for 5 years. During those years, someone burned down his farm and took his family with it while he was away. The farmer was distraught, and he was about to end his life, but then he saw the man. The man offered the farmer a job at his company, and the farmer accepted it.

After a year of working at the job and growing a friendship with the man, the man died, and requested the farmer to replace him. The farmer excelled at his job, but soon noticed that funds were running low. He went out into the countryside, and found a farmer resting on the road. He offered the farmer his old tractor in exchange for cash. The farmer happily obliged. The next year, funds were running low again, so he paid the farmer a visit. He offered him his old silo, and the farmer accepted yet again.  Business was going fine for a few years, but he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was told he would have a year to live. With no proper successor to the company, it might go bankrupt. He decided to have the farmer take his place, but there was a problem. Knowing the farmer was a good man with values like himself, he knew the farmer wouldn't take the job willingly, so he cooked up a plan. Knowing the farmer went to the bar every night, he went to the farmers house during the night and burned his house and crops. He knew now that the farmer would have nothing to lose when offered a job. The next morning, he arrived at the farmers land. The farmer was standing in the middle of it with a gun to his head. The man offered the farmer a job at his company, and the farmer accepted it.

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