The Princess and the three kids

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The story of three kids and their amazing journey in a magical world

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Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



The Princess

Emma was a 13 year old school girl , who was never fond of school ! , cause she hate to study

and love to play.

She was like a gem in her class , cause she is never on time , not a single day !

She loves to tease and likes to race , she was much like a boy !

Butterflies she loves to chase , and play ,like if they were a toy !

Her friend Annie , was fond of books and loves to cook

Unlilke Emma she was neat and clean ,

But friends they were , and used to hook !

Together all day long , with a boy Tom keen !

Tom was fat , always eats , and goes to sleep ,

In the class , and when get spanked he used to weep !

All that was in a small town named EVE-BUNGGLE !

That was situated in middle of a jungle !

but what used to irritate Emma in all these days

Was a small hut , on other side of woods !

But her parents says ,don’t go there whatever the case

Its dangerous there , so stay in your hoods !

But the story starts when Emma decides !

To check out that hut , for once and only once

So on her yellow bicycle she then rides !

With Annie and tom..and her pet dog , Bunce

now why don’t you just start the story Ammar !

Enough brakes ,just accelerate your car !..........

Alright then here I Goooooooooooo ..

“ouch …ouch…ouch”

The three of them were on their bicycles , riding through un-leveled ways between the woods, and

bunce was right beside them , running.

“Emma are you sure , it’s gonna be alright ! “ tom asked again.

“ of course you coward ! don’t be afraid ! it’s just our parents who put this fear in us !” Emma replied.

“ …but I don’t feel very good about this ! “ tom said slowly.

“ just drive your bicycle carefully and ..leave everything to me ! “ replied Emma

“wo wo wow wow wo “

“ see , bunce is even agreed that we should go there ! “ Emma said.

“hunh…how do you understand what he said? “ tom asked.

“he’s my pet dog , I know whatever he says ! “ she picks up one of eye brows up, !

“wow wow wo wo “ “

“see…he agrees with me ! hahaha “ she smiles .

“ I still got my homework hanged , are you sure we will return before sunset ? “ Annie who was quiet

for sometime speaks up .

“ don’t you worry..we’ll be home far before sunset ! … I just only want to see that hut , closely ! “ Emma

consulate her.

“ I hope so ! “ sighed Annie.

[ahhhhhhhhh……….ouch ]

Tom’s bicycle tire , suddenly cranked something on ground and off balance tom rolled down on the


“ oh god… Tom all you all right ! “ Emma stopped her cycle and ran towards him , followed by Annie

“wo wo wow wow wo”

“ ohhhh… my hand it hurts ! “ tom holds up his left hand in pain .

“common its alright, sit up now ! “ Emma said by giving him a hand to pick him up. But he was too heavy

to pick up , so Emma even fell down.

“hahahaha..heheheheh “ Annie started laughing.

“what’s so funny ?” Emma asked in anger by picking herself up quickly.

“hahahaha..heheheh “ but Annie keeps on laughing.

“ouuchhh….” Another of tom’s shriek attended them towards him.

“common stand up now “ they both pull him up , so he may can stand.

“ is that hurts so much?” Emma asked.

“ no I think it’s all right now ! im fine , lets go ! “ tom said.

“ that’s like a brave boy ! …common we don’t have much time ..lets roll it on ! “ Emma said while quickly

going on her bike.

Tom and Annie also picked their bikes and they followed her.

And Tom didn’t noticed that he dropped his watch there ! ….

“ we are nearly here ! “

They stopped their bikes just a few yards away from the wooden hut.

“you think someone lives here ?” Annie asked while taking a quick look it.

“ I think so , look at up there, its chimney….still there is some smoke coming out ! “ Emma pointed.

[uggglmmm] tom toggles his throat. “ I feel scared “ he said.

“nothing to scare about….lets roll “ Emma said

And they three now stopped in front of the wooden door.

“should I knock it ?” Emma asked looking like questioning Annie.

“ I vote NO ! “ tom quickly says.

“YES if you think so ! “ Annie replied.

“ok here I go…….” Emma picked up her fist to knock

But what’s this…

It opened , before she even touches it. And no one seems to open it .


Emma looked at both of them.

“probably …AIR , I presume “ she could only say that.

“wow wo wow wo wow wow” bunce started barking and quickly ran inside.

“BUNCE NOOO ! come back ! “ Emma shouted.

“BUNCE …come back “ Emma ran inside after her pet dog.

Seeing this While Annie and tom also left their bikes outside and ran after her.

“Bunce…..Bunce…..boy where are you ! “ Emma was calling him.

Surprisingly it was a only a single room hut , but still bunce was no where to be found.

Inside the room ,there was a wooden table in between with six chairs around it, on walls their were

strange black and white pictures of some kind of warriors and kings. On one corner there was fire

burning upon which a big pot , with something boiling in it was placed…..but there was nothing dirty ,

everything was clean and shiny , like someone still lived here.

“ I think the only thing which is missing in this room is some ugly , old witch ! “ Annie said while looking

at the room.

“ don’t scare us out Annie….it’s all cause of your fiction novels you read….there is nothing such thing as

there ! ….Just find Bunce and we’re outta here ! “ Emma said

“ I think , im leaving now ! “ Tom quickly starts walking to the door after looking at the creepy room.

“ No Tooom…wait “ Emma shouted.

But before tom could pick up his second step towards the door,

Suddenly the door shuts down…………..with a hard hit !

All of its locks automatically , punched and closed.

They three were stunned for a moment !


They started shrieking loudly , hugged each other tightly in the middle of room .

“ Oh my god ! ….. this room seems …. Seems ! haunted ! “ Annie replied.

“ Mommmmmy….I wanna go home ! “ tom was near to cry .

“ guys…just find a way out now ! “ Emma said while looking around.


“ Emma is not home yet ! it’s 3 already…gotta call his school ! “ Emma’s father MR. Daniel says while

looking at the phone. While her mother Mrs. Kelly stood aside looking at the clock , waiting for Emma


He picked up the phone and dialed the number.

“yes is it EVE-BUNGGLE school?”

“yes ! “

“ I am father of Emma , Daniel Watson speaking , well she’s not home till yet ? are they still there in


“No …the school closed in its normal timings and there is not a single kid here ! “

“ are you sure?”

“yes….and also I received calls from tom’s and Annie’s parents too , the case was same as of yours ! “

“oh I see…..ok thank you”

Mr. Daniel put the phone back on cradle.

“what is it ? “ Kelly asked.

“seems Trouble ….! “ Daniel replied.

[eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee]

They shouted more loudly as they saw some white smoke appearing in one corner of the room, and

shaping up in some human body.

“it’s the witch !! Annie was right ! “ Tom shouted.

“ I know ! Witches always appear the same way ! “ Annie replied.

As they three stood ,in the middle hugging each other more tightly looking at the corner.

“ guys … …here ! “ Emma pointed towards the only couch in the room .

And three of them ran , and hide behind it.


For next five minutes they remain hidden behind it !

Dead quiet

And nothing happens in all this time.

Tom even closed his eyes.

“ do you think that witch would have gone now? “ Emma asked Annie.

“ I don’t think so….usually witches never leave until they made a soup in some big pot ! “ Annie replied.

“ you mean they know how to cook?” Emma surprisingly asked.

“ ya they usually cook…HUMANS !” Annie said.

[aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] tom shrieked as he heard those words from Annie.

But then Emma quickly puts her hand on his mouth.

“just shut your big mouth up ! “ she tried to quiet him.

“ Emma why don’t you just stand and take a quick look around the room…..I think the witch might have

gone now ! “ Annie suggests.

“ why me? “ Emma asked

“ cause I think you have the guts ! …. Don’t you ! “ Annie knew how to make Emma do something.

“yeah ! you are right about that ! “ Emma was ready to go.

And then very quietly she stood up , exposing herself to the room.

Taking a look around…………

“hey what did you seee…..?” Annie was asking her , sitting low below behind the couch.

But Emma didn’t replied , just keep still standing and watching.

“ hey what do you see? Is still the witch there?” Annie asked again.

No reply from Emma.

“emmaaa….” Annie pulled her white school frock.

“ just stand up and see for yourself ! …” Emma replied.

“what ?” Annie surprised.

And then she slowly stood up , looked at the direction where Emma was looking.

Followed by Tom who stood up behind them and opened his eyes.

And they could not believe what they saw there !....

“Emma”………..” tooooooooooooooom”

“annieeeeeeeeeeeeee” “can you hear us ?”

There was Emma’s , tom’s and Annie’s fathers , shouting between woods .

They have reported the missing to local sheriff, but they still were finding them , their selves.


“can you hear meeeeeeee?”

But there was no reply , not a single answer , not a damn single clue.

She was dressed in white , sparkling bride dress.

Her eyes were so beautiful , like magic.

That was probably the most beautiful and gorgeous lady they would have seen in their lives.

They three stood stunned , looking at her.

As she walks towards them slowly , with a smile on her red lips.

“ ….be careful…the witch could be tricky ! “ Annie whispered in Emma’s ears.

Emma looked at her as of telling her to shut up.

“ not to fear kids… can just come out from back there ! “ she said so sweetly.

Tom could not move her eyes from her, and was the first one to come out.

Followed by Annie and Emma.

“ you are so …..soo….beautiful !” Tom comments , still looking at her.

“ heheh…thanks….” She bents down and gave a sweet kiss on tom’s cheek.

And Tom goes blushed red.

“ hey man we’re stucked here …do you know the way out !” Emma asked.

“ hmm…yeah …I do know the way out ! and I can help you in getting out from here “ she replied

“ how? And have you seen my pet dog bunce here !” Emma was quick.

“hehehe…..I will tell you everything. First my name….I am Princess Aisle ….”

“you are a princess ?” ainee asked.

“yes ! “

“ I thought there must be a witch in this room , as it looks ……..” Annie said.

“ there was a witch here ! ….”

“ oh ! then where is she? “ asked Annie again .

“ ….can I know your names ? “ she asked

“im Emma ! “ “and I am Annie”

[silence][waiting for tom to speak]

[but tom still stood blushed red]

[silence][all of them looking at him]

“tooooooooommmm! “ Emma shouted

“ahhh…oh yeah ! what? What? “ tom seems like awaken from sleep.

“never Mind ! “ Emma said.

“Ok so he is TOM ! “ she now knew all of their names.

“ so how are we getting out of here?” Emma asked

Then the princess speaks up…………..

“you kids might be wondering how you got trapped here !

let me tell you , there are three quests mapped here !

you are not here to be helped ! cause I knew

you are here to help , my kingdom and my crew

this hut used to be a big castle , in the past

there was happiness and joy everywhere

But then came a evil witch , who cast

A magical spell and , trapped every soul who lived here

The castle was turned into this wooden hut

People turned into pictures , on the wall,

We are slaves and yet are , but

A ray of hope in this season of fall ,

Is there when the witch left away ,

And you three kids , got astray !

So you are our only hope …

With this small stick and a soap ! “


“ what?” Emma was the first one to speak.

“Crap ! “ Annie commented.

“ I want Mommmmmmy “ tom’s reply.

“it’s true kids….the witch usually left this hut in this season for some days ! and you are the only one can

save us !” she explained.

“ you mean all these pictures on the wall …are living human beings ?” Emma asked.

“ yes .,they’ve been like this since hundreds of years “

“so no one came here to this hut in all these years? How’s that possible !”

“huh….whoever came here..never returned back , that witch cooks him up ! so people considered this

hunt as haunted !” she said.

“ well this kinda story looks a little …weird in a time we are living now! How can we believe you ?”

Emma asked.

“and why don’t you get trapped like all of them !” question from Annie.

“ well ..that witch had partially freed me , so that I can do all his cleaning and household work for him ,

that’s why you can see everything like new here….otherwise I am also cursed and cannot leave this hut “

Three of them looked at each other.

“ you think we three kids can help you out of this? Are you sure….I mean look at us ! we are just school

kids !” Emma amazingly asked.

“yeah we might be able to help you , if and only one of us would have super powers like …spider man !

or super man ! “ Annie says.

“ I like spider man ! “ tom was a big fan of spider man.

“ who are these Spiderman and superman?” she asked

“never mind ! they are just….our super heroes….you may not be familiar with them. cause you used to

live in an old age ! “ Emma explained to her.

“ well you may not have super powers to help us…all I can give you is this black stick and this soap !” she


“oh …ok so what we have to do with them? “ Emma asked.

“you have to defeat three large Monsters !”

“ok….done ! ……………WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?” Emma suddenly shouted .

“Monstersssss… ! “ Annie was also shocked.

“ I want mommyyyyy” ….TOM !

“ are you kidding?” Emma quickly dropped both of those items.

“look kids…I know its difficult , but you have to do it , if you want to go out ! ….if you want bunce back…if

you want to meet your parents again ! “ she said sadly.

[silence][three of them could not speak]

“ see I told ya…not to come here ! “ tom said to Emma.

“and if we don’t do it ?” Emma asked.

“then stay here .with me all locked up…until that witch came back and soup all of you three ! “ she told


“ no please…I wanna go homeee” tom shouted.

“ I am sorry , If you won’t do it , you will remain trapped like me ! “ she said sadly

“ guys I think we have no way except to do it…” Emma said to them desperately

“ok then…we’ll do it ! “ Emma took the decision by herself.

“ ok then let me tell you what you have to do”

Saying this she brought us near that big pot which was burning over the fire. Strange green and red

smoke was coming out of it.

“ just look inside it ! “ she said.

“ inside what?”

“the pot “

And three of them looked inside it, in the blackish water first they saw their own image, but then

suddenly it started diminishing and slowly appears something else.

They could see a big dark cave , with a big mouth .

“ what is this ?” Emma looked back at the princess to ask her.

But what’s this she was not there.


Three of them shouted loudly. cause they were now in front of that cave by themselves.

No pot , no hut, there was nothing.

“oh my god….” Annie said looking around the spooky atmosphere.

Then they looked at their hands. Tom got the stick , Annie got the soap and Emma got a piece of paper

in her hand.

“what’s on this?” Annie asked while looking at the paper.

Emma stood silent for a moment and then she looked at it.

“to get out from this world safely with your flesh and bone

Defeat the cave monster , and bring the shining spell stone !”

Emma looked at both of them

Their expressions told that they were more frightened and surprised than Emma.

“ what’s with this stick ?” tom asked them

“ yeah and this soap too ?” Annie also had a question.

But Emma was already in front of the cave mouth , looking inside it.

“hey wait for meeee “ tom ran to her , followed by Annie.

They looked inside the cave. Complete darkness, bluish darkness , they could see some things but could

not see everything. But they have no choice except to slowly walk in. Emma was in most front, followed

by Annie and then tom who holding Annie’s shoulder tightly and was terrified.

Walking beside the wall of the cave, three of them were looking at the atmosphere inside. There was

some strange blue light inside, they could see water drops tickling down from the top, and they could

hear them. a little cold inside.

“ I wonder what kind of scary , huge monster we are going to face ? “ Annie said while walking.

“ what kinda monsters do you expect in such caves?” Emma asked.

“usually some…kinda dragon ! “Annie replied.

“ How do you know ? “ tom asked

“ I read it in a story ! “ Annie replied.

“ mommmmmyyy “

“ hey guyss.sssssssssshhh….look at there ! “ Emma quietly said , pointing towards something.

“ is this the cave monster ?” Annie surprised.

“ I love cats ! “ tom says.

There was a small , cute black cat sitting at the end of the cave with her eyes closed. Probably sleeping.

And there was the green shining stone ,placed on a red cushion just behind her.

“ ok I’ll go there…you too stand here nice and quiet, …and make sure don’t make a noise ! …it’s going to

be easy ! “ Emma said to them


And then Emma looked at the black cat who was still sleeping , and then looked at the stone.

She started walking to it , making most less noise possible with her feet !

With her eyes , focused on the stone , she was a few yards away from it.

“LOOKING FOR SOMETHING..” a voice hits her ear.

“hey TOM did you say something..?” Emma asked while still focusing on the stone

“ no …the CAT said ! “ reply from tom.

And a lightning goes through Emma’s body and she quickly turned to see the cat, who was already

looking at her with its sparkling green eyes.

[eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee] Emma shrieked and ran back to meet her friends.

“oh god ! “

The cat looked at all of them.


“ it’s the cave monster ! “ Annie said.

“for god sake leave the cave monster…can’t you see THAT CAT CAN SPEAK ! “ tom shouted.

“ oh yeah………..” Annie was astonished.

“I AM THE PROTECTOR OF THIS STONE…” suddenly that cat’s voice goes heavy and dull “AND YOU


“what’s happening?” -Emma.

And in front of their eyes that cat’s body started growing..growing taller and taller. Her neck started

prolonging , long nails growed on its feet and , tail all growed up , and in the next moment stood a huge

scary black and red dragon in front of them.

“told ya ! “ -Annie.

“runnnnnnnnnnnn” Emma shouted , and they ran to the exit.

But tom was not behind them. Annie and Emma looked back. Tom lied there at the spot.

“toooooooommmmmm” Emma ran to him.

Tom’s eyes were closed.

“ Emma what happened ?” Annie asked.

“probably fainted down with fear ! “ Emma replied.

“ EMMAAAAA look Out ! “ Annie shouted.

Emma turned and saw a big cyclone of fire, coming out of dragon’s mouth towards them.


They both shouted and laid upside down on the ground with their head covered in arms.

Even if they were safe but still they feel some warmth on their backs.

As the cyclone passed by, Emma quickly stood up and grab the soap given to them.

Annie quickly grabs the stick.

“now what? “ Annie questions Emma.

“ I don’t know…just use your brain….how people use sticks in fictions?” Emma suggested her.

Annie thought for a moment.

“ common hurrrryyyyy” Emma shouted as she saw the dragon coming toward them.

“ok here I go.,…..ALA HAMORA “ Annie tried to cast spell while waving the stick in her hand.

“ for god sake Annie….this is not HARRY POTTER fiction ……….” Emma shouted.

“ I don’t know then what to do … you use your soap! “ Annie shouted.

“ok ! “ Emma looked at the soap in her hand.

She saw the dragon had opened its mouth , about to spit another cyclone of fire.

Emma was quick she threw the soap to it……..and bang ! it goes right inside the dragon mouth.

“UGGGGGGGGGGLLPPP “ the soap goes inside the dragons throat.


They heard a loud dragon burp !

“ now whaaat? “ Emma looked at Annie.

But nothing happened to dragon and it was about to spit another cyclone.


Emma and Annie shouted and laid down again.

But after few second they realized that they haven’t felt any warmth on their backs.

They picked their heads up. And saw the whole cave filled with soap bubbles, just came out of dragon’s


“yaaepeeeeeeee” Annie shouted .

“ it think it’s the right time ! “ saying this Emma ran towards the stone.

“ they must ‘ve been here ! “ in search of their children , Emma, Annie and tom’s fathers were now in

front of the hut.

“ so let us check it out ! “ said tom’s father.

And three of them reached near it.

[tak tak tak tak] Annie’s father knocked the wooden door.

There was no window so the door was the only way.

[tak tak tak ] he knocked again.

Suddenly the door opens.

“ hello mam….sorry to disturb you , but did you see three kids, a boy and two girls around here?”

Annie’s father asked to that old , black dressed, short height woman standing at the door.

“no…no…I didn’t see ! I live alone here ! ! you can check in my house “ she said

while at least coughing twice in this sentence and offering them to even come in to check.

“ no thanks…we were just here to ask ! .. seems like you are not feeling well…sorry to disturb you.

Thank you “ Annie’s father said and then three of them walked away, once again shouting their children


The old woman watched them walk away……..smiled with her only three teeth in the mouth

And closed the door.

“ common emmaaaaaaaa” Annie shouted.

Emma was quick and she tried to ran in between the tall legs of the dragon ,

The dragon turned and tries to spit again ay Emma.

But again large bubbles…….came flying towards Emma.

And suddenly Emma felt her feet were not on the ground , she realize she was inside a bubble and was

flying high , above the dragon’s head.

The dragon also picked up its head to see , flying Emma , swapping here and there in different direction.

And then suddenly bubble blasts up , and Emma was on her way down falling.

“oh no emmaaa…” Annie shouted and un intentionally threw that stick towards Emma.

The stick flied towards Emma, and then quickly turned into a flying groom that quickly catches Emma.

Emma was now flying on a groom.

“ I saw this in a movieeeeeeeee “ Annie shouted, excited over the flying groom.

The dragon spits again…this time a little fire mixed up with bubbles.

Emma quickly grabs the situation , she knew very short time is left.

She quickly directed the groom towards the gem,

Hover near it ,a and picked it up quickly.

Dragon looked at her furiously and tried to throw her down with its hand.

Emma just managed to survive , she the quickly flied to Annie.

There was a big hole appeared at the end of the cave , which was probably the exit.

“ common Annie…” –Emma

“ what about tom? “ Annie shouted .

Tom lied there still fainted.

“lets pick him up ! “ they both tried to pick him up , but he was too heavy to be even moved.

Dragon was furious and was on its way to them , spitting another cyclone of fire.

[eyeeeeeeeeeee] both of them shrieked.

The intensity of fire was not that much still.

“we even can’t move it how are we going to take him !?” Emma was worried about tom.

“ I think we have to leave him here ! ….we have no other way ! “ Annie said to her.

“ what? Are you out of your mind ! that dragon will kill him ! “ Emma shouted.

“ and dragon will kill us al three…if we will not go out in few seconds…” Annie said when she saw the

dragon coming nearer and nearer.

“ no …we can’t leave him ! “ Emma shouted.

“ just come…….” Annie pulled her on the groom and they quickly flied towards that glowing hole at the

end of cave.

Dragon spits again……….the cyclone of fire , chased their groom…

“oh no its coming nearer …” Emma shouted when she looked back and saw fire chasing them.

But just before it touches them , they quickly entered the glowing hole in air and……….

Off they fell rolling all the way on the floor……..

They were back in the hut.

“ahhhh…” Emma picked her head up , to see all around.

Glowing hole was no more there. “ tooooooooommmmmmm” Emma shouted.

Annie also picked herself up. Their clothes were all messed up , dirty.

They both looked around to see where that princess was.

And they spotted her sitting on the couch and looking at the them.

“ princess aisle …we lost our friend Tom , he still is there in that dragon’s cave …can we still save him? “

Emma ran to her and asked.

“well done kids…you were very brave , you defeated that monster very well “ she took the stone from

Emma as without answering about Tom .

“..but princess Aisle , what about tom? He is our best friend…can we still save him ?” Emma asked again.

“ I am about to cry without him ! ..” Annie said.

The beautiful princess smiled.

“fear not girls , your boy is all right…and beside you can still save him !” she said.

A sudden ray of hope and happiness ran through both Emma and Annie’s bodies .

“can we? How how how ? please tell us …we want to bring him back ! “ Emma was excited , she asked

the princess looking hopefully to her.

“ not so quick my dear…” princess smiled “ first you have to complete the remaining two challenges and

you have to bring me the other two spell stones …then I will tell you the way to save tom ! “ she


“ but but…how can we…..”

“ You have to do it my dear..otherwise you know what ! … the witch will came and will kill us all ! “

princess aisle said while walking towards that boiling pot again.

Emma and Annie stood silent.

“come here you too and let me tell you your next challenge…” the princess called them.

Broken and sad , they both moved towards the pot.

“ this challenge is not difficult as the last one… I hope you will reach that spell stone easily “ princess said

“ so then what kind of big huge and evil monster we have to defeat ? “ Annie asked.

“ you don’t have to defeat any monster this time ! “ princess said “ just look in the pot ! “

They both looked at each other , and then at the boiling water inside the pot ,

First they saw their own reflections then suddenly it started changing and they saw a big city.

They were surprised to see that.

“ what the hell is….” Emma picked up her head to talk to princess but found herself and Annie in middle

of a big round shaped stadium. The stadium was filled up with hundreds of people chanting and


“ what the hell “ Emma was not ready for this.

“ why these all people are looking at us like this !” Annie said while looking around and joining her back

with the back of Emma.

Annie looked at what she has in her hand. A small dagger .

Emma got a packet of some kinda sweet , and a paper .

Emma read the paper.

“ to get the stone , make up a nice fight ,

Happy the king , and everything will be alright “

Emma looked at Annie and she looked in eyes of Emma.

“What this means?” both have the same question in their mind.

“ LO AND BEHOLD ! ….THE KING IS HERE ! “ a loud announcement make everybody quiet in the ground.

and it was like dead silence now.

And suddenly there were loud , drum voices echoing everywhere.

And their entered the King. Everyone in the ground just stood up. the king was wearing a long red dress

with his golden crown on his head , he sat beside the queen , and his wazir stood behind him.

The king was guarded by many heavy armored , swordsmen , and king was sitting in relatively on the

highest position in the stadium.

Then king waved his hand in air….and everyone in the stadium sat down.


standing near the king asked loudly .

Emma and Annie stood silently.


Everyone was looking at them.

“ is he talking to us ? “ Emma whispered to Annie.

“ by seeing the look on the people faces…. I think so ! “ Annie replied.

“ ah….we would like…..” Emma speaks out loudly “ we would like a…..a small shining spell stone ! “

Emma completed the sentence.

“WHAAAAAAAAAT?” the king suddenly stood up furiously.

“ [ugglllmm]…did I say something wrong ? “ Emma whispered to Annie , worried.

“ probably you forgot to say..O HAIL KING “ Annie’s answer.

“HOW COULD YOU ASK FOR THE SHINING SPELL STONE ! “ the king shouted furiously.

“hehehehe…I guess then you may can give , us a bag of chocolates “! Emma replied slowly but


“ your majesty…I presume the shining spell stone isn’t that costly ! “ the wazir whispered in king’s ear.

“ oh are you sure ? “ the king asked.

“yes “ replied wazir.

The king then turned back to Emma and Annie.


Saying this the king sat down , and once again there was loud shouting and noise in the ground.

“ ok dear…. Lets get ready ! “ Annie said to Emma.

“ I am ! “ Emma says while looking around alerted.

Then a man hits a large metal plate with a big hammer , to produce a large bell noise.

Then suddenly all the cage doors around the stadium opens.

“oh oh ! “

Then slowly came out some figures.

They were Large lions , probably the most huge lions Emma and Annie would have seen in their lives.

They were a number of them , nearly 12 and they were from all directions , so Emma and Annie were

trapped in middle.

“Annie do you a way , to tame a wild beast ? “ Emma asked.

“ I guess not….never been a big fan of National Geographic ! “ Annie replied.

The lions were looking at them furiously. their large , pinned teeth and their watery mouths , made

them more terrifying.

The king was watching and people were shouting .

“ common Emma do something..otherwise we may be their lunch in the next moment “ Annie says.

“ ok”

“here..couchee …couche…couche…fu –fi (whistling) , here little boy…come and get it “ Emma said and

threw that packet of sweet in front of them.

For a moment all the lions looked at that. But then again back to them.

“vain……say your prayers ! “ Emma responded.

Just then two lions from opposite ends jumped over them.

[eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee] they shouted and closed their eyes.

In fear , Annie waved the small dagger in her hand desperately.

That dagger quickly gets double of its size , and it cuts through , both of the lions bodies.

They both open their eyes to look what happened … and saw the two lions lied dead in front of them.

Annie looked at Emma. “ did I kill them? “ she asked.

“seems like ! “ Emma said surprisingly. And saw the large , and long warrior type sword in Annie’s hand.

“wow ! “ Emma said when looked at the sword.

Just then some more lions ran to them to attack. Annie dropped the sword with fear.

Emma quickly rolled to grab the sword.

“woooooooowa….common ..just bring it !“ Emma stood up , positioned herself to challenge the lions.

The lions hesitated for a moment but then attacked.

Emma just waved the sword , in air , it was as light as some kinda stick but yet killing , it cuts of three

more of them.

Seeing this all other lions backed off…a step , then two steps.

“ hahahaha….afraid of me…….common you all…let me show you what I got ! …huuu..haa…..huuuu HA !”

Emma says .” hey you see Annie , I can be that powerful sometimes…look at these cowards…afraid of

me hahaha “ Emma was more than happy when telling this to Annie.

But Annie’s more than worried face surprised her.

“ now what ?” Emma asked her

“ they are not afraid of you !...look behind us ! “ Annie says hardly.

Emma looked [ugggllmmm]

there stood a much bigger and powerful lion , looking at them furiously with his large red eyes. He was

taller than them at least .His nails were more sharper than the dagger in Emma’s hand.

“eeehhee ehe ehehe “ Emma doesn’t knew what to say.

That lion then hoared loudly…….its voice echoed in the whole ground.

Then a big paw , hits Annie and Annie fell a yard away flying.

“anniiiieeeeeeeee” Emma shouted.

The big lion , waved his paw again to hit Emma, but Emma quickly waved his dagger to block the paw.

But it was so powerful that the dagger just goes off her hand and fell away.

The lion hoared again loudly. Emma ran quickly to the dagger. But she was not even able to ran a few

feet , the big lion jumped over her , and lied her down with his big paw on her chest.

‘” aaaaaaaaaaa..helllppppppppppp “ Emma shouted.

The injured Annie looked and saw Emma about to get digested by the lion.

She quickly stood up and ran to get the dagger.

The lion got distracted and looked at Annie. Just then Emma thought she had the chance.

She quickly tried to get herself free from his paw, but it was too heavy and she could not.

Annie picked up the dagger with her injured hand, looked at the lion. and ran towards him, waving the

dagger ,

The lion just stood their silently and as she came nearer , he again waved his big paw.

Off fell Annie with the dagger. The lion looked down at Emma, as about to kill her. Annie stood again ,

“he is too powerful Emma..! “ she shouted.

“get that sweet packet…there must be something about it “ Emma shouted.

Annie grab the sweet packet which was on the ground and opened it.

“now what ? “ she asked herself. thinking of nothing she just eat the whole of it.

She felt nothing for a moment , but then she felt a little hazy……seems like something happening to her

body. Her arms were feeling more powerful and she was feeling more energetic, her wounds were no

more there.

“ im becoming powerful…” she said when looking at herself..

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” then she heard Emma crying.

“ Time to save the beauty from the beast ! “ she said when looking at Emma ,in the paws of the big lion.

She grabbed the sword again.

“ common you punk ! lets see what you got ? “ she says while facing the big lion.

The lion leaves Emma, who started feeling pain in her chest ,

The lion looked at Annie furiously , opened his mouth , and jumped on her.

“yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” with one swing of dagger that left traces behind , Annie just hit the lion ,

straight on its head.

“ oh greattttttt !” the king said as he saw the moment.

And then in the next moment when dust settles down, Annie stood their with her dagger , Emma lying

nearby and the big lion dead near them.

“ wow …talking about ANNIE the Hercules …” Emma said as she stood up.

“thanks…” Annie replied.

“yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all the people started shouting in joy.

There were petals of red flowers showering on them from all around.

“ OH How sweet…I always used to read this in stories ….I can’t believe I am now living it “ Annie’s eyes

filled with tears of joy.

“ just control yourself&hel

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