B (Not finished)

B (Not finished) B (Not finished)

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers



"When three gils receive threatening notes from a mysterious user named 'B' they do what ever they can to stay alive. Stay together. And keep everyone safe. But not everyone can be successful, can they?"
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"When three gils receive threatening notes from a mysterious user named 'B' they do what ever they can to stay alive. Stay together. And keep everyone safe. But not everyone can be successful, can they?"

Chapter1 (v.1) - B (Not finished)

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"When three gils receive threatening notes from a mysterious user named 'B' they do what ever they can to stay alive. Stay together. And keep everyone safe. But not everyone can be successful, can they?"

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 08, 2013




Written By, Makena Matarese

Published By, Makenamat




Carter Villa, is in 11th grade. Has 1 older sister. Julia is her best friend and has a younger brother, and Paisley is her friend too and has twin siblings. They all live in the small town Pinedale.

** ** **

“Heyy! Um did we have Spanish home work?” Paisley asked Carter, “No” Her phone beeped, “Hold on.” Hi baby. You looked hot yesterday! And I’m guessing you will today J “Oh my gosh! John is such a dork!!!” John is another one of my best friends. “Another fake love text?” She said, “Yep! Ugh” The bell rang and Paisley went to Math and Carter went to English. Julia is in her class and so is John.

“Wow, another fake text!” She said, John blushed “You can’t prove that was mine…” He replied “Uh you didn’t erase you signature!” Carter let out a little laugh, “Ya. I guess I need to..” he was cut off “Face front. Mouths shut. Eyes here.” Ms. Monroe snapped. “Good morning Ms. Monroe, Did you have a good night?” Asked Katy suck up Wilson. “Good morning Kathryn! Yes my night was swell, thank you. Now please take your seat!” She gestured to Katy’s seat. “I hope Katy doesn’t expect better grades. As much as Monroe likes her, she’s not that nice!” Julia whispered to Carter and John. “Ms. Longo do have something to tell the whole class?” She eyed Julia and spread her hand around the classroom to make her point. “No ma’am.” She said quietly and hung her head. “It’s not nice to talk in class Juliana!” Said Katy, “It’s Julia..” she replied “Whatever” Katy said with a snap of the head and a flip of the hair.

“Alright get out your “Three Musketeers” question and answer paper find a partner and finish the ones you have not yet completed, when you finish check it over, then check it over again, and again until the bell rings. Are we clear class?” Ms. Monroe said, “Yes” the class said in unison.

Once the bell rang we left and John pulled Carter aside, “Um Carter, you gotta minute?” he said “Ya…” She said unsurely “Well I’m having, like a party and and um I want you to go, um if you want you know?” “John just ask, ask like a normal person! Haha and of course! But Julia’s spending the night, so mind if she goes?” “No, I’ll see you there at 7ish.” “Alright bye!” She started her way down the hallway when she saw something sticking out of her locker. A note? Carter walked over and opened her locker, and out popped a pink note beeeep the second bell rang, Well I’m already late so why leave now! She opened it up, this is what I read:

Dear Carter,

My love for you has been growing ever since I laid eyes on you. I see the way you walk and talk and everything and it’s just perfect! No one is as great as you, and I love you. I love you with all my heart and I want you to know that. With sincere love and mystery, -B

Who? Uh..W-What? Who could’ve wrote this? Then she dropped her shoulders, rolled her eyes and tossed the note back in. Good try John! She thought, then walked to Science. “Hello Ms. Villa, Did you get lost?” Mr. Simmons said in a sarcastic tone. She tried to hide her head as she took her clearly assigned seat next to Katy Wilson. She has been her and her friends “arch nemesis” ever since she locked them in the supply closet in 2nd grade after they beat her in an addition fact race, Then it grew from there. “Kinda late, don’t you think? Or do they have special rules for the dorky kids?” Katy said, “You know what? Just shut up.” Carter replied frustrated.

When carter got home she plopped on her bed grabbed her laptop and checked her IMs. 3 new IMs. Her laptop read. The first was junk, the second was also junk, and the third one was from someone named Dude_67_SupCarter had no idea who it was. She scrolled to the button read and clicked it.

Hey again, you got my note right? Oh and sorry about my username. I really don’t want any freaks getting my real info. But if you didn’t get my note, look again…

With sincere Love and Mystery, -B

The letter B. It hit her like a truck. John Billard, ugh just another one of his fake love things. She went back to the main screen of her IMs. She clicked on John’s name and started typing, I can deal with texts, cuz there cheesy and dumb and kinda funny! But don’t you think notes and fake IM accounts is a little too far? I thought this was serious at first...She sent it, within no time John replied, What are you talking about, Car? I didn’t send those. I only sent the texts and if you want me to stop then say so. Look at the writing...Is it mine?  *** Um, I don’t know. But how do you expect me to believe you after all those notes and you liking me in 3rd grade and still do? Huh? After she sent it Carter knew she hit a bad spot, John hated it when people brought the liking thing up. John I’m really sorry...I didn’t mean it but before she could send it, she received this: Don’t bother coming tonight

Oh no! Oh no! Ugh, what am I gonna do? Carter thought. She can’t stand people being mad at her. “Carter? Can you come down for dinner?” Her mother called, “Uh, ya one sec.” She called back. She came down stairs and smelled Chicken Chardonnay, her favorite meal. “Hi dad! How was work?” She said to Mr. Villa. Her Father is a classic Business man. He was reading the paper and shoving the chicken and pasta in his face, “Huh? What? Oh uh good.” He replied dully. She mashed her lips together and raised her eye brows. “So Carter, When is John’s party? Are you picking up Julia?” Mrs. Villa asked, “We’re not going Mom.” She said setting her plate on the table “Is everything ok?” A concerned look grew on her face, “I said every things fine.” There were a few minutes of silence. She scooted back her chair “You know, I’m not that hungry I think I’ll just go pick her up now.” Carter grabbed her bag and headed out the door. When she got at Julia’s, she was already ready to go. “You’re ready already?” Carter asked, “Well I heard Sean was gonna be at the party so I better be ready before someone else snatches him up!” She rubbed her hands together and smiled, “Ya…About that…” She pulled out her phone and showed Julia her IMs, “Oh come on Carter! Really you didn’t believe John? When has he lied to you? And why would you keep pushing and pushing for nothing? I was really excited and I had to cancel on my family for this and it’s too late now.” Carter felt bad but didn’t know what to say, her shoulders sank. After a moment of silence, “Fine we can go.” She licked her lips.




They drove to John’s house, knock knock knock, “Hey come on in…” Half way through his sentence he stopped and actually looked up to see who is was. “Oh hi Carter, Julia. Is Paisley here? Kinda wanna hook up with her” he snickered “Have fun!” He looked at Carter when he said hook up. Carter rolled her eyes and walked in. Julia immediately started searching for Sean, Carter just sat down on John’s couch. Carter started thinking about all the memories that her and John had as kids. Like one time his Mom, Carrie made Chocolate Chip Cookies, set them on the table and said she’d be right back. When she got back the whole plate was gone. A different time they were building molecules for science and they were using glue to put the clay and paper on the Styrofoam half circle. When they stopped to take a juice break, the glue was on their hands and the juice boxes stuck to them. Ugh. Carter felt real bad now. Her thoughts were interrupted by someone sitting on the couch, she glanced up. It was Jason Knight from her Spanish class and some others. “Hey” He said. When he talked his dimples appeared and disappeared. “Uh, Hi” She replied, “Your Carter Villa right?” He asked sweetly, “Yep that’s me” She shyly. He scooted closer to her on the couch. “So…You look nice.” He rubbed the back of his neck, it made Carter tingle “You too.” She smiled. He scooted even closer to her until their legs were touching, “Ok this is ridiculous.” He leaned his head in close. Then before she knew it his lips were touching hers. He pulled away, Carter looked away fast. “Should I have not done that?” He asked, “No! It…It was nice!” She said trying to fine the right words. They were about to kiss again when John walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh Hi Carter.” He sniffed and rubbed his chin. Jason looked up and took a sip of his drink. “Here” He said tossing a folded up piece of paper. “I think I should go” Carter said to Jason. “Wait” He said confused, but she was already grapping her jacket and looking for Julia.

Julia woke up and picked up her phone. Even though Carter was awake and two feet away, she started to text her anyways.

What was the rush?There was a guy…And???

Well we kissed and it was nice. Then John walked in and didn’t like it. Who was it? JasonNiceee

* * * **

When Julia left, Carter changed to go for a run. Then she saw a folded up piece of paper on her dresser. The thing from John. She opened it up.

Sorry for you know…I don’t want to keep fighting. And I don’t like Paisley by the way. Forgive and Forget?

Aw, I didn’t want John to see me and Jason. The kiss probably meant nothing, right? A text came in.

Aye Love! Your eyes are as beautiful as…as…JK! I’ve never liked you and won’t. …Anyways. How was the party? What’s Jason like? I’m kidding, I know Jason. I know everyone, and everything. No. I am not your buddy John. You know…You got that boy eating out of your hands.

Wait. Is this another message from B? Another text came in fast.

Ps. Judging by your confused look, this is B. Bye Carter ;)

By my look? Oh my gosh. She looked all around, no one. Not even her older sister Melissa. Carter sprinted to her window, she didn’t see anything. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of someone running by, she blinked, then no one was there. She was breathing heavy now. Ok…ok…it was nothing. No one could’ve done that without me seeing.

When Julia got home, she went on her computer. She clicked on facebook. Sign in: Juliez_24Password:She typed in her password, INCORRECT-What? She typed in her password again,INCORRECT-No…This isn’t right! I know this is the right password!!! She opened her notebook of passwords, SEE! It is my password! Ugh…whatever…

She sat down on the couch, her dark hair flopping and started “playing” on her phone. “No…No, the BLUE one! Yes! XL and BLUE! Uhuh. Yep, Bye!” Mrs. Longo walked in on her black berry. “Hi sweetie, how was Carter’s?” She kissed the top of her head, “Good, Um mom?! I think somebody hacked my Facebook! I know my password was right, but it keeps saying its wrong!” Julia told her mother. “Okay, just go on Justin’s and see if anybody posted anything, if so then we’ll have him post saying you’ve been hacked” She said calmly. Justin is her brother. She got up and started walking to her brother’s room, when her phone beeped.

Aww, Poor Julie...You were hacked? Yes, Credit to mwah! Don’t you feel ‘left out’? Now you know how I feel. Bye bye, -B

She gasped, and her hand fluttered to her mouth. Now, she sprinted to her brother’s room. “Hey get ou..” Justin started to say, then Julia shoved his rolling chair backwards. She clicked on his Facebook.

“NO! Mommy how could you get rid of my wittle boo bear?” 3 Comments “Ha! I always knew you had one!”“Ikr? What a loser.”“Thought she was 16?!?”

No way! She thought, this can’t be happening!

“Ooo, I’m failing everything but lunch! Not as smart as I thought.” 6 Likes 3 Comments “Nice…*coughNOTcough*”“Even I am smarter.”“She is in Math AND Social Studies AIS!”

Her head was spinning. Her palms were sweating. She ran out of Justin’s room. “MOM! I’ve been hacked! The person posted stuff like that I was a loser and stupid! People are saying stuff back too!” She was breathing heavy, “Ok, post on Justin’s facebook and say that it’s all a mistake and you were hacked. If you want you can make a new account.” Mrs. Longo reinforced her daughter. Julia nodded and walked up stairs. Her brother wasn’t in his room anymore, so she just sat down and started typing.

Justin Longo: This is actually Julia.  Anybody who’s seen my post, I’VE BEEN HACKED! Just ignore, and I guess you probably shouldn’t open up messages on facebook from me. I might make a new account soon. Just to clear things up! –Julia

Okay, She told herself I think everything should be okay now. She took a deep breath and she started walking to her room. She sat down on her bed, and before she knew it she was asleep.

“Please sign in honey!” The secretary told Julia. After signing into the Golden Sun Mental Preserve, she went into room 23B; her Grandma’s room. Julia saw her Grandmother rocking back in fourth on the bed. “H..Hi GG! How are you feeling?” Julia said subtle, “Julia? Hello! I’m feeling fine!” GG stood up, “GG, Should you be walking?” “Of course! I’m fine! And when I get out of here you can have my room!” Her room? Julia thought. “I think you’re confused…” “No, I am not. It will put you in here. Just STAY away from it.” “What? Who GG?” “Be careful near it!” “Who?!?” “B”

Then like an electric shock threw her body, she woke up. “Whoa.” She said to herself. Beeeep!  Her phone buzzed, it was Carter.

So you were hacked? That stinks!Ya! I just had the weirdest dream!And?  I was visiting GG, she got all serious and told me to stay away and be careful near someone named “B”  B? Really? Yes!I’ve gotten a note, some IM’s and texts from someone named B. I thought it was John but it’s not! They started off innocent but now they’re kind of scary!I think it’s the person who hacked me!This is weird. Um, I gtg.Bye.



A boy on his bike waved, so Paisley waved back. Her blonde hair shimmering in the sun, and her green eyes twinkling. She grabbed the mail and started to walk back inside. Junk, junk, bill, To Paisley Curtis She read Hmm…  She opened up the letter:

Dear Paisley,

Are you getting ready for the big dance this Friday? Are you gonna run for The Masquerade Queen? Well guess what, I am too. Your BFF Carter is thinking about running too. If you know what’s good for her then you wouldn’t let her run, got it? See you there,-B

Good for her? Who wrote this? She thought. She walked inside her house, and pulled out her phone. She clicked on the group text, then selected Carter and Julia’s name.


I got a note from someone named B, and it’s kinda threatening. Should I tell my parents? The cops? I don’t know what to do!

She clicked send, within seconds she got a text back saying to Carter and Julia at the big oak tree in the lawn of their old middle school.

“Claire, I’ll be with Carter and Julia.” Paisley told her soon to be step mom Claire, “Okay, Be back by dinner, we’re going to Carter’s!” Claire called back. Paisley hopped in her car and drove to Pinedale Middle School. She saw Carter and Julia by the oak tree they all use to hang out by at recess.

“Good we’re all here.” Carter started, “Did you guys bring your phones?” “I did” Paisley said, “Me too” Said Julia. Carter started talking “At first I was getting these innocent love notes, and then they just went creepy. When Julia told me she was getting them too, I panicked, because hers weren’t exactly sweet either. And now that you’re telling me this, I’m absolutely scared.” She cracked her knuckles, and then Julia started talking “I know, it’s freaky. I even had a dream where my Grandmother told me to be aware and stay away from B! What if this is something more serious then were making it out to be?” “I don’t know. We just have to see what happens.” Paisley said, “And I don’t think we should tell people.” She announced. The girls agreed. “Do you guys have any suspicions?” Carter asked, the girls said no and there was a little bit of silence. Then Julia’s phone buzzed. Then Paisley’s phone beeped. Carter’s phone pinged. They looked up, “It probably just junk or our parents!” Carter reassured weakly. They opened there phones, it was a group text.

Now you all know this isn’t a joke. A dream. Or silliness. I am real and I know everything. Like how Claire is going to marry Tom soon, um…Oh and that girl Arlene who follows you guys, I know that Jason kissed Carter, and that John is not the same fun loving dork but is now melted inside and crushed. See you at the dance Friday.


Julia’s hands trembled. Paisley’s throat wobbled. Carter’s stomach gurgled. “Guys I’m sure there bluffing and it’s a joke…” Carter’s voiced trailed off, “Listen Carter, You don’t always have to make things seem like nothing. This is serious. I think it’ll be best if we all go home now.” Julia picked up her bag and started walking away, Paisley hustling away too. Leaving Carter by the oak tree alone.

** ** *

Paisley arrived at her house. She saw her little twin brother and sister playing “Survivor” in there yard. “Paisley! Come play ‘Survivor’ with us!” Jenna her sister called, “Um, I can’t. I have a lot of homework.” She replied, “Sorry.” She grabbed her Vera Bradley tote and walked inside. Paisley sat down in her purple bubble chair. Buzzzzz went her phone. Her heart pounded.


Hi Paisley, This is Liam from Bio. I was wondering if you would like to go to the Masquerade Ball with me.If you don’t I understand. If you want I could pickyou up at seven thirty. Um, text me back.

YES! Paisley screamed in her head, I’ve been waiting for him to ask me! She replied back yes and (knowing Paisley the Fashionista) told him to wear a green tie, so they can coordinate. She was SO excited.

She called Carter, then Julia and told them the news. It turns out Carter’s going with Jason. Paisley came down stairs. “Hi mom, Can we go dress shopping for the Masquerade Ball?” Paisley asked her mom Stacey, “You got a date?” Her mom asked excited, “Yes! It’s Liam Brett from my Bio class!” Paisley and Mrs. Curtis squealed with excitement, “Ok, let me just clean the kids up” Stacey rubbed her hands together and when walking away she squealed again. Paisley went to sit on her porch swing. Hmm… She thought, what’s that. She stood up and walked over to something stuck into a piece of their wooden deck. Her heart leapt into her throat. No, NO. It’s not another note, it Can’t be.

Hi Big sister. If I were you I wouldn’t be so mean to your sister Jenna, for all you know it could be the last time you talk to her. You wouldn’t wantanything to happen to her right? See you at the Ball,-B

B wouldn’t hurt a little girl…




Eeew, nope. Close, eh. Carter was flipping through a dress catalogue at her kitchen table, and this cycle kept continued until…PERFECT! Carter thought. “Mom, I like this one!” She pointed, “And it’s in our budget!” Carter said hopefully. Her mother examined it. She smiled, “Ok, will it be shipped in time? I love it!” She put a hand on Carter’s shoulders, “Yes it can be here Thursday!” she replied, “Perfect!”

Carter opened up her laptop and went to her IM’s. There was one from Paisley.

Um, Hi Car. No offense, but I don’t think it’s a good I idea if you run for The MasqueradeQueen. It’s just that Katy’s running, and she always wins. So...Ya, sorry! –Paisley

What is she talking about? Carter thought.

What do you mean? I thought you were the one who made me run?!! But if it means so much to you, then I won’t run…

She shut her laptop. “Mom, I’m gonna’ go for a walk.” Carter said, “Ok, but the Longo’s and Curtis’ are coming over for dinner at 6:00! Love you!” Her mom replied. Carter put are her shoes, and started walking down her drive way.

She headed up Gray Drive, then threw Jackson Street, then walked up to Pinedale State Park. She sat down on the bench, some little kids ran by. She saw a flash of pink it the woods, then a face appeared. Carter squinted to see who it was, she wasn’t sure who. Carter looked away not bothering to keep looking. “Hi Carter!” A lisp voice said, so Carter turned around. Standing in front of her was Arlene French wearing faux Guess sweats, a matching jacket, and neon pink converse…Eeew…Carter thought. “Uh, Hi?” She said back, “So you’re running for Mashcarade Queen?” Arlene lisped and spit, “No. Not anymore” She snapped, “And how did you know anyways?” Carter said. Arlene seamed to hesitate, “W-Well I’m in Shdudent Council, and we have to read all the candidates.” Arlene licked her braces, “Oh cool.” Carter said in a monotone voice, “Bye.” Carter stood up and started to walk away. Something jerked her arm. She snapped her head.  Someone covered her mouth. “Don’t be so mean. You will regret it.” The voice said. When Carter opened her eyes, she saw Arlene. “Bye Carter! She you at shhcool.” Arlene said sweetly. Carter stumbled back. She scoffed, I’m not the one who’s gonna pay. With a whip of the head, she was walking back home.

** ***

“They’ll be here any minute” Carter’s mom nervously said. Carter put on a cashmere sweater, and Gucci skinny jeans. She sat down at the table. Dingdong “Denise, Brad. Hi, Hello!” Carter’s mother said, “Hi Claire, Hi Tom!” there was a series of hellos. Julia and Paisley sat next to Carter. Then all three of them whipped out there phones.

J- I think you could take down Katy, Car!

C- Oh, I’m not running anymore, right Pais?

P- I can explain, I will later. Just trust me!

C- Ok.

J- Um...

“Girls, it’s dinner. Phones are for later!” Denise Longo said, “Mmhhmm” They said in one voice. During dinner there were some conversations on school, old stories, and some other small talk. After dinner the girls went up to Carter’s room. “Alright, go ahead. Explain why you made me drop out.” Carter said to Julia, “Um, it was B. B told me she or whatever would hurt you. But I guess in a way, I’m hurting you, and that’s just as bad. I’m sorry Carter. If it makes you feel better, I’ll drop out too.” Julia gushed, “It’s okay, you don’t have to drop out.” Carter said, “You could’ve just saved my life” she smiled and hugged Julia. A few minutes past, “Have you talked to John recently?” Paisley asked Carter, “No, he’s going to be so mad when he finds out about Jason and the dance…” She hung her head, “Ya, but whatever happens It’ll be ok!” Paisley replied.

The Longo’s and Curtis’ went home. Carter told her mom that she’d be right back. Carter hopped in her car and drove to John’s house. She knocked on the door, John opened it. “Hi Carter.” He said casually, “Hi John. There’s something I need to tell you…” her voice trailed off, “Here, come in!” John gestured inside the house. They walked in and sat on his couch. “Is everything ok?” He asked concerned, “Ya. Um, I have some news and I wanted to tell you in person.” She fiddled with the couch pillow, “Ya, ok?!” He said. Carter felt so bad telling him. “Well…Me and Jason are going to the Ball together, and I don’t want that to change anything between us. I’m sorry John.” It was even harder than Carter thought, “Ok, that’s fine. Thanks for telling me.” He sat back, “Are you going with anyone?” she tried to ease the pressure, “Nah, just me! It really doesn’t matter!” and Carter actually believed him. He didn’t seem that upset. “Alright, I think I have to go!” Carter said, “See you soon!” She gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, grabbed her purse, and went home.


Julia was reading her book in English AIS which fortunately is not with Ms. Monroe, but is with Mrs. Carson. The North Eastern Tumping Joad is one of the cest blimbers in the whole Fain Rorest Julia read. She slammed down her book in frustration. She has dyslexia and a low to average reading level. She stood up and walked over to her teacher’s desk. “Mrs. Carson?” she spoke, “Yes?” “May I use the bathroom?” Mrs. Carson nodded, and Julia headed out the door. As she was walking out the door, she bumped into some one. “Oh sorry.” Julia blushed, she then looked up to see Matt Swift, her crush since 7th grade. “No problem.” Matt replied, Julia started to shuffle away. “Wait,” Matt called, “I was wondering if you…uh…” he stopped, “Ya?” Julia questioned, “If you would go to the Masquerade Ball with me?” He blurted out, her heart fluttered, “Uh, um sure!” “Cool. See you around!” Then the two went their separate ways.

The class passed. “Carter! Carter! Guess what! Guess!” Julia yelled to Carter, “A in science?” she asked, “No…Guess again!!” she pushed, “Hmm…I give up!” Carter resigned, “Matt asked me to the ball!!!!” Julia said with excitement, “AHHH! OMG! We are going to have such an awesome time!” She said, “I know right? Can’t wait.” Julia replied, “Alright see you later!” Carter said, “Kk bye!” Julia said fake kissing. “Actually wait!” Julia called Carter, “What is it?” Carter asked “Well, I just realized..We haven’t gotten any more notes from B recently” “Ya I guess you’re right! Weird…” Carter said, “Ya, I really gotta go, sorry.” She bowed away leaving Julia questioning B.

** ** *

It’s now the day of the dance. Julia called Carter and Paisley on Video chat. Ring Ring…Ring Ring… “Heyy!” Paisley said, “Hi guys!” Carter answered, “I’m so excited!!!” Julia said, “Me too, Jason told John he was nervous for tonight” “Aww” The girls said. The screen fuzzed, “You guys there?” Julia asked, “Yep, You there Carter?” Paisley asked, “Yes” it fuzzed again, “Maybe a line is down or something” Paisley suggested, and then it went black. “Heellloooo?” Carter called out, “I can here you, just not see you” Julia said, “Same with me” Paisley seconded. A face in a mask appeared on the screen. “Holy cr…” “What the?” “Oh my god.” “Hello ladies! Yes, it’s me the fabulous b!” a modulated voice spoke, “see you guys tonight.” Then B disappeared and the video chat came up as if nothing happened. All the girls had terrified faces. They signed off, just trying to get away from it and started getting ready again.

** ***

The limo dropped them off at the school. Carter in a sparkly, pink dress, with matching heals, Julia in a short mini purple dress, with purple converse sneakers (she made it work), and Paisley in a long, silky, green dress with silver sandals. “Oh my goshhhh!” Paisley squealed, “You guys the A-ma-zing!” “We are an attractive bunch” Julia joked, “So come on! Let’s go!” Carter grabbed their hands. The boys were waiting inside.


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