Isabel's New life

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A girl named Isabel is startin life at a new school. she meets her best friend the summer before. then a tragic acident may ruin her life forever?

Isabel’s New Life

By: Makenna Rapien


Chapter 1:

First day of Jr. High

I wake up on Monday to a cloudy sky. I get dressed then head downstairs to find my mom serving my little brother Bobby toast and eggs. I walk up to him and mess up his hair “ready for your first day of kindergarten” I ask him. “Yup” he says “and guess what” he asks Isabelle “what?!?!?!” she says excitedly like she’s dying to know, which really she’s just dying to eat and get to Nevaehs. “ I’m in room 5 and I’m 5 years old” he says cheerfully “that so kewl buddy” I tell him as I butter my toast and take a huge bite out of it.

I finish eating and tell my mom bye and little bobby then holler bye to my step-dad who’s still in bed. I head out the door take a left and walk to Nevaeh’s. So we can walk to school together for the first time! Isabelle has been to Nevaeh’s almost every day since she moved to Jacksonville at the beginning of summer. She and Nevaeh are real close, you would swear that they were twins separated at birth. (Except the skin color, and the fact that Nevaeh was born In December on the 6, and Isabelle’s birthday was almost a month away on September 24th)

When I get there Nevaehs sitting on her porch step waiting on me. “sorry I’m late couldn’t find my shoes” Nevaeh laughs and says “no biggy but we better hurry we got 5 min to go 6 blocks” “think we can make it” Asks Isabelle “little less that one min per block, I think we can” she says as we head down the street. The girls get there right on time, the bus just pulled up and we get good seats right across from each other.

When we get to school we recheck our schedules. We have a total of 9 periods and we have 4 together. These are our schedules :

Isabelle’s  Nevaeh’S

Gym Gym

Advanced mathScience


Study hallBand

Lunch  Lunch

English  Reading


Social studiesSocial studies

Art  Art



Chapter Two


When the end of the day bell rings Nevaeh and I are the last ones out, we hurry to our lockers then meet half way and hurry to get on the bus unlike this morning the bus is very full and we are like the last ones on and can’t even sit next to each other!! L But as soon as we get to our stop we get off together. I almost forget I’m supposed to wait for bobby’s bus to get here.

Nevaeh offers to stay with me, I accept. When his bus gets here we stand up and I see him come towards me he takes my hand and we head down the street. We stop at Nevaehs house to say Hi to her mama then Bobby and I walk home when they get home Isabelle asks Bobby if he has any home work… gosh I’m starting to sound like mom She thinks to herself she tries again and says “Want some ice cream??”. He nods his head and Isabelle realizes how quiet he has been since he got of the bus. So she sits him on the chair and kneels down to his height.

“What’s wrong Bobby” she asks

He shrugs “I don’t like…” he mumbles

“What buddy you got to speak up I’m getting old I can’t hear you” I joke

He smiles a little then says “I don’t like school, I’m never going again, and you can’t make Me.” his voice raising

“Ok, ok first of all calm down no need to shout, now second of all is school really that bad I mean what happened”

“She won’t call me bobby”

“Who, What do you mean?”

“My Teacher, she only calls me Robert even though I tell her I like bobby”

(Bobby’s real name is Robert but NOBODY calls him that he hates it)

“Well” I say “what if I make a deal with you…”

“What?” he asks curiously

“What if I tell mom to call your teacher and tell her to call you bobby then will you go back???”

“Well…” bobby says thoughtfully

“I promise she won’t call you Robert anymore”

“OK” he says “I guess”

“That’s my lil’ man” I tell him

“And Isabelle?” he asks cheerful again

“Ya?” I say

“Can I have that ice cream now?”

I laugh “of course you can, come on what flavor”

“Chocolate” he calls

“Of Course, I could have guessed that” I Say and I Smile at him

Chapter Three:


When mom gets home from work I tell her about what Bobby said and she agrees to call his teacher. The rest of the week goes by fast… soon enough its Friday night and I’m staying the night at Nevaehs!

Her room is so cool!!! Its shape is a circle she has a round water bed in the middle a bunch of posters tacked to the ceiling, and a desk with a laptop and a HUGE lava lamp on it.

We sit down on her bed she starts talking about the first week of school and how some of the guys have obviously gone through puberty over the summer. We sit and make fun of the guys that haven’t. Then Nevaeh’s mom, whom I call Mrs. C, comes in and asks us what kind of pizza we want we both immediately say pepperoni.(it’s both our favorites)

When the doorbell rings Mrs. C calls us down for pizza, I have 3 slices! Then we go back to her room and get In our Pajamas. Before we know it, it’s after 10 pm and we end up falling asleep on her bed side by side.

When we wake up, Mrs. C already has bacon frying, and is making eggs and pancakes. When we are eating we don’t talk much I guess that means were just hungry… then my mom calls my cell. She tells me I got to come home now. She sounds upset so I don’t argue.


Chapter 4


When I get home my step dads waiting for me in his car and tells me my mom and bobby are at the hospital. I ask why and he tells me that they think bobby may have a tumor of some sort in his lung and that he was having trouble breathing.

I’m speechless, now that the words have finally sunk in I’m so scared … what will happen to him? Is it life threatening? I wanted to ask so much but my voice wouldn’t work. I was so scared for my little brother.

We head to the hospital we don’t speak at all. When we get to the hospital my mom is in the waiting room she looks like she was crying. I run over and give her a hug, then I sit down next to her and ask if bobby was ok.

She said that after the MRI they rushed him into the operating room. All they could tell her was that he indeed had a tumor in his left lung. We sat there for along time saying nothing I couldn’t stop thinking about things that could happen. I was so scared for my little brother I was about to cry.

After sitting there for about 3 whole, long, nerve wrecking hours a doctor came in and said “the tumor is gone but he can only see one person at a time and that he asked for Issy?”

I stand up and the doctor leads me to Bobby’s room when I walk in all that I can think about Is how pale he looks. When he sees me a small smile comes across his face but fades quickly he just doesn’t have the energy to even smile.

I go to the side of the bed and sit on a chair I ask him how he is and he says that he is very tired but not sore or anything. I say “that’s my little man” and wink at him. He smiles for a second again then says “Isabelle? I could really use some chocolate ice cream now” I laugh and say well how bout you can have some as soon as we get home?” “mk” he says then drifts back to sleep.

When the doctor comes back in I ask him if he can have the chocolate ice cream once we get home. The doctor says that it would not be a problem but not to give him a lot. I was happy and relieved when I went back to my mom and step-dad, and when my mom saw my expression. She looked hopeful to, I told them all what happened and about the chocolate ice cream and my mom seemed even more relieved than me.

Then my mom told me to call Nevaeh and apologize for having to leave so early then let to let her talk to Mrs. C.

While I was on the phone with Nevaeh a doctor came to talk to my parents. I told Nevaeh everything that happened and she told me to give him a hug for her. Then I told her that my mom wanted to talk to hers and then we said bye and I handed the phone to my mom.

My mom told me that I would be staying the rest of the weekend at neveahs house. I asked her why, she told me that bobby not doing as well as they thought, and that he needs to stay here. I was upset. He semed fine when I talked to him, aside from the fact that he was pail and tired, but come on the kid just had surgery those things are normal after something like that… right???

Chapter 5

My step-dad brings me to Nevae’s house. When I get there Nevaeh’s waiting for me outside, as soon as I get out of the car and my step-dad leaves, she runs over and gives me a hug. I’m trying not to cry but when she asked me if I was ok I lost it I started crying, crying because my little brother was really sick, crying because I never met my real dad, crying because I just need to get it all out.

All my friends consider me the strong and brave one, the one that always is there for everyone else, but Nevaeh knew, she knew that sometimes the person who helps everyone else needs some help herself. That is after all what best friends were there for.


ok look this is all i have to this story right now to read more check my page reguly and i will get the full thing uploaded when it is ready



Submitted: December 18, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Makenna101. All rights reserved.

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Fri, February 1st, 2013 1:52am

Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

This was good :D For thirteen, you're quite a talented writer, I'm impressed (:

Fri, February 1st, 2013 4:43am


Thanks lol I try... i Have a newer version but its not finished soooo ya lol

Sat, February 2nd, 2013 12:14am

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