Why do you choose Putra Business School for your MBA ?

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Submitted: May 27, 2014

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Submitted: May 27, 2014



Putra Business School of University Putra Malaysia is a prestigious university in Malaysia . It is a well-known school , that everyone knows it . It is now an accredited member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Putra Business School is the first in the country to receive such accreditation and the sixth university awarded in Southeast Asia.This accreditation is awarded to the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP) and Putra Business School or PBS (formerly known as the Graduate School of Management or GSM) This has proven that Putra Business School is an appropriate university for me to do my Master in Business Administration ( MBA ). Besides that , people always give good feedback about this school . The reason I opt this university to do my MBA is University Putra Malaysia has good name among the poeple . My parents , friends , siblings and cousins support and agree with my choice . They agree wholeheartedly that for making MBA in Putra Business School . They believe this school will brighten my future . I think Putra Business School can help me to achieve my master dream . The dream that I always dream .


First and foremost , Putra Business School has lots of good facilities . This is one of reasons for me to opt Putra Business School for doing my MBA . To exemplify , Putra Business School has big libraries and they are air conditioned and giving Free-Wifi . It is convenient for me to study in a good surrounding . I can also more concentrate when doing revision , doing projects , doing drills and so forth . Moreover , Putra Business School has an extensive sporting facility . These facilities include a fully equipped gym, sports hall, outdoor swimming pool, under soil drainage football pitch, Astroturf pitch for hockey, tennis courts, and an excellent floodlit athletics and football stadium.In addition, the University is situated nearby the National Sports Council at Bukit Jalil.UPM also provides a range of quality sports facilities for the university’s staff and students at university and national levels. Furthermore , lecturers are kind hearted , knowledgeable , benevolent , experienced and willing to share knowledge with us . The lecturers have started teaching donkey's years . So , I am pretty sure they will understand my problems during my learning journey . These show that Putra Business School is suitable for me to do my MBA . I can enjoy lots of facilities here .When I am bored, I can go to badminton court or gym to do some exercises or strenous exercises . It can kick boredom effectively . Hence , it can widen the circle of friends . I can know more friends through this way . 


 Next ,Putra Business School is a co-educational university . It can bring lots of advantages that we can obviously see it . We can fathom the others' feeling . Co-educational university can let studens who come from single sex-school to understand the others' feeling . Besides that , students can be confident . Students who are sheepish to talk to the other genders can be confident than before . It gives a chance for students to speak confidently and spontaneously to the others . Otherwise , we can also exchange of ideas when facing difficulties in our lives Friends lend us their shoulders more instantaneously than our parents . As the adages goes ' A friend in need is a friend indeed ' ..I will also try my best to solve my friends' quandaries .  Putra Business School gives me a chance to know more people . It gives me a chance to widen the circle of friends . I come from single sex-school . I will be sheepish if I talk to guys . It seems that it is a great opportunity for me to practise to mingle with others . 

Putra Business School is an international well-known school . Students here come from all walks of life . Students are made up of different races . Based on my observation Chinese , Malay , Indian , Malayam are the four main races in this university . It will be more culturally diversified . We can understand their culture and traditional . Besides that , I can also learn and master the other languages . I am a Chinese . I can speak English, Chinese and Malay well . If I go to Putra Business School for doing my MBA , it gives a chance for me to learn the other languages . I can learn Tamil , Baba Malay and so forth . I think I will be a linguist in no time . Last , every student can also assimilate good cultural elements . I am looking forward to studying in Putra Business School . 

In retrospect , Putra Business Schools can provide me good facilities , good lecturers and so forth . I think I can gain lots of knowledge and experience from here . I can also gain some perious experience that I cannot get it from text books such as making new friends , learning new things and so forth . I am keen on studying . There are reasons that I opt Putra Businesse School for doing my MBA .


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