betrayed by a friend- by my story

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a person who had been betrayed by a friend

There we were, both so young,

Just standing with the crowd.

We were the closest of friends,

Laughing so loud.

As time went on,

I started trusting you more and more.

I told you things that I,

Hadn't told anyone before.

I opened up to you,

I gave you my heart,

Then you turn right around,

And tear it apart.

You think that I don't know,

What you're saying behind my back.

You think you're so perfect,

But there's still so much that you lack.

You pretend that you don't know,

Why I'm in so much pain.

Secretly hating you,

Betrayed by you yet again.

You think that you can just,

Butt into my life.

But if you really want to make me happy,

You must pay the price.

And now that I've broken free,

From your deadly curse,

I realize your the one who ruined my life,

And continued to make it worse.

Now you're angry with me,

Because I refuse to answer your call.

Because I'm trying to forget you,

So I won't have to fall.

So now, just remember,

When I turn my back on you,

It's because you did the same to me,

Something horible to live through.

Never again will I trust you.

Never again will I call you a friend.

Never again will you ruin my life,

Our friendship has come to an end.

How dare you say that you care,

How dare you even try.

How can you be so heartless,

And try to make me believe your lies.

I've learned form my mistakes.

I've learned from what I've done.

I've learned not to trust you.

You, or anyone.

I've been betrayed by a friend.

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