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Table of Contents

The pain

Introduction to the life of a bioweapon prototype who escaped his tormentors and is now living in the wild. (Sorry, there were some complications with writing this, like a whole part of text just
going missing, so I had to fix those)
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An ally?

Ren and a human have both suffered at the hands of Gene corporations. They now have a mutual enemy. When it starts raining, Ren takes the human to his home, so he won't get sick, even if this
inflicts more pain on Ren's mutilated body. The human is worried for Ren but is dismissed by him multiple times. Which makes him act on his own accord, and he decides to take care of Ren in return.
Does this mean they've become allies? Maybe even friends?
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Ren and Jay eat breakfast together in peace which is then disturbed by a group of hunters barraging into the house. Jay gets hurt during the fight. Ren, however, manages to drive the remaining
hunters away. But right, when they think the danger's over, Ren hears ominous thumping in the distance. What could it be?
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Ren wakes up to still being alive. What a shocker. So then Ren, Jay, and Eileen go through the reasons why he's still alive. Then Eileen tells Ren about this scientist in another town that might be
able to help him with fixing his wonky bone structure. And so they set off on their little journey.
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Ren struggles with his feelings for Jay as they set out on their journey past the city borders.

(Sorry, it has taken me so long to update. Been a bit busy with other things. I hope you enjoy reading this.)
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Past in the future

Ren and the others arrive at Corheaven laboratory. They are taken in and meet this rumored Raven.
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New connections

Ren goes through surgery and connects with his childhood friend from when he was turned into a bioweapon. Jay helps him understand this new information and supports him with his wish to save Lily.
But he wants to go with them. Ren is against this and tries to convince him otherwise. But Jay has made up his mind.

(Sorry for the very late update. There's been a lot going on. I hope you enjoy this one!)
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