Isabel and her Freedom

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You can't take away my Freedom

Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016




I needed a long break.  A break from my thoughts, feelings. From This life.

A wonderful mixture of love, misunderstanding, hate, disguise and death made me weak.

For the first time,  all hope disappeared just in front of me. 

I was sitting in a room, desperately begging for help.

No one was there, no one heard me… or just didn’t want to……..



But… but .. Wow!  I love this word! It’s amazing, don’t you think? ... Anyway, 


After months and months of my slavery, now I can finally say: “ I’m free”. Yes, free. From all those useless Things which were with me for far too long. They were haunting me and I couldn’t make them leave.  There were chasing me and I couldn’t hide from them. They were slowly killing me and I couldn’t  make them stop.

But ;)

I just needed one day. One day during all those miserable days to realize that I don’t have to fight with Them. They are a part of me and I must accept it. But They are only a small part which is not able to destroy the whole, The Real Me.  Or Not anymore. I will never allow Them to.



I just needed one day to realize that I just don’t need YOU.


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