A Modern Fable

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A man is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a dangerous criminal.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



In the rubble of the forgotten empire, he waited for the sunlight.  He waited for the light to shine in and make the world bright again. Everything is clearer in the day light. It had been a long time since sleep had happened and the caffeine was wearing off. The whole building was echoing with annoying sounds like pencils and dins and nothing at all.
Why had he been up so long?
‘Breaker nine, breaker nine’
He pushed the button and responded.
‘This is breaker nine, has the suspect been spotted?’
‘This is Alpha team, plot a course from Mulberry lane to Huntington’s on 4th.’
‘Alpha team I read you.’
Surely they had him now, surely this was the spot, they had been countless days trying to catch this guy, the map was incomprehensible, but he seemed to have an indefinite supply of them.  They were covered with plotted courses and with ways to catch the guy.
‘Calling all cars, this is Breaker nine, we have the suspect, that is target one, heading from sector 2 into sector 3 through Mulberry Lane,’
He had them damn well trained; they were a really good squad, quick to respond. They had been handpicked by the chief, for this operation, operation Zeus, so called because this guy was a God in the criminal world. But they had him now; it would soon be all over.
‘Have you spotted him?’ he radioed in to the snipers on the roof. Still using terms like radioing! When they had first started they were using radios. But now it was all Bluetooth and GPS, the only problem was the area was too busy with flights to institute a no fly zone, besides that would take hours to put through and this guy would be caught soon.
‘Eagles respond,’ he commanded, ‘Have you visual on the target?’
The line was dead. It was nothing and then suddenly a voice from the other end.
‘Breaker nine, we had visual, but the suspect has taken a vehicle,’
Damn, he thought, he would have to think fast, this guy could make it to the bridge, he could make out of town if he let him.
But he wasn’t going to do that, not if he could help it anyway. He would have to take some forces away from the foot patrol.
‘Reds and Greens to your cars, everyone else proceed on foot,’
They had to catch him, not kill him, he was no use to anyone dead. Sure there would be one less scumbag peddling dope to kids and running illegal brothels, but if they brought him in, then they could get a lot of information out of him. This guy wasn’t from a tough background, he was more someone who fell into the business.
‘Probably never been in a fight in his life’ He muttered.
‘What was that sir?’
He realised he was still on an open channel.
‘Nothing’ he muttered as he plotted out the course of the troops, damn GPS was no good here in the middle of a crowded city.
Besides this guy would be caught very soon.
 ‘Breaker 9, suspect is heading for Oakland bridge,’
Excellent, the officer thought, he is falling right into the trap.
He could feel him moving towards the end of the road, seeing the water, all that stood between that scum sucker and freedom was that bridge and 100 of the Police departments finest. Then there more news from the com system.
‘Sir it turns out that was a decoy, the suspect is back at 4th and main,’
That’s right where he started the officer thought. But no matter, it would be over soon. This guy was going away for a long long time.
‘Okay men, move the forces to make a parameter around the main street, Eagles get into positions,’
He waited a while and surveyed the room, this guy was leading them on a cat and mouse game, but they were sure to win, there were only so many places he could go; only so many places that he could be hiding.
If needs be they would call in the National Guard, the army, but they would find this guy.
‘Has the parameter been established?’ He asked.
‘Yes sir, but it seems that the suspect has moved, he is on foot and has two men with him, they may be used as decoys and may also be armed’
 ‘Which way is he heading?’ The officer yelled ‘Give me eyes dammit!’
The monitor in front of him now showed a live feed of the street, he could see the three men making their way from behind cars, firing off shots into the distance, at windows and lights, obscuring where they were going.
‘Okay keep on him,’ he switched to the helipad control room.
‘Tom, where is that damn chopper?’ He asked.
‘We’re workin’ on it’ Tom drawled back.
Useless engineers, no good for nothing the officer thought and then he calmed himself. There was no point in getting frustrated, this would all be over soon, dawn was only a little bit away. Soon there would be daylight and then this would be easier than shooting fish in a barrel
Of course he hoped it wouldn’t come to shooting.
‘Alpha team, how is it lookin?’ He asked as the visuals showed the men running through the streets. They seemed to be flowing nothing at all, but they were running, determined to catch their man.
 ‘Good boss he seems to be heading for some alleyways’
Just then there was a break to the routine as two men passed the door to the room, they looked in at him, one was stoic, looking at him with no regard, the other seemed sad, then they moved on.
‘This is Alpha team, plot a course from Mulberry lane to Huntington’s on 4th.’
Out of ear shot of the officer the two men spoke.
‘That is Sisyphus,’ the stoic man said, ‘Put here as a punishment for his trickery.’

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