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Eve of 2012 my friend asked me to write something bout New Year's Eve....

Submitted: January 02, 2014

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Submitted: January 02, 2014



It's like you just silently creep and I'm there on my tip toes
Eve hits me quick, then im tripping on some home grown

This new high's got me wishing
Same time, different mission
New life, I wanna live it
Like before I might mean it
If you stay then I'll be driven
If we both remain the same I'll be stuck in this religion

The day's "trend", cos everyones gonna be tweeting about you
The last chime and we'll all start believing in you

And then I'll love you how you 'shut it down'
And how you force me to enjoy just the here and the now

Of when you hype up the hyper 
And make their words seem true, couple weeks forget either 
Or awaken those with desires 
And from their burnt out shells fuel and untamed fire 

You'll propose the same plan as before 
With that concept of hope with our greed so demure 
I'll be a success and I'll run with chance 
Clear out the inept and take care of my heart 
With a new found joy I'm running back to the start 

Back to where we started, 
With a nervous me feeling like I've done an average
And you'll set me higher limits, so I don't become stagnant
Before the new year creeps up on me again

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