The Ladybug Charm

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  It was spring in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Laya was overjoyed. Even though it was really never winter there, Laya always loved when the seasons changed. It was May, and 80 degrees (Faranhiet). She walked outside and breathed deeply.

I just love the spring. She thought to herself. Laya walked to the beach and found her friend, Hana building a sandcastle. Laya ran over.

" Aloha," Hana said happily, Keeping a close eye on her little brother, Hoku.

"Aloha," Laya replied,"What are you doing, Hana?"

" Building a sandcastle for Maleia's mermaid, Kaya." She said back," Want to help?"

"Sure," Laya said, sitting down. Maleia was Hana's 4-year-old sister, and Hoku was her 4-year-old brother.

Hana's birthday was in 3 days, and she was going to have a luau for it.

" 11 years old, huh?" Laya asked,"We'll finally be the same age again!"

Laya was 2 months older than Hana, so she turned 11 a while ago. Laya turned towards the flowery path leading to the beach. She saw somebody running to her. It was Kailani, her other friend. Following close behind was Akoni, her 7-year-old brother. Hana and Laya jumped up and ran to her.

"Are you coming to my luau on Saturday?" Hana asked excitedly.

" Wouldn't miss it for the world!" Kailani exclaimed," I already have your gift!"

" Me too!" Laya laughed. The ladybug charm for Hana's bracelet.

" Oh, you 2 are the best friends EVER!" Hana squealed with delight.

" HEY!" Laya's older sister, Makana yelled from the path,"Laya, get your butt over here, NOW!"

" Why?" Laya yelled back,"Does Mom need me?"

" No, but I do. I'll smack those freckles off your face if you don't get over here now!"Makana screamed.Laya bid her friends goodbye and walked up the path.

"Well?" Laya said,"What do you need?"

" I want to go on a date with Hinano tonight, So you are watching Makalohi." She replied.

"Does Mom know?" Laya asked.

"No. So if you want to keep your freckles and keep your eyes workable, I suggest you deal with it and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!" Makana whispered harshly. Then she ran away with her long, dark brown hair streaming behind her.

Why did she make me walk all the way home? Well, I can't go back now, by the time I get there, they'll be gone. So she entered the house to find her pregnant mother standing there.

" Sweetie, where is Makana?" Her mother asked.

Oh no, Makana is gonna kill me if I tell! What should I do?!? She panicked in her head. She finally decided to just tell her mom. 

" Mom, Makana said that she was gonna beat me up if I told you!!" Laya said, tears in her eyes," But she...... she... she went on a date with Hinano. She told me to watch Makalohi for her."

"Oh, Laya. Don't worry. She'll be grounded, so she won't be able to hurt you." Mom said, hugging Laya," But you did the right thing and told me. So I am very proud."

Laya ate dinner and watched Makalohi and drifted off to sleep.


Submitted: April 18, 2012

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