Winter Snowfalls

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This story is about a girl named sierra and her older sister Madison her younger sister Emma and her younger brother Alex. its a story for fun!

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Winter Snowfalls

by: Malally



The wind and cold from outside seemed to seep through Sierra Brown's  window. The phone rang, and  a message from school came from the answering machine.

''Hello, this is the Golden Springs School District and we are calling all families to alert you that there will be no school today. Have a great day!"

Sierra's mom crept into her room to turn her alarm clock off.


It was 9:00  in the morning when Sierra finally woke up. Her sister Emma ( who was 8 years old) and her sister Madison ( who was 16 years old) had already gotten up. She got out of bed and walked downstairs.

'' Hi sweetie,'' Her mother said happily," did you sleep good?"

"Yeah," she replied. Sierra got up out of her chair and made some waffles.  She saw Madison come downstairs, and before she knew it, her waffles had been swiped out from in front of her. Madison had taken them.

'' Thanks, Pea brain!'' Madison teased,'' I love waffles!"

''Yeah, your welcome." Sierra said angrily and went to make more waffles.


This is how it usually was, Madison just took her stuff. She had even taken her Pacifier when Sierra was a baby and hid it. Sierra didn't dare take her baby brother Alex's  pacifier because Sierra was 11 and she would get in big, big trouble.

'' So Mom,'' Madison said in a sickly sweet voice,'' Karina wants to know if I could go to the movies with her tonight.''

" Sorry Madison, but you can't  because  Sierra and Emma have a gymnastic performance and you have to come."



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