Hatred By R. V. Lawrence aka Malaxter

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Another immortal beast story. This one contains Lynx and tells you about the incident that led to the rebellion.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Lynx was the oldest of all the immortal beasts. She considered herself to be more important than anybody, and she loathed her underlings, except her children, the lynxes, of course. She loathed man in particular and considered them property and perverse entertainment.

One day a human man laid eyes on Lynx and fell in love with her almost instantly. The man found himself unable to get his Overlord out of his mind. When he ate, worked, and even slept, the thought of Lynx lingered with him.

The man was unable to stay silent any more. One afternoon he told his boss, “I am in love with Lynx. Do you think she could ever possibly love me back?”

“Do not go thinking like that lad,” His boss advised. “There will never be love between the two of you.”

“And why not?” the man demanded.

“It’s called Overlord for a reason son,” the boss said as if it explained everything.


“Must I spell it out,” the employer asked. “Those who are above look down on those below.”

“Look down?” The man asked stupidly.

“Hatred,” the boss said. “Ask any three passerby and they will all tell you the same thing. Lynx can never love you. Hate will always be stronger while nobody is equal.”

“Some of us are equal,” the man argued.

“Ah… but we ain’t alls equal is we?” his boss countered.

“I will prove to you that hate is not stronger than love,” the man promised.


“I will do what you suggested,” the man told his boss. “When the three of them say otherwise, you will be proven wrong.”

“Very well,” the boss laughed. “Give it a try.”

“I will!”

The man went to drink at the tavern that night. To his surprise, a young maiden approached him. “Buy me a drink?” she asked innocently.

“Certainly,” the man said with a genuine smile. He may love Lynx, but he still had his needs. “Bar wench! Get the lady whatever she likes.”

“Right away,” the bar wench said.

The young maiden giggled. “My hero.”

The two of them drank and talked for many hours. “I should retire,” the man said, a hint of regret in his voice.

“Walk me home?” the girl asked.

“Certainly,” the man said with another smile.

They walked together for several miles, chatting all the way. After a while, the man noticed that they had reached the rich section of town. “This is my place,” the maiden said, indicating the largest house around.

“Nice place to stay,” the man noted.

“Not really,” the young lady said. “My mum and da’ are gone for the night. To be honest, I’m a little scared of being alone in this big place.”

“I am sorry milady. How might I aid thee?”

“Would you stay the night?” she asked in response. “Could you? Please?”

“Aye. If that is what you want,” the man replied.

“Desperately,” she said in a suddenly husky voice.

Later that night, the man found himself in the maiden’s bed. Despite his love for Lynx, he could not resist the requests of this young maiden. Soon, he and the maiden were making sweet love. However, things did not stay sweet for very long.

In the middle of the act of lovemaking, the woman drew a dagger and attempted to stab the man in the chest. The man was distracted, but not enough to allow himself to perish. He grabbed her wrists in his hands and demanded, “Why do you do this?”

“Because I must,” the young woman said with tears running freely from her eyes.


“Lynx heard that you love her. She commanded your death,” she told the man.

“Why?” the man repeated.

“Some of us can only hate,” she told him.

“That is not true,” the man insisted.

“Goodbye,” the young woman said as she broke free of the man’s grasp and slashed at him.

The man grabbed her wrist, reversed the slash, and drove the dagger into the girl’s throat. “Goodbye he said to the corpse of his lover. Then, he began to clean the mess.

Just as he finished cleaning, Lynx walked in. “No!” Lynx roared. “That thing was my favorite pet.”

“Damn you,” the man cursed Lynx.

“Damn me? No! Damn you!” Lynx exclaimed and pounced on the man.

The man grabbed the knife he had used to slay the maiden. He used all his strength to drive it into the hilt in Lynx’s ribs. “No,” the man said. “I damn you with my hate.”

Lynx used the last of her strength to spit in the man’s face and say, “You will pay for this you bag of scum. My siblings will see to it. I hope you live a life of fear, always looking for panther, wolf, or bear behind your back.” Then she died.

The next day the man went to work. His boss asked, “Did you do what we talked about?”

“You were right,” the man said. “Love will never be stronger than hate.”

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