Wizard Wars

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I wrote this for a competition. I hope you all like wizard poems.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



There were once two orders of wizards

The good, the Circle of Daylight

They could survive through droughts and blizzards

The dark, the Circle of Twilight


The good were fighting the bad mages

And the battle was finally ending

It was the was war of the ages

And the good men with the message went sending


But a new dark power arose

Necromancers, the Circle of Midnight

And with their powers the dead rose

In the middle of day and dead of night


Evil was spreading like a plague

The Circle of Midnight took root

Thanks to the ally, a wizard named Craig

And his very large stash of loot


But the wizards chose to remain blind

Most of them would not see reason

They’d not see the new evil in their kind

For they desired a peaceful season


Then the dark sorcerers turned to sacrifice

On a table the maiden fair with flaxen hair was lain

Humans to necromancers naught but mice

Was not once but three times slain


The necromancers defiled the dead

In ways that were most obscene

They took the girls’ bodies to their bed

And played out the twisted scene


Then they enabled step two

With axes they removed the heads

And then to follow the plan through

They sent the pieces to their friends


The family and friends were horrified

To receive the dead ones so

And to see how painfully they had died

And then been half eaten by some crow


It was then that step three began

Just for some twisted thrills

These girls were allowed to live again

But only with a great many kills


They began by eating their mothers

And then all of the misters

Then they devoured their brothers

And then finished with their sisters


It was then that the wizards saw truth

And it was then that they chose to act

They required no further proof

To honor and serve their binding pact


The Circle of Daylight began the hunt

And soon found the killer

An undead girl once called Lunt

One said, “Killing her was a thriller!”


It was then they slew another

One with eyes of the darkest blue

She the necromancers did smother

The young lass once known as Prue


Finally they found the third victim

And soon made fish bait of her

She was Freeza from Sikdom

And death was her only cure


Then word of this reached the dark circle

It was then that they knew

They turned to their mighty leader, Myrkul

And they asked him, “What do we do?”


Myrkul devised a plan

One particularly good and wicked

Then he chose a loyal man

He gave his instructions to the wizard Micked


Meanwhile the mages weren’t docile

They were making plans of their own

They were becoming quite hostile

But to the necromancers this was unknown


Both sides set their plans into motion

And they all set out at one

Both sides made quite a commotion

As they made for the Mountains of Munce


The wizards serving light got aid

From their wild kinsmen, the druids

For them magical bottles were made

Which contained explosive fluids


The Circle of Midnight used their dark arts

To summon deadly spirits called reapers

And bodies were brought up by the carts

To create creatures known as creapers

Both armies marched by day

And both sides travelled at night

In truth I must say

The sight could cause quite a fright


It was on the sixth dawn that they met

It was on that day that rose a red sun

Into motion the hands of time were set

And would not rest until the battle was done


It was then that the two armies clashed

Screams of pain could be heard all around

But both sides fought on, unabashed

Even though death hid in every sound


Both sides hit, kicked, and screamed

And many a wizard shouted spells

Neither side was winning it seemed

Though many had been sent to different hells


Finally the last necromancer dropped

The last evil wizard was dead

And with his death the fighting stopped

Seeing the land, he dropped his head


The sole survivor was in a graveyard of cadavers

The last wizard apprentice, whose name was Mavvers

© Copyright 2019 Malaxter. All rights reserved.

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