I Am Above You

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this is just some lyrics i wrote for a new song for my up coming black metal band (no name yet) hope you all like it.

Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011



You've fallen below my ideals, as have many others. I despise you and all those like you. sometimes i even despise myself. but i am nothing like you. you ask me questions and demand answers, to things you could never understand. you stubborn pest. you can't command me, i am above you.

all of you so filled with hope, you're only fooling yourselves. only despair is real, even though you try to ignore it. living each day, hoping for something. this is what gets you through life. what gets me through this so called life, is that feeling of emptyness, nothingness, isolation and desolation. I am in love with it. and i live for it.

dark and twisted, is my state of mind, but nothing in this world is perfect. not even me. I hate this place, but i love it at the same time. only because it grants me this wonderful feeling of melancholy, of loneliness, of solitude.

I want to find at least one, one who is like me. one with my state of mind and consciousness, and one who is aware of their existance. to share this wonderful feeling with. this feeling, of melancholy.

I am obsessed with it. i am driven insane by it, and i love it. it has rotted my mind. I feel nothing for anyone, i am above you.

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