The Chimera

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of Ghosts

Sequel to 'The Black Marshal'. Luccin of the Raven Brotherhood has now parted from his leader, Tarlon, who is now presumed dead. Following the death of The Black Marshal a manhunt for Yuri ensues, who remains concealed. The emergence of a force known as 'The Chimera Legion' will see Krahzonia go into a state of shambles. Covert activity from a mysterious group of monks will see the scales of power tip tremendously and in the midst of this; Luccin, Linys, Sarivas and Jeran find themselves engulfed in endless predicaments.

Table of Contents


. PRELUDE         The monastery was a bleak place, truth be told. The sooner Sariva... Read Chapter

The Irrational

CHAPTER I Luccin The Fableglass School of Alchemy     Luccin's eyelids were on the verge of shutting. ... Read Chapter

The Cold-Blooded

CHAPTER II Jeran Krahzonia, Backstreets of Dorelstone Province     He crept ever so silently, the low-... Read Chapter

The Unwavering

CHAPTER III Luccin Fableglass School of Alchemy   The news was beyond unsettling to many, Luccin scanned the hall an... Read Chapter