Waiting for the Light

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A soldier goes through "hurry up and wait" while trying to serve his country.

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012




Waiting for the Light

I wait to leave

to sign away my life.

Time is the only thing that stands between me and

my beginning.


I wait to swear

To protect all that I stand for.

Country, unit, Corp and family.

“So help me God” are my last words free words spoken.


I wait to Deploy, engage and destroy

Those that threaten the gifts that have been earned-never given

by my Ancestors in Arms.

Earned with sacrifice, blood, tears, life.


I wait in my foxhole, in the heat and sand

For the bombs to land closer, The gunfire to fly in our direction.

For orders to fight back, against those that threaten our way of life.

For those that protest against all we do.


I  wait for the pain.

I could feel where it was, but it didn’t hurt

I saw him, human like me.

I never heard him fire.


I wait for the medic.

All I hear is the cry for the corp man.

All I feel are the hands that pull me away from destruction, the blood running from my side.

Life stands between me and my end.


I wait for the light.

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