You Can Call Me The Devil

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A sarcastic poem I wrote when I was much younger displaying my feelings for this world we live in.

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011



Yeah I said it,

You can call me the Devil,

You might as well,

I feel like I've been livin in hell,

Followin the path of a rebel.

Or you can call me David,

'Cause I can knock down giants with a pebble,

If that's what I need to do to bring 'em to my level.

You see, my brain became crazed around the age of eleven,

When I quit believeing in God, Satan, Hell or Heaven.

I realized how stupid it sounded and everything became clear,

I don't wanna go anywhere when I die, I wanna stay right here,

On this heavenly earth,

Where we do nothing but kill each other, do drugs and give birth.

A world full of fools...

Men raping children and kids growing up to shoot up schools.

I love it,

Call me sick but I wanna hug it.

It's lovely, beautiful,

Natural yet spiritual.

Yes, it's official,

It's the perfect place,

Atleast for those with missles,

I mean the human race.

Destroy yourselves, make the world more pure.

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