Cherr's Life

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Hey!! Cherry's Life is about a go-go dancer named Cherry whose friend was killed. It's really good......i don't want to give it enjoy!! Please tell me what u think of the story.

Submitted: April 28, 2008

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Submitted: April 28, 2008



Cherry Heart headed towards the club’s stage. She was a five foot four go-go dancer. She had teasing full red lips. She had dark wavy hair that was full and luscious. She had icy blue eyes that pierced the audience when she looked at them. She had muscular legs and arms and a flat tummy. She slowly began to rock back and forth. “Oh great,” she thought, “That old horny rich guy is center stage again.” She loathed having to dance for an old fruit cake like him. He came in to watch her shake her tiny little butt and to watch her do her thirtieth useless talent….Go-go dancing. It was the only thing that could bring her completely to tears in front of everyone she hated. She hated the people in her audience. Those old losers that snuck out of their houses after their decrepit wives had fallen asleep. Or the young kids that probably snuck in the back way. But most of all she hated the drunken assholes that came in and expected all the girls to shag him after they were done on stage. They were always the attractive guys that girls sit on street corners and think, “I wonder why a hottie like that is single?” “Well ladies,” thought Cherry, “I can tell you why. They are those jerks who get drunk every night, and if they are too sober, well that’s when the problems begin. You see, they are the guys who are jerks when they are sober and jerks when they are drunk. In fact the only time they weren’t complete and total asses is when they are asleep.”
Cherry began to dance to the familiar Planet Terror music that the creator of the club she worked for loved so much. She was always told that she could have been someone great if she had tried. “Well this is about as great as I have ever been.” she thought.  It wasn’t exactly true and she knew it. Maybe that’s why after she danced, and on a very rare occasion, when she danced she cried her little blue eyes out. It was always a known fact that she was one of the most beautiful girls ever to live in her small town in Oklahoma. In fact it could be argued that she was one of the sexiest women ever to dance in the entire south. But of course, there is a reason why dance clubs like this one are next to a bar. 
As she was shaking her hair, turning around and then dancing towards her pole, she began to tear up, again. Her friend had just been brutally murdered and she wanted answers she knew she would never get. She wanted to know why on earth Destiny had ever gone to that crazy boyfriend’s house. She knew why he had killed her. Destiny, no matter what anyone said, was not a whore. She didn’t want to sleep with that jerk and he strangled her to death, and then took what he had wanted so badly he had killed her for it. It made Cherry sick, and she wanted to do some pretty serious damage to that jerks face and all his other “precious” parts. She hadn’t been allowed to do any of those things and she was currently being charged with battery, she hit his whore of a mother when she dared to show her wrinkled chubby face at Destiny’s funeral. Like she cared, she would pay a fine and be given a higher dose of Lithium. All the wrath she felt came from knowing that there was nothing she could have done to save Destiny. Oh well…like any of it mattered anymore. She worked a crappy job as a go-go dancer and she was never happy. “Why should I be happy? My job sucks and a bunch of middle aged alcoholics stare at my ass all day.” she thought when she came down from the pole and began to swing her hips and hands in time with the music. She loved moving her body like that. It always made her feel extremely free. The shitty pay and creeps was not very good benefits and she threatened to quit her job at least four times a week. Of course she was the clubs jewel, so she could never quit. Not only would all of her friends be put on the streets, but she would no longer have a source of income. As shitty as it was, she needed it to survive. “What would I do without my $500 a week? I wouldn’t be able to pay rent.” It was these agonizingly true statements that made her feel even more miserable. The song ended and she stroked her famous ending pose. Hands above the head, back arched and one foot up. The small, drunk crowd cheered lazily and then waited for the next song to start. Cherry looked over to the other dancers that were on stage. “They’re all hopeless losers. Not one of them is ever going to get out of this place. Not alive, at least. Everyone knows what happens to dancers after a while,” she thought to herself angrily. She rehashed in her mind the last girl who thought she was getting out. She was found beaten to death in her apartment by a guy who tried to rape her. The girls who “got out” weren’t protected anymore from the creeps who would otherwise own most of the girls at the club. There was no way to escape and that frightened Cherry just as much as it infuriated her. “I was going places. I would have been one of those women who would be writing about the horrors of places like these, not living them. Oh well, nothing is going to change the fact that rent is due and I don’t have it. Nothing is going to change the fact that I have a shitty job, live in a crappy apartment, and I can barely pay for food,” she muttered to herself. There was only a couple hours left till she could go back to her house. But of course home wasn’t really home anymore, was it? She couldn’t think of the last time she had gotten home and the shit hadn’t really hit the fan. “Cherry, get a hold of yourself! You only have to finish a few more songs and then you can leave and go to sleep.” She pondered the probability of her actually getting a good night’s sleep and then decided to take a lot of NyQuil before she went to sleep. As she swung her hair she saw the man in the first row spill his whiskey and soda water. It was dark amber with the strength of the whiskey. She knew that this wasn’t his first, explaining why he spilled it in the first place. He often left money at the counter for her. It was odd. He left $50 or $60 a week and just left. In fact, Cherry couldn’t remember the last meal she had eaten without his money paying for some of it. “Cherry, you’ve been so rude,” she thought, “This man has paid for half of the food that goes in your stomach and you haven’t even thanked him!” It was a known fact that not only was he a drunk, he was a married drunk. The girls had a name for people like him. Sexually inept. When the song finally ended and Cherry had swung down from the top of her pole, she rushed off the stage.
“Stew, god damn it! I can’t dance anymore! I’m too tired and I’m feeling woozy! Maybe it’s because I don’t get paid enough to buy food! I should quit!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. Stew gave her one of those looks that said “Try me.” Those were the looks that made Cherry even more pissed. “Don’t give me that look, Stew! I can’t do this… I need to eat! No one likes a pissy dancer,” she said hoping that his inner business man would make it past his manhood.
“Fine. Get some food and a good nights rest and then get back here tomorrow. I’m not letting you get away with this shit tomorrow. Do you understand me?” he said like he was talking to a three year old. Cherry bit her tongue and changed into her tube top and leather mini skirt. She then zipped up her boots and bolted out of the building faster than lightning. She made a right turn and ran into her crappy VW. She unlocked the door and started the fussy engine. She slammed on the gas and left as quickly as she could. She really was feeling woozy and she needed to eat. She hadn’t eaten in two days. It was starting to get to her, again. She made a quick left at the light and went straight for about a mile. She looked for a place to eat that would be cheap. She saw a McDonald’s. “Well it’s not fillet minion but it’s definitely cheap,” she said aloud to herself. She fiddled with the radio dial and found a hip-hop station that she could listen to. She loved singing along with songs, as long as no one else heard her. She decided to pull into the McDonald’s and see what they had. “Not much, probably some shitty burgers and some stale fries,” she decided. She made a hard left turn into the parking lot and stopped at the menu. She ordered a diet coke, a Big Mac, and some fries. She pulled up at the window to get her food and realized this was one of those places. The lady at the window eyed her up and down like she was supposed to be in the dumpster at the back of the building. “Is there a problem, miss?” Cherry asked as politely as she could. “Yes actually there is, you see, no shirt and no clothes, well no service,” she said. “Oh, really? Well what’s this? Huh? What do you think I wear this for my health? These are clothes and I think I’m wearing them so give me the food I paid for,” she said. “Um, well we don’t serve whores either. You know there’s a whole building down the road for people like you,” the girl behind the counter exclaimed. She was a pizza faced, frizzy hair teenager. “Oh, really? Well I work there and if you don’t have anything else to say, I have something to say. First, some Proactiv will clear that face right up. Second, if you use shampoo when you take a shower your hair won’t look so shitty. Oh, and while you’re trying to fix your little teenaged ego, get my food,” Cherry said. She put her sweetest smile on her face and after about five minutes of just sitting there she finally got her food. “Oh and if you ever need a job, don’t worry, the club hires ugly dancers too!” Cherry yelled as she drove away. “That was more of an experience that it really needed to be. I know I don’t exactly dress like a nun but, come on, if you work at a fast food place just give me my food!” Cherry thought. She kept driving through the brightly lit streets and saw the big homes with happy families inside it pass by her. 
“You would be so surprised,” Cherry thought, “The rich and poor parts of this town look like two different worlds.” She came around a corner and you could see the cracked windows and one bedroom shacks that dotted the area. There was metal piled everywhere. You could see young couples starting to come back from their dates, and all the dealers who tried to trap people like Cherry. “Been there, done that!” Cherry thought as she passed one of the younger dealers on the street selling to a girl she worked with. She slowly pulled up to the apartment complexes where she lived. She used her key to get her through the front doors and then quickly climbed the stairs two at a time. She turned left when she got to the top of the stairs and unlocked her door fast. As soon as she was inside her apartment she locked and bolted the doors. She sat down her food and her purse and went to make sure no one had broken in again. Nothing seemed to be missing, she didn’t have much to steal anyway, but the picture frame with Destiny’s picture was grafitied on. “Damn kids,” she thought, “Why can’t they respect the dead?” Cherry’s house was often hit by the brats of her neighborhood because her locks were easy to pick and she was the person with the least shit any way. She walked into her kitchen and sat down at her table. It was a plastic folding table and her chairs were neon blue lawn chairs. She remembered that Destiny used to say that the place was so classy it looked shitty. Cherry began to cry at the memory of Destiny. She had been so alive; it was hard to believe she was really gone. Destiny hadn’t taken shit from anyone and Cherry didn’t either. “We are so twins separated at birth!” Destiny had always said. Cherry tried to get Destiny to be a stand up comedian, but she was killed two days before her first show. “Stop doing this to yourself! It’s not your fault! There was nothing you could have done to stop any of this!” Cherry yelled in her mind. 
After half an hour of just staring at her food, Cherry drank the diet coke and ate the fries. She threw the rest in a Ziploc bag and saved it for if she got hungry later. “I need a shower and some freaking sleep!” Cherry said. She walked into her bathroom and started the hot water for a shower. Her bathroom was supposedly a full bathroom, but it was the size of a half bathroom. She didn’t care though because that’s all she could afford. “When I get a degree I’ll move into a nice apartment that has a real bathroom. Yeah, and I’ll go to the moon too!” Cherry thought. Her bedroom was big enough to fit her grandma’s old king sized bed, but it left about two feet of room on each side of the bed for her to move around in her room. She had to keep her dresser full of clothes in the living room next to her thirteen inch screen television. Her living room had a couch and a television, and of course her dresser, along with an old Nintendo that she liked to play sometimes when there was nothing else on TV. 
Cherry saw that steam was beginning to pour out of the bathroom so she went in and turned down the water. She took of her clothes and jumped into the shower. The hot water began to unknot her back and shoulder muscles. This was Cherry’s version of a sauna and a massage. It was the only thing that kept her from losing it half the time. When she was done with her shower she grabbed a green fuzzy towel from the rack and wiped off the mirror. Her pale skin seemed dull and her hair looked limp. “I need something to change. I can’t let myself go just because of what’s happened. It was a month ago now and I think that I owe it to myself and Destiny to move on with my life,” Cherry said to the mirror. She always gave herself pep talks and usually they worked, but not this time. She felt like the world was closing in on her. “I want out…my life and my job suck! I can’t shake my ass for perverts for the rest of my life. I won’t! I can’t believe I thought I could live without Destiny here!” Cherry shouted. She grabbed the metal hand mirror and threw it against her mirror. The mirror smashed in to pieces and went everywhere. “What a god damn shame,” she said as she left to go take her nightly meds. That night she swallowed a whole bottle of Lithium and went to sleep. Cherry Heart never woke up again. 
The locals honored her death by writing this in the paper:
Local go-go dancer, Cherry Heart, committed suicide by taking an entire bottle of Lithium last Tuesday. The dancer was a very unhappy girl. She was known to cry while dancing on stage. Fellow dancer Brandy had this to say about the tragedy: “We all knew it was a matter of time before she knocked her self off. She was always unhappy even though people left her money all the time. I think she killed herself ‘cause she was ungrateful. Of course, I would kill myself too if I was that ugly!” Well, Cherry was anything but ugly. She was the jewel of the Happy Times Go-Go men’s club. We know she will be missed.

What a lovely way to be remembered, right?

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