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This is a short story about a nymphomaniac and her lust for revenge.

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



She loved giving head. Right from the time she was 14 when she was forced to take it in. Inch by inch it was stuffed down her young throat.She remembered how she would almost die only to be revived again, spit dripping from her lip. That was the first time.
The second and third weren't very different. After it ended she felt a strange sensation as if she could control a human being. She could make them whine in pleasure or cry in pain. As time passed it got easier and she learned some spiffy new tricks.  How to creatively roll your tongue around the head, cup the balls, lick the underside of the shaft. She made men go wild with excitement and anticipation. In her day job she was a clerk at Walmart assisting people with their purchases. But at night she would be on the hunt for fresh cock.  She had an addiction. One that she couldn't pull away from.  Beautiful, blonde with lips that could bring a dead man to life, that was Veronica and right now she was giving head to a handsome tourist from Belize.  She didn't even know where that was. She met him in a local club where he began talking in his foreign accent about how much he loves to travel and meet people, the blah stuff.  All she was interested in was his stuff.  As it was usually in situations like this her pulse was racing, the anticipation of the hunt. Waiting to anoint her mouth with a fresh piece of meat. Soon enough they were both at her place and as if in character her lips were on his cock. Slowly stroking the shaft, watching it grow. She felt the head slightly tilting to the left waiting to be sucked off. She heard the moans of the boy from Belize. "Are you ready", she asked. "Oh god please" replied the kid. She promptly cupped her lips over his shaft slowly running the length of it with her mouth. She sucked his pre cum and cupped his balls while increasing the speed of her movements. She felt something inside her throat. The boy had cum, already. She looked up at him mouth full of cum and said, "Didn't know you folks from Belize came so fast". The boy looked satisfied and was snoring soundly. She got up and swallowed the cum. She hated not being able to perform her full ritual on dick. This boy had cum so fast she could swear just her touch made him ejaculate. She opened the drawer on her bedside table and removed a pair of handcuffs. She ran her fingers on the cold steel and it sent shivers down her spine. It was time for the final part of the ritual. Unfortunately it had come too soon. She looked at the sleeping boy lost in his dreams. The boy who had come to America to explore the world. One day she decided that she would explore the world too. She handcuffed him to the bed and then bent over and stroked his penis, no response. She looked under her bed and drew out her set of tools.


The next morning she awoke when the first rays of the sun hit her face.  The boy was still asleep at her side. She got up and made her way down to the kitchen. Her fridge was shining in the sunlight all white and pristine. She opened it and looked at her treasures. They were all there neatly displayed in glass cases. The boy from Belize was there, his manhood fresher than the rest. Her uncle was also there. The same uncle who unknowingly fed her lust for cock. He was placed in a makeshift altar. His dick floating in a liquid which kept it looking alive. She picked it up and remembered the day she was sexual abused by her own family member. That prize in her hand was special because unlike the rest she had grabbed it with the strength of all her teeth. She sighed and took out a pack of ready to eat sausages. It was time to go to work.

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