Independence Day 0.5 (the other side of the world/iran)

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A story in the other side of the world while U.S.A is invaded by aliens- Independence Day 0.5

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012





(The other side of the world/Iran)


News from the TV that an alien craft is hovering the major cities in the world

(news taken from the original Independence day)



Chapter I


Days before the invasion.

Capt. Alim Akbar is his name. Very smart, intelligent Iranian senior fighter pilot officer. Early in the morning he wakes up, face east, knells and pray. He kissed his beloved wife, Farah, left home with his two sons for school, he then proceed to his work at the hanger. Meet his younger brother who is also a captain, Captain Ahmad Akbar. Look at you, mother and father would be proud to see you in that prestigious uniform if they’re still alive today, he said. He looks after his only sibling all the time after the death of their parents. Being a senior pilot officer, twenty (20) apprentice pilots are on his hands, he teaches them how to maneuver the plane if encountering F-16, F-14 or F/A-18, and weakness of this American aircraft against the MIG, just like the weaknesses of M16 riffle against AK47. The weakness of power and strength is agility which this Americans don’t have, he said to his students. He is a typical Iranian Officer, a radical muslim. He further said that this Americans wanted only one thing, war. Why? Anywhere in the world where there is war there the Americans are.



Chapter II


The alarm sounded, the ground to air missiles are readied, the elite pilots lead by Capt. Alim immediately run to their MIG fighter planes and was instructed over the radio that its boarder has been breached and an unidentified plane is approaching, the plane is coming from the east, possibly an American fighter plane since independence day in the U.S is coming. The Americans might invading us or rehearsing in the area and might accidentally hold it inside the Iranian space, this should not be taken for granted, they thought. This incidents provoke Iranian Government.

Up in the air a dog fight is starting against the Americans which unknowingly have entered the Iranian boarder. The fight was exciting but dangerous, both sides show their wares and capability. Out numbered, all-American plane withdraw except one American plane which is hit and go down, but the pilot ejected before his plane explodes. The plane was hit by Capt. Alim.

The American pilot’s name is Capt. Perseus Smith. He is captured by Iranian authorities. Alim was eager to meet him, finally to meet an American talented pilot just like him. He beat him and wip him, then ask him, “what are you doing in our air space cowboy? Capt. Perseus replied that they are not aware they entered the Iranian airspace. He mock him in his prison cell. He said to Capt. Perseus that the Iranian pilots are better than them, without their machines, the Americans are nothing. Capt. Ahmed further say bad things against America and what the Americans did, and what it might do in the future.

Over days Alim visited his American prisoner of war, he value this as his trophy, bragged to his comrade that he can take an American fighter pilot any time. He ask him, where are you from cowboy? Texas, USA, Perseus replied. Ah, a cowboy indeed, Alim said. He further ask him, “captain, what makes you hold on? Perseus replied, faith my brother, faith. We are not brothers, Capt. Alim replied. Faith makes you hold on, ok, so what is faith? Capt. Persus replied,”the bible says that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. While talking with Capt. Perseus, Capt. Alim some how became smooth at him because Capt. Perseus is very calm and slow talking fellow, his intelligence admires him, his anger towards him somehow decreases.



Chapter III


Suddenly the radar alerted that an unidentified object is approaching the Iranian air space. Americans again, this Americans never learn, Alim said. But sir, this thing is huge, this might be different, said the radar man. This thing is coming from above. Ah, still Americans, we know what they can do, they said. General Hasib order to fire the ground to air missile. Several missiles are deployed. Non of these missiles hit the object. Sir, I think we missed, exclaimed the radar officer. What? How? They wondered. The elite pilots lead by Capt. Alim’s younger brother Capt. Ahmad hurriedly took off to investigate. Without the approval of his elder brother. Capt. Alim was not able to take of because his plane has problems, it needs to be fixed. He is angry and bothered by this problem.

The unidentified object was covered initially by clouds, then it suddenly appear. A Craft, fire!, the lead pilot, Capt. Ahmad exclaimed. The pilots tried to hit the object with their missiles but they cannot penetrate it. It has a shield. The pilots radioed, mayday, mayday, the enemy has shield, it is inpenetrable. Then suddenly, smaller craft same size as MIGs went out from the bigger craft, a dog fight started, planes are maneuvering from each other. The Iranian elite pilots show there agility and skill in fighting in the air, they were able to dodge from the laser fire coming from the enemy. They hit some of the alien craft but they cannot destroy it because it also has a shield. The fight did not last long, outnumbered and unable to hit, the enemy without mercy finish them all.  All the fighters that took off never returned. They all blow up in the sky. Including Capt. Ahmad.

The Iranian authorities cannot believe it, they said that the Americans have mastered in creating the shield. Capt. Alim is devastated when he heard this, his younger brother Capt. Ahmad died. They try to nuke it, but nothing happens. It is still there. Sad and very angry Capt. Ahmed go to the cell of Capt. Perseus, punch and kick him, and ask him about the craft with the shield and how to destroy it. Capt. Perseus don’t know anything about it, he said that if the Americans have that, then he would not be in his prison cell right now, his plane would have been intact. Capt. Perseus ask him what is happening out there? Looking eye to eye, Capt. Alim walk out from the cell, believed him, but was more afraid to realize this is something big and different.

Upon entering the underground secured facility with the higher ranking officials to report what he thought it would be, the defense secretary, Gen. Hasib announces to everybody that they received from their intelligence in America that this craft is not from earth, it is unidentified flying object. The cat stole the tongue of all the men filled the room. There jaw drop, they don’t believe it and claimed that this is the work of the Americans. But things changes when their agent in America feed them a video that these things also happen in America right now and American planes where downed by this craft too.

Everybody is busy, there is a commotion in the room, nobody knows what to do. Some are in their phones and some are praying, making sounds.

Capt. Alim called his wife and told her to get ready with their children and that a private soldier will fetch them and bring them to him, to a safer place.

By now, the space craft is hovering in the skies of Tehran, visible to everybody. The people are frightened and run far from it.



Chapter IV

Suddenly all the radar is showing that it is about to fail.  All communications are down. They all panicked. We just have to use our available capability, the General said.

A new report has arrived from their spy in America, the report said that this is an invasion from other kind and it is here to destroy humanity. And there is a mother ship or mother craft in the outer space that protects their smaller craft, it provides their shield. The craft cannot be penetrated unless the mother craft is destroyed.

The radar man look at the General and ask him, “what shall we do General? The General replied, call the President and in situation like this we have to do the drastic move, our last resort, we have to push the button.



Chapter V

Mr. President, Pres. Mahmoud, we have to use “the weapon”. We have to shoot the mother ship in the outer space. We don’t know the negative impact in our outer space but time is of the essence, we have to do this now, we have to do this to save not just are people but the whole world, Gen. Hasib said. There was silence for a couple of minutes. Ok go ahead, the president said. The General push the button and the counting starts. The weapon is an inter-outer space missile (IOSM), a IRI secret weapon,capable of reaching the other side of earth and capable of reaching the moon.

The IOSM is launched. All braces and hope that an impact would have. The entire control room waited, and waited, and then a sound from the speaker, “the missile did not destroyed the mother ship, the launch is a failure, the launch is a failure.” Allah saved us, were the words uttered in the secured facility.



Chapter VI


A new report has arrived from their spy situated in America, that the Americans have come to possess one of the alien fighter craft and would pilot it to the outer space, land inside the mother ship, infect a virus software to destroy their shield as well as the craft. This alien craft will be piloted by a certain Capt. Steven Hiller, a black knight, F/A-18 pilot together with Mr.David Levinson. There is silence. Nobody can say a thing.

 President Mahmoud, is already in the facility, being a politician and the President, addressed to everybody, “Today we have seen a different story of this world. Nothing like this happens in the past, we have no experience in dealing in this kind of event. This is not a war for territory or sovereignty, this is survival for humanity. This is a history in the making. This time we have to trust our then enemy, we have to trust our fellow human beings, this is the first time we have to rely our lives to others, we have to trust the Americans”.

Capt. Alim went out from the facility and go to the prison cell of Capt. Perseus, and said to him, I realized now that you are not my real enemy, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He opened the cell. Give him new clothes to wear and dine with him. He told him what just happened and bring him to the secured room with the higher ranking officials. The Iranians look at Capt. Perseus, but the look at him is different now, it is more of a question look. The General approach him and ask, tell me Captain, what will you do if you’re one of us? General Hasib ask him. Capt. Perseus replied, do the things what you do right now, to trust the enemy and wait. He further said that “we all want things to be done immediately, we are after time, but in circumstances like this, nothing will be lost in waiting, patience is a virtue, I believe that the Americans will be successful in their plan, there is no other way, if they fail, then God save us. The Iranian high ranking officers look at each other, one said, did he just said something like Allah save us? Yes I think so, replied the other officer.


Chapter VII


Capt. Alim is worried, his wife and two sons did not arrive yet. He called the private who fetch his family but there is no answer. He called his wife’s phone, but no connection. Capt. Perseus is beside him, looking at him also worried. After a while his phone rings, “hello Captain, this is private Haniyya, we’ve been attack, help..” Hello, hello, Haniyya, Alim said, but there is no answer. Worried he run outside towards his jeep to go to his family, Capt. Perseus ran with him and said can I go? Capt. Alim look at him and just nod his head.

On their way to his family, the smaller alien craft is attacking the people, there if fire everywhere from the laser of the craft. There is chaos, people are running, they don’t know what to do. The alien try to intimidate and confuse the people.

Far along the way they see the jeep of the private, upside down with the private beside it who is already dead. His family is just near hiding, he go to them. Embrace them and bring them to the other military jeep left behind. As they aboard the jeep, his family looks at Capt. Perseus with amazement, they seem to see an alien. The small crafts are still firing as they go back towards the secured facility. One alien craft is concentrating at them, it is following them, Capt. Alim drive left and right to avoid the laser fire of the craft. Capt. Perseus said, do you have a weapon here? a rocket launcher perhaps? Capt. Alim replied, under your seat there is, grab it. Capt. Perseus grab it and fired it to the alien craft, but it does not affect the craft because it has shield. Capt. Perseus think for a moment, he sees the high tension wire, he fired the pole of the wire, the pole went down and in going down hit the alien craft, the alien craft was affected by the high voltage and it crashes to the ground. They stop, both captain go after the craft but suddenly a tall alien went out of its craft without hesitation and fired at them with a laser gun, they find cover, Capt. Alim fired back, but he cannot seem to hit him, he look at Capt. Perseus hands holding the RPG, Captain Perseus said, ok. The latter then point the rocket to the craft were the alien is beside it, and fired. The craft together with the alien is destroyed, debris are all over the place, the people who saw it jump and rejoice.

The people praises Capt. Perseus, Capt. Alim look at Capt. Perseus, say nothing and just nod in approval. They then went back to the secured facility.



Chapter VIII


A message through moors code has received. It’s from the Americans, the officer in charge of the moors code said. Everybody again looking at each other with amazement. Are you sure? Not from our spy? The General ask. No, sir, I mean, yes, sir I’m 100% sure from the Americans. The message said that the Americans will attack the mother ship (which they already knew from their agent) to bring it down and possibly destroy the shield and that the Americans suggest to have a simultaneous attack if the shield is already down, the Americans will send a message again if the shield is down to start the attack. The President confer with his generals and after a while said, ok agreed, send a message that we will abide to their plan, and another thing, said the President, God be with them. The moors man uses his finger excited in sending the message. Then, a reply from the Americans, it said, and Allah be with you. President Mahmoud is speechless, he didn’t say a thing, he just hold his mouth and say nothing. The officers look at each other again, amaze, one said, this could not be happening, am I dreaming? Darn.


Chapter IX

Waiting in agony, at last a moors message has received. It reads, “dear comrades, fellow humans, it’s time for us to counter attack, the shield is down, we repeat the shield is down, attack the bigger ship, attack now. Good luck and God be with us all.”

All pilots rushed to the hanger. This time President Mahmoud stood to a higher ground where everybody can see him. He said, “my fellow Iranians, Brothers (looking at Capt. Perseus) and Sisters, I am not a pilot, I am a foot soldier, I cannot go with you in the air, but I am with you in the fight, I beg you to save the lives of our people. Some of you might not return anymore, some of you will perish, some of you will  be in the gates of heaven today, but you will never be forgotten, your name will be forever said and written in the books of Iran and the world. Today you will be immortal. Today it is not just the American Independence day, Today is all humanities Independence day!” Then the order is issued, go fly, in the name of Allah defeat the enemy. All remaining pilots hurriedly take there fighter planes, even the reserve pilots take their fighter planes. Capt. Alim and Capt. Perseus look at each other, they understand what each other meant just by looking, then the former said, captain are you familiar with the MIG? Capt. Perseus replied, I am familiar with any plane that you can name, then lets go captain, Capt. Alim said. This one’s yours, pointing to a MIG, keep it intact, eject is not an option, this is worthier than you (half smiling), the latter said. Each of them aboard their corresponding MIGs.

Up in the air, they fight side by side, they strap and hit any alien craft in their way. Without shield the alien craft go down when hit. They chase and bring the smaller craft down. Both sides suffer great casualties. Missiles are firing everywhere, left, right, above and below. The alien crafts are loosing, a lot of them go down.

A voice over the radio said, “the Americans have sent a message, they said to attack the belly of the ship, center below where it is most vulnerable. Then most hurriedly attempt to go under to hit the belly of the bigger ship, but are destroyed by the smaller alien crafts protecting it.  Captain, Captain Alim, lets go together under and hit the belly to destroy this bigger craft now, Capt. Perseus said. Ok lets go, follow me, help me clear our way, Capt. Alim said. A lot of smaller crafts are along their way, defending the belly of the ship. They were able to pass them.  At last, their almost there, this range is enough to hit the ship, fire! Captain Alim said. Both of them fired, two missiles are deployed. One missile is intercepted by the enemy, but the other hit the mother ship, they are about to rejoice, but it did not destroy it, it did not hit the center of the target, it only hit the side of it. Oh no! they exclaimed. Let’s try again, Capt. Perseus said. Capt. Alim said in a sad voice, I counted how many missiles we fired, I think you and I have no more missiles left. All radioed that their all out of missile. We failed, Allah help us…

Then Capt. Perseus ask, where is your remaining ground to air heat seeking missile located. A few miles from here, east side, why? What are you thinking? What’s your plan? Capt. Alim ask. I’ll be back, Capt. Perseus said. He proceeded to the location of the ground to air heat seeking missile. He radioed the ground control to deploy the missiles when he is within the area. This American is mad, they comment. The huge missiles are deployed, two missiles, it targeted Capt. Perseus, it is trailing Capt. Perseus’ tail, following the heat of his engine. Capt. Perseus go back and proceeded to the belly of the ship, dragging with him the two missiles. Almost at the belly of the ship, Capt, Perseus maneuver the MIG acrobatically, then he turn off his engine, the move never ever did to a MIG fighter plane before. The two missiles proceed straight directly under to the belly of the ship were it follows the heat of the ship, and then, direct hit. The ship is explodes. It went down as fast as a falling plane. All the small craft were also destroyed. All the pilots rejoice. The people in the ground watch and rejoice. Capt. Perseus plane is falling, falling. As Capt. Alim watches, eject, eject, he said. Capt. Perseus still able to reply despite in emergency situation, eject is not an option remember, he said. Capt. Alim still continues to say, eject, eject. He tries to on the engine but will never turn on, he try it again and again, then, suddenly the engine turn on. Yiha! Capt. Perseus exclaimed. You’re really a real cowboy, Capt. Alim commented.


Chapter X


At the hanger, Capt. Perseus arrive, the soldiers and other civilians are singing, jumping and rejoicing, they chant Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. They honor Capt. Perseus. They carry him and chant Perseus! Perseus! Perseus! The President, high ranking officials and Capt. Alim gladly meet him, they greet him. Capt. Alim said, your name…, it comes from the word Persia. Capt. Perseus smiled and said, your name A…, means America. They all laugh, shake hands. The people continue rejoicing. Not bad, not bad at all, brother, Capt. Alim said to Capt. Perseus. Can I Have a cigarette? Cpt. Perseus ask. No, Capt. Alim replied, prohibited in Koran… and bad for your health, hahaha. All smiled looking afar the alien ship which has crashed and still burning.




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