He Is A Survivor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

All his life Andrew Volek has been running from his responsibilities. It isn't until the end of civilization that he realizes, you cant run away your entire life.

The rain fell constantly outside as Andrew sat on some old mattress with his back to the wall. Against the wall next to him lay his rifle, an empty can of beans, and his backpack. The windows were boarded up all around him but he could still hear their clawing on the wooden boards of the house, their constant moans only slightly toned down by the thunder overhead and the rain.You could hide all you want but sooner or later these, “things”, always found you. That was one thing Andrew Volek had done most of his life, run. He ran away from responsibility, he ran away from home, it seemed like that was all his life was but now he was done running.

He had been working the grill at the burger joint he ended up at after being discharged from the military. The guy who ran the place could get on his nerves but at the end of the day it was work and thats all he cared about. Even now as he sits in this decrepit room, with the wallpaper covered in stains that could be blood, he can still smell the burgers he was cooking up that day when the outbreak started. Some screaming started and he pushed his way through the other employees to see who tripped on the wet floor this time. That wasn't what happened though, this was much worse. It was like everyone had gone nuts, they were all tearing into each other like they were animals. Next to him some nutjob was biting this girl, he grabbed him by the shirt collar and tried to pull him off. he knew when he stared into that man’s eyes that these people weren't human, not anymore.

He took off running towards his apartment, he was sure that there was at least one of those undead was behind him. He could hear its ragged breath and the growls it made. He opened the door to his apartment and barely shut it close in time. The thing outside beat on the door for a couple minutes but then got a new scent and took off. Andrew leaned against the wall of his apartment and put his face in his hands, trying to make sense of all this. There was no zombies, that was the kind of stuff you see in one of those Romero movies or video games. He saw them with his own eyes though, this was happening for real.

That night Andrew got all of his food together, his rifle, and the meager amount of ammo he possessed. To prepare for the cold weather he wore his beanie and decided on wearing his cargo pants and a jacket over his sweatshirt. Shorts would have given him faster movement but there was a higher chance of getting bit, this way he had at least some protection. He took off in the middle of the night in his pick-up and left the chaos of the city for the woods. For awhile he did pretty well in the woods. There was a good amount of food and not that many of the zombies walking around. He met some people and traded with them but never stayed for too long, he was better by himself. That all changed when he came across the five men chasing some girl through the woods.

He was held up in the same house you might have heard of in the beginning, eating some canned tuna he found there when he heard her screams from outside. He dropped the can and grabbed his rifle next to him. He had found more ammo for it and now had twenty rounds. With the butt of the rifle he smashed in the window and placed his rifle on the windowsill. He was in just enough range as to where he could hear their conversation with the girl who was now their hostage. The lead guy wore a black balaclava, on the back of his vest was some red skull like the other goons with him had. The man drew his pistol and said in an very frustrated tone,

“Listen lady, just tell me where you hid all of the food and i might not kill you. If you dont tell me then there will be troub-”

He was unable to finish his train of thought due to the .308 round from Andrew’s rifle piercing his carotid artery in his throat, killing him. His body fell face first into the ground, the snow around his head becoming red. The four other guys had no line of sight on Zach and took off running. Before they were gone though one of the braver ones yelled,

“You’ll regret this asshole, Delroy doesn’t like people killing his men! He’ll show you!”

Andrew waited for a few more seconds to make sure they didn't backtrack and then grabbed his gear and went towards where the woman sat in the snow, now stripping the man of all his valuables, including his boots. That was the way things were now, take what you could from who you could. At the sound of his footsteps she turned around quickly and almost fell over from surprise. She eyed him suspiciously and said, 

“So you’re the guy who saved me, what's your name?”

He looked towards her and the man who he just killed, and responded.

“Just call me Volek. You?”

She looked towards him, now more sociable with the knowledge that we wasnt a thug like the dead guy and said,

“Listen, these guys are dangerous and you just killed their leader Delroy’s second in command. If i was you i would get out of this place, this state if you can, now. They will hunt you and they will kill you. Think of this as payment for saving my life.”

Zach nodded in consideration and said to her,

“Sorry but i’m done running. If this Delroy guy wants me, i’m his.”

She looked at him, dumbfounded, but soon shook it off and gathered all her stuff and took off into the woods, sparing only a glance back at what she thought of as a doomed man.

That brings us to where we are now. Andrew spent the rest of that day and some of the night fortifying his house and preparing for what was to come. He cradled his rifle to his chest and thought of his family, of his friends, of all those whom he had left behind. he was not a praying man but inside he prayed that he would see them again someday. Outside he heard the rattle of gunfire and finally silence. The incessant clawing of the undead had stopped. He crawled towards a window and peaked through the cracks. There stood around twenty men, all armed. Their leader must be the guy up front with the red skull mask. after a moment or two he addressed Zach in a thick southern accent

"You killed John, he was my favorite lieutenant, do you have any last words?"

Andrew yelled in return,

"Yea, come get some!"

He pushed open the door and into the hail of gunfire, without any regrets.

Submitted: March 22, 2015

© Copyright 2020 Malvarik. All rights reserved.

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