Jack Reed: Axe Murderer

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In a world filled with zombies it's hard to stay sane.

Submitted: March 21, 2015

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Submitted: March 21, 2015



Before the infection happened Jack worked as a lumber jack in the forests of Chernarus Him and his family moved there after the birth of their firstborn Tim. For over 10 years he was a lumberjack and he loved it. His friends were great and he had a loving family that he got to see every day. There was his son Timmy (Jack called him Tim), his wife Elsa, and their daughter Elizabeth. Then one day chaos erupted. Everyone was in the woods doing their ordinary work when someone let out a high pitch scream. Jack and some others ran over to the scream and these people were eating one of their co-workers! They were fucking EATING him. Jack had only one thing on his mind; he had to get to his family. He got his ax and jumped into his pick up. Jack then drove all the way to his house in Stary Sobor. As he entered the town he could hear gunshots all around and people were being chased down by those freaks. The government was evacuating people using the choppers but still many died. He pulled into his driveway and glanced over and saw old Mr. Maybell eating hison-in-law. How could this happen??!!! H was the nicest guy the whole block! Jack then ran straight to his door and noticed something else. His door was ajar. He slowly pushed it open and then it struck something. Jack slipped through and looked down and stared in terror at what he saw. His poor wife Elsa was laying there in a pool of blood. "SHE CANT BE DEAD!!!!" he shrieked. He checked her pulse and she was indeed gone. Elsa, the girl he grew up with in Oregon and she who had spent many a night comforting him, was dead. He had to get the kids and get out of dodge. As he walked down the hallway he heard a crunching sound coming from Elizabeth's room. Slowly he opened the door and saw the most horrific thing that would scar him for his entire life.

His own Tim was EATING Elizabeth! What the fuck was going on?! "This had to be a dream" he muttered to himself frantically. He slumped down to his knees and started to cry. Tim turned around and the blood on his lips slowly hit the pink carpeted floor (Elizabeth always loved pink). He let out a growl and lunged at Jck. He couldn't kill his own son! That's when he heard the voice in his head "This isn't your son" it said. He kicked the monster back and wiped away a tear. The voice was right; it wasn't his Tim anymore. With one clean swing he lopped off his head and ended its life.” Didn’t that feel good Jack?" the voice said in a sinister tone. "Yes it did' he responded to himself. He stayed a while in his house for a little while until things calmed down and slipped out into the middle of the night. He then buried his family in the field where they loved to picnic on the weekends. After that Jack slowly became insane day by day. The more of those things he killed the more of the voice he heard. It felt good to be with the voice. The voice was his only friend in this world. Then he came across them, a group of survivors. He traded what with he and with them and decided to stay with them for a short while and that he was going to dedicate the last part of sensible mind to helping people. He soon realized that he truly was going insane when he woke up with a bloody Ax in his hand and they were all dead. "Uh oh we did something bad" the voice said in a childish tone”. ” Well now we are going to do some good" he responded confidently." Jack then buried the bodies and left. He now roams Chernarus trying to help people while his mind slowly slips away due to the horrors he has seen. Jack doesn’t know if what will happen to him when to voice takes control of him permanently but what he does know is that he will try to help those in need before it does.

Approximately two days later Jack was looking for supplies in a supermarket in Elektro. As he reached for a can of beans on a shelf he heard the click of a gun behind him. He slowly turned around and saw 2 men standing there. One was badly hurt and struggled to keep himself up. “Hey guys I don’t want any trouble” Jack said. “We don’t want any either” the man with the gun said.” G-go in the back of th-the supermarket the injured man slowly told Jack. Jack walked slowly to the back of the supermarket with his hands raised and asked them “So you guys want to tell me who you are?” The man with the gun replies “Im Alexander Winchester of the U.S.S War Machine and this is Captain John Harris of the U.S. Air force.” “Well I would say nice to meet you but with that gun to my head it isn’t very nice to see you.” Jack replies coolly. “My name is Jack Reed but you can just call me Jack” he says.” Well Jack we’re looking for someone who knows this land well so we can navigate through it without getting mauled by those fucking things.” Alex says. “Well I’m just the man for the job; I’ve spent 10 years of my life here.’ Jack responds happily. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends Jacky?” the voice asks in a sinister tone.” You won’t ruin this too you motherfucker” jack whispers to himself. “What was that Jack? John asks. “Nothing…I was just talking to myself is all” Jack replies. The group then heads to the church to look for more supplies. On the way Alex asks jack “Hey old- timer where’s your wife and kids?”. Jack stops dead in his tracks and stares blankly at the ground and lets out a small sob. He then wipes away a small tear from his rugged face and replies “They’re dead. All of them, Tim, Elsa, and Elizabeth.” ”Geez sir im sorry, I didn’t know.” Alex says with remorse. “Its all right Alex, they’re in a better place.” Jack responds. He then takes out a picture of his family and kisses it lightly then puts it back in his pocket.” Jacky lets kill em all, slash-slash-slash!” the voice yells inside his head. Jack cringes and Alex makes a move to help him. “No its okay, I just need to get some painkillers from the hospital…I have a headache.” Jack says with urgency. “Well okay dude but make it fast. These crazy motherfuckers are everywhere and we don’t have enough ammo.” Alex responds. 

Jack then heads to the hospital and breaks through the glass. He checks to make sure no one is around and quickly goes behind the counter. “So Jacky Boy when you want to kill them? I thought we could use that rusty hunting knife.” the voice says cruelly. “NO!!!” Jack yells at himself. “These people are good people, we want, I want to help them!” No jack we want to kill them. Remember how good it felt to slash those survivors to pieces?” the voice responds.” I don’t remember because that wasn’t me, YOU killed them!” That’s when Jack remembered. He remembered the slaughtering of al those innocent survivors. How he had chopped them up with no remorse. One man dove in front of a woman to save her and Jack chopped his head off then killed her too. Jack watched from the sidelines and saw how happy he looked….and how terrified they looked. He then returned back to reality and said” Oh my god…I did kill those people.” That’s when he turned around to see Captain Harris staring at him.

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