Bloom and the winx club

Bloom and the winx club Bloom and the winx club

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



the winx club want to stop the club after the death of stell. please read
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the winx club want to stop the club after the death of stell. please read

Chapter1 (v.1) - Bloom and the winx club

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the winx club want to stop the club after the death of stell. please read

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 15, 2013



A year after the death the member of the winx  club stella all the girls in the club wanted to quite the group.

this club is not a club anymore without stella said musa

yeah i agree with musa this club is not like how it use to be with stella running alround here said layla

so what you two are saying that we should come to an end of this club right? ask tecna

yes the both nodd

yeah but why are we going to do something like that? ask flora

for the frist time in one year bloom look at all her friends and speak

stella don't want that she said

but bloom why? ask musa

because she said it in this letter bloom said holding up a letter in her hend.

everyone look at it and read it. it said

To my dear team members the winx club

i'm writtingg this to you all because i know that time is running up for me so please this club that we are in please don't quite it when i'm no longer around keep it running keep saving the world as we always do i may be gone and not be fighting by yoursides again but i believe in you all that you will save this world and gain what you all want i really enjoy being a part of this club and don't forget i'm not there now but i'm still a member of the winx club stella the fairy of the sun and the moon i will be watching over you guys fighting to save the world  you girls are all my bestfriends and i wouldn't want  any of you to go through that cause of me so my last and final wish is for you guys to keep the club going on.

i love you guys with all my heart

xxxxx stelle your best friend xxxx

all the girls look at the letter tears coming out of their eyes

so i guss we keep running the club cause of stella sick said tecna drying her eyes

um yeah said musa

i want be part of this club anymore said a crying flora

yeah me to said bloom

whattttttttttttt tecna,layla and musa said at the sametime

i mean stella was my best friend  and i will do whatever it take me for her pain i mean she was a wonderful fairy with a caring heart i know that sometime she act like all she cares about is shopping and going on a date but she was still there for guys when ever we needed her ok now everyone i bag you please try your best to remember all the good things that stella have done for you that was her last wish and i want that one to come true.

musa's thinking

oh musa do you have to always have your hairstyle in bow ask stella
stella i don't care how my hair looks like said musa

what i'm just saying said stella

what that bomped yelled musa

ahhhhh musa yelled stella

who are you and what do you want from my friend yelled stella

i want let you hurt her no matter of what happen to me said stella in a pain.

\\all the winx thought about the good things about stella and bad.

now you guys got my poin right ask bloom

they all nodd

before any of them could speak there was a knock at the door

yes layla when and open the door to see six boys standing at the front

flora run to give helia a hug

they all give their boyfriends hug and kisses beside brandon

his sister flora and bloom give him a hug and a kiss

don't worry brandon we will be with you always said bloom walking to sky

yeah bro said flora kissing him more

ummmmmm said helia getting jealouse now

oh don't worry hun his just my brother i'm trying to make him happy said flora with a giggle

yeah helia all the girls and boys laugh


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