winx club the lost prince and princess

winx club the lost prince and princess winx club the lost prince and princess

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction




brandon and Flora are the lost prince and princess of the kingdom Linphea
please read and
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brandon and Flora are the lost prince and princess of the kingdom Linphea
please read and

Chapter1 (v.1) - winx club the lost prince and princess

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brandon and Flora are the lost prince and princess of the kingdom Linphea
please read and

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 09, 2013



 it was a beautiful day at Alfea and Redfountain the winx club girls,stella,bloom,flora,musa,layla and tecna were all in their dom room at alfea studying for an upcoming exam.

come on guys let go to the beach said stella

some of us have to study stella yell bloom

i have to meet Timmy for lunch said tecna

im in stella said musa

at last someone is fun reply stella

while at the boys school red fountain

yo brandon what do you say we go to the beach today umm said sky walking to his friends

im in said Nabu

count me in reply riven

me too said helia

same here said timmy

ok reply brandon

back to alfea with the winx

what wrong flora you seem so down today? ask layla

oh nothing i just don't feel alright today reply flora

ok what do you say girls come to the beach with me and stella yell musa

ok said layla

um yeah said flora

im in said tecna

now all eyes was on bloom

but we have too study said bloom

no bloom this is relaxing time not study time yelled stella

all the other girls nodded

um alright then  let go said bloom

back with the boys at the beach

what the matter bro you don't  seem happy today for some reason? ask sky

all eyes was on brother now

um oh yeah i have to tell you guys something very important said brandon

he told his friends the whole story from start to finish they were all sock from what they have just hear form their best friend.

so flora is your youngest sister? ask helia founding this voice now

yeah brandon answer

before any of them could speak the girls run up to them.

brandon yell stella

all the girls hug their boyfriends and hung out

what wrong brandon you seem down today like our friend flora here? ask stella

everyone was now looking at flora who seem down and brandon for answers.

Flora run up to brandon and hug him now the girl was shock of what was going on but the boys seem to understand what was happening

ok what going on here?yell Bloom

tears was in stella's eyes now

flora said musa

wht going said layla

will you mind to explain? ask tecna

stella was about to run but bloom run up to her and give her a hug

how could you flora yell bloom i mean stella is your friend

yeah flo why? ask musa

i thought you were better then that said layla

flora brandon is stella's boyfriend and your going after him i mean what about helia here said tecna pointing at helia.

brandon and flora was shock of what they just hear their friends said they think flora and brandon was going out or something the other boys was fine with it.

sky do something will you yell bloom

bloom no let them explain it clearly said sky

what the hell explain what yell bloom

brandon and flora pull apart to tell them after hearinbg the story stella run of crying

what all the girls yell

yes brandon is my oldest brother said flora

before anyone could speak bloom run of after stella

owow so you two are the lost prince and princess of the kingdom linphea? ask musa

and you guys need our help said layla

to save your kingdom from the war but how are we meant to do that i mean if no one can even remember the two of you are the prince and princess of the kingdom linphea? ask tecna

both brandon and flora nodd at each others and took out their lockets that was giving to them by the king and queen of linphea

this is what our parents give us when we were really young said brandon

so that something that will help us find what happen to the king and queen of linphea your parents said tecna taking the locket of both of them.

alright us we are going to help you guys no matter of what said sky

but we need bloom and stella help on this mession the most said musa

yeah cause they are both powerful fairies i mean stella is the fairy of the sun,star and the moom said layla

yeah and bloom is the oppsite of the sun she have the dragon fire with in her said tecna

so you girls need to talk to stella and bloom then reply nabu

yeah but it want be as easy said musa

yeah their both bestfriends i mean if they don't undestand this we want be able to save our kingdom said flora

don't worry girls bloom and stella will help us said brandon.

3 hours they girls when back to alfea in their dom

stella bloom where are you two we have something important to ask you said tecna

we're in here said bloom and stella at the sametime

oh good said layla

so what do you want to say to us? ask stella

frist i want to say sorry about before said flora giving stella a hug

no it alright flo i mean i understand brandon is your brother and you two need help right? ask stella

oh yeah that what we were coming to ask you guys said tecna

how did you know? ask musa

well too later sky and brother have already beaten you guys all this said bloom with a smile on her face

yeah too bad said stella laughing and hi5 bloom

soo you guys need stella and i on this mession the most hay said bloom

the other girls nodded slowly

why do you need us the most i mean not to say that we want going to help you flo we were waiting to help you no matter of what it take in my power the help the once that i love the most said stella

yeah me too reply bloom

so we hear that you need our powers the most? ask bloom

yeah said musa

we do said layla

but why? ask stella

because stella you and bloom have the powers that we need on this mession you stella is the fairy of the sun,star and the moon and bloom here is the opposite of you the dragon fire within her said tecna

hay us their is a but said flora sad

whattttttttt yelled all the girls

well one of bloom or stella must lost their life on this mession said flora

on eyes was on her now

what how? ask musa

yeah how said layla

oh yeah i know said tecna

yeah one of you two will lost your lifes on this mession said flora looking at a now confuss stella and bloom.

you mean one of us will die right? ask stella

yes said flora

but who? ask bloom

it does't matter bloom im waiting to give up my life for brandon even if i have to die i'm glad i meet all of you and happy too see the once i love the most to be happy said stella smiling.

yeah me too im waiting to help you flora if it mean for me to lost my life as well said bloom.

it been one month since the winx and the boys have left for their mession and the death of both bloom and stella one the line.

musa,flora,layla and tecna were in the kingdom of linphea save in the palce

oh man i didn't know that saving this kingdom will bring search a sadness to the winx club said musa

yeah it took both stella and bloom powers to bring back this kingdom said layla

yeah i never know we will lost both of the powerful fairies in magic said tecna

this is all thank to bloom and stella for giving up their life to save my kingdom i thank them with my heart and my life if there was a way that i could save their life i will but their isn't any ways said a said flora.

with the boys


i miss bloom so much said sky

yeah me too said a said brandon

yeah they both give up their lifes to save this kingdom and die happy with no rugrate said nabu

they were waiting to do anything for you brandon even if it take they are said timmy'

yeah they die wishing for you and flora to be happy with your lifes so don't been sad said riven


stella was waiting to do anything for you brandon it was her last wish she said before she die she said brandon i want you to think of me everyday and i want you to be happy it my  last wish and i will do anything for you if it have to take my life said helia.

yeah and bloom was waiting to do anything to make you happy as well it was the two of them last wishes for you and yor sister to be happy reply timmy

the end







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