winx srella and bloom

winx srella and bloom winx srella and bloom

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



stella was sleeping in the room
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stella was sleeping in the room

Chapter1 (v.1) - winx srella and bloom

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stella was sleeping in the room

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 05, 2013



Bloom: oh thank goodness she's awake i throght we've lost her as well

Flora: welcome back sweety

stella look around the room to see 10 faces looking at her standing infront of her happy and sad.

Tecna: are you ok we hear you screaming out?

stella nodded slowly

stella: he...he came to me in my dreams

Bloom: who came to you?

stella: bra..brandon with tears in her eyes

Bloom: oh stell i'm really sorry i know how you feel really

if there is a way to bring him back to us i will do anything in this would to make you happy again stell

sky walk up to bloom and stella

Sky: yes stella bloom is right we will help you in anyways we're your friends

musa: yeah we are

tecna: belief us

flora: your not my friend your my sister from the did i frist meet you and from the date you started dating my brother:) sister in law with a smile

layla: i will help in any ways to bring him back cause i have lost someone very important to me before as well looking at nabu

Nabu: yep brandon was our friend as well

riven: belief in us and yourself

timmy: he loved you and want you to be happy with your life

helia: we all love you stella with our heart

stella: you guys are the best of friends but there is one thing that i really want to know in between me and bloom if you guys know anything please tell me

Sky: sure thing stell

the others nodded waiting for the question on stella's mind

stella: is.. is Bloom and I related in any kind of ways like are we sisters?

Flora: uhhhhh

musa: i ... think ..s

layla: maybe

tecna: ummmmmm

Bloom: yes we are related your my sister stella i think brandon told in this in your dream am i right?

stella: yes he did but why didn't you tell me yourself?

bloom: i was waiting for the right time to tell you stella

stella: oh ok sis i love you bloom

bloom: i love you to sis

sky: smile

back to linphea the day of the frunal

stella: may i speak

flora: sure stell you may

stella: ok thank

stella: brandon was a strong hero he was my hero and is stay my hero no matter where he is he will aways be in my heart cause i loved brandon with my heart my sour my life he was my first love the love that you share with him was the love of a life time there gonna to be nothing that will end that love that i and brandon the prince of this kingdom had loving him was now mistake for me it was a wonderful time i remember the date that brandon stand infront of me and took my hend to say stella be brave never let nothing take you away from me that what that give me the power to come her for the lost of the boy that i once loved and the man i was going to get married too crying.

 the end

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