The Bite - The way Bella SHOULD have become a vampire.

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I have been attracted to vampire romance since LONG before Twilight. And while I did love the series, I was highly and utterly disappointed in the way in which Edward turned Bella. I mean, come on - with the chemistry and relationship between the two, the whole let's-change-Bella thing just didn't add up. So, I constructed what a little something that may have fit just a tad better. Hope you enjoy. =)

Btw - the italics and spacing are not what they should be, as they didn't copy from Word correctly [sighs]. Hopefully it will not subtract from the quality of the story.

Submitted: May 27, 2009

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Submitted: May 27, 2009



I didn’t know where to begin.

Bella always smells so incredibly decadent. But today, it was beyond belief unbearable. And being trapped in my compact, silver Volvo didn’t help the situation much at all. No. Bella’s fragrant blood was so sweet, so potent in my car that I had already decided that this would be the day. It had to. Helplessly, I counted the individual, wet sounds of her beating pulse as the gentle vibrations echoed against the breezy interior. It was absolutely the worst timing for the weather to decide to be exceedingly warm. While the high temperature barely penetrated my icy exterior, Bella had other needs. So fragile and human. So needy. The air conditioning cooled her down, quieted her – calmed her. All the while, blowing her scent around in my car. She was silent in the passenger’s seat, curled onto her side, feet bare. Head resting on her hand against the window. Completely unaware that her vampire was lusting after her flowing crimson life.

That luscious heartbeat. I couldn’t take my attention off of it. And it was a good thing, because if I didn’t have at least some manner of distraction to focus on until we parked at our little home, I would surely, certainly, promisingly take her right here in this car.

I began to grow more and more frustrated. Angry. Was she doing this on purpose? Saying nothing, just to leave me wondering what she was thinking? We hadn’t even consummated our marriage, yet. Six weeks of wedlock, and I still hadn’t made love to my wife. I slanted my eyes at her, refusing to turn my head so that I wouldn’t capture her interest. I hadn’t exactly the right words to say to her. Not for days. This sexual tension… she was so impatient with my preservation of her precious life. Seven decades. I hadn’t tasted human blood in so many years, and the need to get so very close to Bella was breaking me.

Gently, I rest my hand on her thigh. Blood pumped almost responsively to my touch. Perfect. More to edge on the pooling venom in my mouth. My fangs were already scraping against my tongue. My muscles were aching by the mere restraint I was putting against them to remain in perfect control. I couldn’t let her see that I was fighting this.

“Mrs. Cullen.” I looked to my wife and was not surprised by her continual blank stare out the window.
“What.” That is how it sounded – like a statement, a dismissal, more than a question of interest. I kept my tone even and flat as not to entertain her sour mood.
“Are you hungry?”
“Bella, you must eat,” I sighed. It had been nearly 15 hours since I’ve seen her put anything solid into her mouth. And I made sure to keep a careful eye on her. I hesitated before removing my hand. She flinched away when I pulled my fingers through her curls.
Now you touch me.” She scoffed.
“You’re being ridiculous right now.”

Ok, Bella. Have it your way.

Eventually, it came into view: the grand Cullen estate. I didn’t sense any of my family; no passing thoughts as we left behind the glass architecture and soon after approached our humble little cottage. Bella leaped from the vehicle before I even came to a complete stop. I rolled my eyes at the slam of the door, steadying myself over the steering wheel. Yes, today had to be that day. I had to complete our marriage, by consummation and vampirism. I could no longer keep this from Bella. It was her right to make love to her husband, as it was her right to live long, eternal life beside him. What would it look like to others when she aged another 20, 30 or so years, and I remained the same young-looking boy that I was forever frozen into?

I had to talk to her. She was so livid, so frustrated. I didn’t like to see her behave this way towards me.

But I didn’t want to hurt her, either.

I’ve told Bella many times of the terrible pain the change causes. The hellish burn. I’ve loathed damning her soul. Her innocent, sweet soul…

However, I knew that the wedge between us would only expand if the time I allowed to elapse without sex and blood became too much.
She hadn’t even reached the front door as I contemplated all of this. I met her there in a flash, right in time for my hand to pull the heavy wood open for her. She walked right in without even a glance at me.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed,” she announced, disappearing into the hallways. Her soft brown eyes flashed with alert when she realized that she was not going to pass my body into the bedroom. I stood, leaning against the sturdy frame. My hands delved into my pockets as I noted the flames eating again at my throat. I was so thirsty.

“Edward,” she sighed. She looked away from me, folding her arms.
“Why are you being so disobedient?”

She jerked her head up to mine, blood flushing her creamy cheeks. God I’ll miss that.

“Bella… why don’t you meet me in the kitchen. I’ll fix you something nice to eat.” She pout her lips slightly, unable to take her eyes off of my own. I knew that they were changing, darkening, to accommodate the deep hunger within me.

Finally, she obeyed. Good little wife. I eyed her round bottom as she turned to find our kitchen. It took all of my entity not to pounce on her. Bella, Bella, Bella. I stepped into the kitchen, smirking when I heard the familiar sound of her tummy rumbling.

“Not hungry are we?”

She rolled her eyes, but I was relieved to see that soft smile emerging helplessly on her face.

“That’s much better. I thought that my Bella was beginning to hate me.”

She nestled into the front of my body, letting her head fall back onto my chest. It was so hard to ignore the soft tickling fibers of her hair. Long after she’d used that strawberry shampoo could I still detect the fruity fragrance. It mingled ever so deliciously with her blood. Damn. I knew that she could hear the rumbling monster in my chest. I couldn’t even enjoy sharing affection with my wife.

Soon enough, Edward.

Gently removing myself from her small, feeble human frame – ever so careful not to give her the presupposition that I didn’t want to touch her, because I did – I maneuvered slowly to the fridge.

“Sit, Bella,” I managed to say through the heat flaming underneath my marble skin. She must have sensed this, because she did not counter. Just to look at her was painful. And if that wasn’t enough to spike my blood, the contents of the refrigerator sure brought me to an abrupt halt. Surely I kept a gallon or two of what I needed to survive incase I didn’t want to leave Bella alone in the middle of night to hunt, but the sight of the thick, purplish red liquid on the top shelf took me by surprise. I flinched, and saw Bella flinch as well.

Her concern coated me shortly after. “Are you ok?”
“Of course. What would you like? A sandwich? You’re probably not that hungry, anyway. Something light for your stomach, huh?”

I was stammering, something I rarely did around my Bella. I knew that I should at least take a sip of that beautiful red juice. Just enough to make it easy for me to let go of her when I latched onto her soft, sweet neck.

I didn’t want to hurt her, drink too much. The thought – I shook it out of my head, quickly tossing bread and lunchmeat together. She flinched again when I dropped the plate before her, throwing a bag of chips and rolling a bottle of water across the island.

She didn’t follow me when I disappeared, removing myself from the house entirely. I needed a human moment. Fresh air. The scent of pine and pollen, water and animal quickly replaced those luscious perfumes that emanated from my wife. Succulent fruit, the feminine musk that naturally radiated from her skin, not to mention that ever-powerful flow of life coursing through every part of her supple, perfect body.

I needed to drink something. The few mouthfuls that I’d take from her would not be enough to sustain me. But still, even in knowing this, I didn’t want to mix the tastes. I selfishly wanted to savor her for the first time, tasting every separate flavor. I knew she’d be so good. If only she smelled like this to everyone. I knew from day one that she’d ruin me and look at what the mere idea of finally having her is doing to me.

It was all up to me now to exhibit control. I had to be safe for her. I had to. I thought once again about a cup of lion’s blood, but the comparison in my mind of what that tasted like next to Bella was enough to throw off my appetite just enough for my eyes to cool down to a more tolerable shade of dark brown.

When I returned to the kitchen, I could feel the negativity just oozing out of her. She was sad again, because of me. Because I’d abandoned her instead of just holding her close to me like a husband should. She had to realize by now that I loved her too much to not want to physically show her. By God, if I were human, Bella… You’d know the depths of my affection for you.

“I love you, Bella,” I whispered as I approached her again from behind, finding the endurance to hug her waist in the seat.
“I love you, too, Edward.” Slowly she spun around on the high stool to face me, wrapping her thighs on either side of my body. If I had any intention of changing my mind about this, it had been erased with that subtle transition. Even if I wanted to leave, the way she felt around me was too sweet to reject. “But I’m starting to think that this isn’t… working.”

Her bottom lip began to quiver. I knew this face. If I had the ability to feel it, my heart would sink at this moment.

“Bella…” I softened at the tears that threatened to pool over in her eyes. Instantly she crashed into my chest, bawling, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen her cry.
“Don’t you want me by now, Edward?” Her labored breathing made her words come out broken. “Every day I get older and older –”
Please, Bella.” I’d heard this so many times. “Why can’t you see that I want you? Why do you think you disgust me, Bella? I married you because I want you. I just can’t bear the thought…”

There I was, already replaying in my mind all the many, many reasons why I should have ran away from Bella and stayed away from Bella. She continued to sob, either relieved to hear things she certainly already knew, or devastated at the idea of me once again, denying her what she wanted so badly from me.

“Please, Bella,” I whispered again. “Don’t cry. I can’t bear this.”

Pulling away from me, frowning, she scrubbed angrily at the tears that were already beginning to stain her face. I sighed, draping her arms over my shoulders, bringing us closer. How could I be aroused by her sadness? The hunger was completely gone, completely swept away, as my Bella wept for me. This was what I needed – to be calm in order to be close. This was the only way that she could have me, permanently, forever. I kissed her forehead, breathing in the sugary stench of her skin. A tender flame burned in my throat; it didn’t take long for those feelings to come rushing back. Bella was so irresistibly wonderful to me. I would always want her, and would never get enough.

We kissed. For the first time in days. I tasted her lips individually, careful not to suck bruises into them as I pulled them into my mouth. Bella and me had kissed this way before, but it’s always cut off short. For her protection – for my protection. It would take one moment after any accidents with Bella for me to put myself right back on that plane to Italy.

She was hungry for me, forcing herself against my mouth with pressure that I always warned her about. Gently, I pried my mouth from her, seeking other places on her face until I was calm enough to continue our wet kiss.

“Easy, Bella…” I brought my head back to examine her face, flushed with excitement and previous tears. “Easy. I’m not going anywhere.”

I felt the tenseness slack up, her shoulders relaxing. Our mouths rejoined, meshing perfectly together. I delved past her fluffy lips with my tongue in search for her own. So soft, so warm. My hand grabbed her waist as I pushed us apart again. Her pulse filled my eardrums, calling to me in a hasty song. Groaning, I closed my eyes when her fingers found my hair, locking me in her hold. “God, Bella,” I hissed. The feverish kisses she planted against my neck were sure indication that she’d need no help finding what she needed from my throat in the near future.

“I want you, Edward,” she breathed against my skin. “Please.”

By this point, I would have already terminated any further contact. I’ve never gone this far with Bella. I’ve never shown her how truly greedy I was. Our tongues mangled again. I tasted every flavor of the meal I’d prepared for her. The salt from the chips was my favorite.

“Bella.” My eyes rolled with fury when she untucked the T-shirt that’d been stuffed into my jeans, maneuvering under the blue plaid button up that she begged me to wear that morning. Those quick little hands found my belt, which she surely undid. “Bella,” I repeated.
“Please don’t tell me no, Edward.” She whined like a child, looking up at me. Begging me with her eyes to just let her have this moment.
“I don’t plan taking this from you, love.” She looked at me, uncertainty filling her eyes. “But Bella… you know the consequences of this.”
“I don’t want to hear this, Edward.”
“Bella, no. You understand what is happening.”

She took a moment to assess what I knew was the deep, darkening shade of my eyes. I knew what this looked like. It had to be taking over even the whites at this point.

“I want to be like you.” She was beginning to stammer again.
“Shhhh.” I gave her a lingering, sticky kiss on the lips. I didn’t know how much longer I could delay this.

She hugged my neck, pulling me into her. With one hand on the small of her back and the other groping the marble top of the island behind her, I knew that I would have to do this now. Carefully I kissed her chin, below her jaw, groaning against her flesh. It was so close, that vein. Beating, drumming. As gently as I could I pushed her hair to the side, revealing that smooth patch of skin that would promise Bella to me forever. I tried my best to kiss it tenderly before diving right in, wanting this to be precious to both her and me. I didn’t want to just tear into her, and I hadn’t drunk from a human in over 70 years.

Her breath got caught in her throat several times as I sucked at her skin, kissing her ear, nibbling ever so carefully around the diamond stud. “Don’t hate me,” I whispered. “It’s going to hurt, Bella.” She flinched at the following kiss beneath her jawbone, and I wasn’t so certain that she was prepared for what I was about to do to her.

A squeal leaped from her lungs, and she jerked in my arms when I finally sank my fangs, delicately as I could, into her beating throat. My eyes closed as her liquid gold pooled past my teeth, over my tongue. If this were what heaven could offer, I would take my damned life happily knowing that I had a piece of it so close. Forever.

There was no way I could describe how Bella tasted. Candy, maple syrup, pure sugar? Nectar from the sweetest flower? The most poetic shot of heroine. Cake frosting. Peach preserves? I swallowed that first mouthful, sinking myself deeper into her. All I could do was moan when she gasped in pain, crushing my golden curls in her hands. So perfect, so substantial in essence, so filling. I took yet another swallow of her beautiful life. Though she was shivering in my hold, I couldn’t bring myself to let go of her.

Was this the end? I couldn’t tell. As peppermint and mango washed down my throat, I began to lose sight of everything around me. This was Bella. This was the root of the intoxicating, inescapable aroma that tortured me for so long. I wanted so badly to free her of my grip. But I could not. I was stuck, drinking her, drowning in it.

What felt like an eternity felt like nothing at all, all at once. It seemed as though I was drinking her forever, but not long enough. Somewhere in between this contradictory elapse of time, I could hear her whimpering beneath me. And then the thought of losing my Bella came to me like a wave. Hurting her, killing her. No.

I would not be a monster.

I had to back away from her. My head was spinning, I couldn’t see straight, and I wanted more. A low growl released from deep within my gut. What was it doing to me? I was intoxicated immediately.

“Edward,” she whimpered. I stumbled back toward her, pulling her down out of the chair. “Edward.”

Focus gradually regained itself as I assessed what was taking place. Had I just contemplated drinking Bella to death? I knew that this was a mistake, but I had no time to dwell while she was writhing in discomfort. Needing me. I slid her into my arms. When she attempted to slam me away, I knew then that the pain she was feeling was far more excruciating than the tiny imprints my fangs left in her skin. My venom was destroying her. Changing her. Burning her. I could all but imagine that terrible, damning sensation.

Edward, stop,” she begged.
“I know, Bella.”

Her nails were digging into my skin, and if it were minutes later, she’d be drawing blood. I pulled us to the ground, cradling her in my chest, begging this process to complete itself.

“I know,” I whispered into her hair, restraining her as much as I could without hurting her. “You’re doing so good, love, I promise it’s almost over.”

But I knew from the intensity of the heat rippling from her body that it had only begun. The change hadn’t even reached her knees yet. I knew that hating myself for this was not going to make Bella feel any better, but I couldn’t help it. Bringing her pain… it was crushing me, weighing me down with guilt. I don’t know the amount of time that elapsed before she finally lies limp in my arms, breathless. Instantly, I rose to my feet, scooping her up. She was heavier in weight. Her skin was flushing with that marble, velvety sheen that she loved so much about my own stony exterior. As I slowly carried her to our bedroom, unable to take my eyes off of her whilst the changes visibly took place right before me, I fell more powerfully in love with her. The warm brown of her hair took on a luxurious silk, its curls tightening upward, framing her perfect face. She gasped to life before I reached the doorway, her new teeth gleaming against the soft lighting that pooled into the house through various windows.

She looked up at me, then, and it concerned me that her eyes were so deep in purple. I just stood there with her in the middle of the bedroom, fascinated by the beauty that simply continued to just blossom.

“Bella….” I brought us to the bed, lying down with her atop me. “Let me show you…. Here.” I brought her face down, exposing my neck to her. But she didn’t take it. She pulled away from my hand and looked at me, searching. “It’s ok, Bella,” I soothed. “You won’t hurt me.”

Hesitant, but hungry, she dipped her head into my neck and clamped with the force of a new vampire. I sighed with relief, for while it did sting, her lips, tongue, and precious fangs instilled the most delightful sensation in my lifeless nerves. Reacting, my arms tightened around her body. I wanted her as close as I could have her, and it felt so very good to not have to worry about accidentally crushing her with my force. No. I hugged her like I’ve always wanted, embracing her, nuzzling her.

“Ok, Bella,” I chuckled, helping her new fangs out of my throat. “There’s plenty of time for that. You don’t want to drink me all down in one gulp, do you?”
We looked at each other, and I could see that the old Bella was still very much alive in her. She smiled then, eyes gleaming with what would have been tears minutes ago.
“Edward… is this me? Is this real?”
“Yes, Bella.” I couldn’t help laughing at her sweet, innocent face. “How do you feel?”

“I feel… Well I don’t know how I feel. Everything’s so… different.”

I played with a curl around my fingers, watching her take in her surroundings with her new eyes, which were not diluted in color at all.

“Come, Bella.” I guided her off of the bed. “Let’s go hunting.”

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