A Moment in a Dream World

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A real life short story about my current boyfriend and I realising we were in love...

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



I knew from the moment I met him that something magical was going to happen between us, but I knew he didn't see things the way I did. It was my very first day in a new school when I saw him. His eyes glistened underneath the lights, putting even the brightest of stars to shame. Something drew me to them, losing myself deep within. His body, sculpted to perfection stood with masculinity whilst oozing with warmth and tenderness. This added to the air of mystique created by him as he walked further into the room. His face... So devilishly handsome yet portraying a cheeky side to his personality - this only drew myself even further into his world. My whole body was out of my control; I could feel my heartbeat increasing and butterflies developing from deep within me. Never before had I wanted someone so badly, and then he smiled at me...

No one could prepare me for what had developed from our first meeting. I trapped him in my net like a fisherman catches his fish. I ensured he was mine, I ensured he knew how I felt about him. Somehow, he felt the same. Two once separate hearts were now conjoined as one, bonded by both love and friendship, something of which I truely cherished. Just like I cherished him.

One crisp autumn day, we strolled hand in hand through a peaceful park, surrounded by picturesque scenery and beautiful trees secluding our walk. His soft and tender skin was holding onto mine; tight enough for me to feel secure, yet loose enough for me to feel at ease with him. I felt safe with him, like nothing could ever hurt me whilst I'm in his presence. All of a sudden, he stopped and pulled me to face him, locking eyes with me. I felt my pulse raising and my stomach had a strange sensation wiggling through. He gently let go of my hand, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He gazed into my eyes, and I lost myself in the turquoise delight of his. I placed my hands on his shoulders and he pulled me in closer. Our bodies were now touching; the steady movement of his breathing reflected onto mine, letting me know I was with him. He placed his forehead against mine, and an enchanting smile engulfed his face. We both new what was coming next. He slowly closed his eyes, as did I, and simultaniously we moved closer to each other. Our lips gently touched, and we held it for a while. My head was spinning - I had never before experienced a kiss so sensuous. I longed for this short moment to last forever. We pulled away, smiles beaming from both of us. Still holding me within his grasp, he whispered so sweetly "I love you Emma". That's when I knew... That's when I knew I was in love.

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