Those Childhood Days

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Remembering the days as a young child... when everything was so easy and care free!

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



The one thing I’d love to be is a child
No cares, no worries.
And the main thing to cry about?
Falling from a swing.

Teddies swarmed the bed,
Pink dresses filled the cupboards,
Pigtails with ribbons matching the uniform,
And sucking your thumb was normal?

Winding down the window
In the backseat of your dads car
Watching the wind mess up your hair
But all with no care in the world.

Running as fast as you can through the woods
Just like in your fairy tale books;
Cinderella, Snow White, Anastasia.
The ones that send you to sleep

School. Your favourite place to be
Friends. Teachers. All full of fun
No difficult work, just singing songs
Smiling all through the day

Birthdays fly by; three, four, five
The presents get bigger and better
Then suddenly, everything stops.
You’ve grown up.

No more bedtime stories.
No more birthday parties.
No more winding down the window.
School. No longer a place of fun.
Singing? In the shower if you’re lucky!
Parents leave you to your own thing.
But what about the tickle fights?

Gone, just like your childhood.
Memories fade, but you remember some.
Living life, knowing it’ll never return
Wishing someday… you’ll be a kid again.

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