Will He Ever Be Mine?

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A poem about someone I have feelings for, however... he's unaware

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Walking into the hall I spot him in an instant,
Our eyes met; a copious smile engulfed my face.
He too smiled. So sweet, so content with the world,
How I longed for a warm, tender embrace.

His ocean blue eyes, so unique and complete with joy,
He was brewed to perfection, so mighty fine.
Deep brunette locks fell effortlessly upon his head,
Will this boy ever be mine?

Face to face we stood – I longed to be inside his grasp
Love? Lust? I’m filled with such confusion.
Will something grow from this little seedling,
Or is this feeling just an illusion?

Sitting next to him, bliss submerged me into its arms
Our chemistry. So unreal, yet sure to explode.
What will become of our bonds? Will we collide?
Or will we fall apart, be lost and corrode?

Speak my feelings for him. Too shallow, maybe?
Let him know, he’s the one I adore
Rejection. A close friend yet strangely an enemy,
But maybe we’ll be together forever more.

He sends me to an unknown wilderness I’ve never seen
Soring through clouds has never been so easy.
Flaws? I find none. To me, they are unimportant,
Anything he’d do would please me.

Will someone please, send me a lifeline…
Cos this boy will never be mine.

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