Riley- Part 1

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After good girl Riley makes some bad choices and nearly gets into some big trouble, she decides it is time to head back to her great Aunt Muriels for a summer full of fun, art, and adventures and her memories of the boy next door.

This is my first time posting and it is a work in progress. It is still very raw and probably full of typos and mistakes so keep in mind that it is still in the first stages right now. Any constructive feedback would be great! :)

Submitted: November 30, 2013

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Submitted: November 30, 2013



The wailing syrens had long disapeared into the night when my pounding heart finally started to slow down. I looked around me, the rain was pouring down and forming big puddles filled with rubbish. The rusty old garbage container I had crawled behind had bags overflowing onto the ground and most of them were torn up by allie cats. I snorted as I thought back to the yelling match I had had with my mother just this morning. It had all started when I came down for breakfast at half past noon with old lastnights makeup smeared on my face. My sassy responses to her honnest concern had quickly escalated and ended when she had screamed at me that she was sick of watching me throwing my life away. I had stormed out, slamming the door behind me. I wonder if she knew that not twelve hours later I would be sitting amongst a pile of throw away?


I got up slowly, careful not to touch too much and edged around from behind the bin. I shivered and began walking back down the ally. How did things get out of hand so fast? It all started when I graduated high school, last summer, all my friends had been heading out to college and I had gotten a job as a waitress at the grubby pub in town until I could figure out what I wanted to do. I thought that come January I would at least be starting winter term classes at the local college to get back into the swing of things, but instead I had taken on extra hours at the pub working as a shot girl on Friday and Saturday nights. I found myself wearing ridiculously trashy outfits and flirting with gross horny guys that tiped well. That's how I had met Tom. Tom was not gross, and he did not tip well, but I did flirt with him. I quickly found myself spending my nights with Tom and his friends, drinking, smoking and watching them play music. We would usually get bored around two or three in the morning and head out to the streets to entertain ourselves. I didn't usually participate in the destructive things they did, but I was there, and I laughed along with them and did nothing to stop them. I knew this was not me, but Toms smiles and kisses made me forget about that important detail. Up until tonight.


I had walked into the flat Tom shared with his buddies and had found some skank sitting on his lap giggling while they shared a joint. Completely unashamed by it, he had gotten up and slapped her on the ass before coming over to make out with me. I had glared triumphantly at her as if it was somehow her fault I was into a sleezebag and that somehow, the fact that he was now making out with me after fondling her was something to feel happy about. Everyone had started drinking early and were already well on their way to being drunk when I had arrived and we quickly headed to the streets. They were being particularly loud and obnoxious, or maybe I was just starting to see through the cloud of lust I had for Tom. Maybe I was starting to see that these people were really kind of trashy. That was the moment someone had decided it would be a fantastic idea to pick up a heavy flower pot and bash it through the window of the jewelry shop just as the cops turned onto the same street. The next few seconds were of pure chaos as the store alarm began blaring and the police syrens joined in. There was a lot of yelling and drunken running. Tom did not grab for me or for the skank before he took of running to save his own ass. Seconds before it was too late, I turned and dashed down a side street as fast as I could running blindly until I ended in a dead end ally behind a family restaurant a block away. Thinking about it now, the police had probably had their hands full with the people they had caught and if they were going to chase anybody it would probably be the 3 or 4 guys that were running down straight down mainstreet, not the lone girl dashing through several street before lunging behind the big old garbage bin were I had spent the last 40 minutes or more shivering and quietly crying.

''You are one hell of a champ Riley'' I whispered to myself '' One hell of a champ'' and quietly let myself into the house.




Saturday morning came way too fast. I woke up to the smell of pancakes and groaned, rolling over to check the time. 8:45. I groaned again, I had had less than 4 hours of sleep and I felt like crap, but I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless. It was time for a change, time to turn the page. I shuffled down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mom turned with a scowl on her face ready for a fight but her expression quickly softened seeing the look on my face. I shuffled into her arms ''I'm sorry mom, for being such a pain lately'' . She just laughed and hugged me tight before serving me a big plate of delicious pancakes. Dad snapped his newspaper shut and asked me what my plans were for the day.

'' Quit my job'' I replied '' I was thinking, maybe I could go and spend the summer with Aunt Muriel, see if I can't get myself a little job in a little art gallery of something.''


Aunt Muriel was my fathers aunt, so my great aunt. She was a sweet older lady, filthy rich, lived in a great big house in a nice town called Burnaby. I had spent many summers with her while growing up. She did not work, and loved my company. She took me to art galleries and markets, took me to the beach and on all kinds of little trips and adventures. Despite being 3 hours from home, my parents had been happy to send me off to my aunts knowing that I would get a good dose of culture and fun. It meant that they did not need to worry about me getting in trouble, or spending my days moping about the mall with my friends. It meant they did not have to feel guilty about going to work everyday and leaving me at home with a baby sitter or later in life alone. It meant I did not have to be shipped off to summer camp. It was really a win win situation for everyone up until I had started struggling in math and had to stay home and attend summer school every summer until I had graduated. I was not a bad student, on the contrary, I simply needed more attention than I could get in crowded class in order to succeed..and that meant summer school. I think everybody had been bummed about the situation, including Parker, the funny boy next door that I had befriended.


'' You're a good girl Riley'' my dad said '' It takes a good girl to know when to walk away from some bad calls'' and he bent over to kiss me on the top of the head.




Throwing my uniform on the counter and telling my boss I was quitting had been a wonderful feeling. I stepped out into the sunshine with a big smile on my face. I looked down at my phone to see a text message from Tom '' I'm gonna miss you babe!''. I sighed and deleted his number. I'm sure you will Tom, I thought to myself, I'm sure you will..I had not heard a word from him since the jewelery shop incident until I had texted him to say I would be going away for the summer.


I had called my great Aunt Murriel and she was super excited to have me over for the summer. We had chatted for nearly an hour and she told me all about the new shops in town she was dying to take me to and she told me about the puppy she had recently adopted from a shelter and named Pickles. We made plans to go to the seaside to paint and enroll in a pottery class. I hung up with a huge smile on my face, ready to start my summer full of ice cream, sunshine and art. No booze, no boys no drama I thought to myself just before my mind drifted off to my old friend Parker.



When we were around 12 years old, Parker moved in next to my aunt Murriel. We had formed our friendship around canonballing into the swimming pool and summersaults on the trampoline. Every summer our friendship evolved a little bit, from canonball buddies to that friend you can trust with your secrets. On my last summer in Burnaby we had spent hours on his trampoline in the evenings chatting about our days, that new song we had heard and liked, he would teach me stuff on his guitare and some days I would just listen to him play. By that time he had had a girlfriend for nearly two years while I had not yet really had a ''real'' boyfriend. On the evenings we were feeling particularly trusting toward each other, he would tell me about Soroya and how they had been fighting a lot lately and I would tell him about innability to find a guy that could keep my attention long enough for anything to happen. I never told him that he would be the perfect boyfriend. Or that Soroya really did not sound nice enough to be with such a nice guy. I did not tell him that when I looked up and saw him looking at me with those big green eyes, my heart would flip flop. I did not tell him those things because he was my friend and I was not willing to interfere with his relationship, not matter how messed up it sounded to me. I did not want to risk messing up the short time we had to spend together with something as silly as a giant crush on the boy next door.

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