As You Sleep

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Another dream i had hope you enjoy reading it and please comment it ^o^

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



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As You Sleep

What happens when love turns into obsession? Now reads below the life of Jared an 18 year old kid finishing high school.

2 years ago

Jared now 16 lives with his parents who have always hated him. Also never do they call him by his name rather using terms such as “ Mistake “ “Asshole “ and a bunch of other nasty, ugly terms. Good thing for Jared he’s used to it its been years since this has happened and he’s grown onto it. Jared never had an easy life getting molested at a young age made him hate humans and find them a waste and above all worthless beings as a worthless species. Jared has always found the flaws in people and abuses it. Every single girlfriend he has had was never anything but a substitute for his hand never has he ever come close to falling In love. Now he’s 16 and it’s the beginning of the New Year at his high school he’s in 10th grade and he finds school very boring. Jared was never a loner at that stage of his life he had countless friends and buddies. So one day Jared being single starts to look for another “Substitute” as he comes along his friend who has a love for his friend Alexia. At the time his friend hates her boyfriend known as bobby not only does he cheat on her with other girls but is also known to treat her like shit. His friend wants to hook them up Jared reply’s by saying no thank you I don’t break up people. His friend then says to give her a chance she needs someone better. He now feeling kind of upset agrees to shut his friend up. The next day he shows her Alexia never in his life has Jared seen such beauty he felt a strange feeling when he was around her and yet he loved the feeling. They started to fall in love with a week span she was already wondering how to break up with her asshole boyfriend. Another week passes by and is tired of hearing “Alexia likes you dude ask her out”. So in order to change this he walks with her after school which is something he always does and then stops her and says

Jared- Alexia can I ask you something?

Alexia- Of course

Jared- do you like me as in crush?


Jared- oh…ok cool

Jared then smiles and wonders how he’s going to ask her out. The weekend passes by and on that day Alexia tells him its over between her and her boyfriend she tells him this with a smile as if unaffected by the break up. So another day passes by and Jared takes Alexia to a hall and asks her out but alexia declines him saying she needs time that it’s not a no it’s a give me time thing Jared feeling rejected says oh…ok I understand. They then leave to there classes and life goes on for Jared unaffected by what just happened. Another day passes Alexia and Jared always hugging each other but Jared knows nothing is going to happened so he sees it as a ok thing. Oh but on that day Jared life will change later on after school as Jared is leaving to go home Alexia stops him and starts to walk with him and her herself asks Jared if he will be her boyfriend? Jared confused but happy at the same time says yes he will and they go off together happy. 2 weeks pass by and everything Is ok Jared likes Alexia a lot she’s different but not much of a difference for Jared he sees it as a regular relationship. On the weekend Jared gets a call from her asking if he would like to go to her house..She’s alone Jared agrees to her offer. As soon as Jared goes to her house he is quickly taken to her room and pushed onto her bed and they start making out. Things get hotter as the time progress and soon enough their both topless but that is where it ends as he leaves happy. The next day at school this is the turning point for Jared he will for the first time fall in love. Later that day Jared and Alexia stay after school in the cafeteria as they are there alone Jared starts to do stuff to Alexia but Alexia gets a worried face and says to stop Jared doesn’t understand. He looks at her eyes and see’s a fear he then asks what’s wrong as she replies nothing everything is perfect he doesn’t buy it and the following takes place

Jared- I don’t believe you tell me what’s wrong

Alexia- wow that’s nice but I’m ok trust me

Jared- it’s me isn’t it fine I’ll go

Alexia- NO! Don’t go I’m sorry look you want the truth

Jared- yes!

Alexia- I was molested when I was younger and still is well it just ended 3 months ago I guess I’m still suffering from it

Jared- …….

Jared understands her pain he knows what it’s like to have a dick forced on you that you can’t say no to. As he goes home he starts to think about it saying to himself “have I finally found the one for me that shares the same views and pain?” Jared started seeing it as a Pain For Pain deal he started to think that they can heal each other he shows her his pain he shows her hers. Things are as solid as a rock for 5 months but then things start rising like secrets. She is starting to keep stuff from him and he hates nothing more than secrets and he notices she is changing. One year passes by and he has found out she had cheated on him and lied to him for a year this kills him. As more time passes by he finds a way to forgive her but never forgets what has happened and for it has a hole in his heart that bleeds more time in the end he never cheated on her yet she did. Time passes and seasons change he now can’t leave her she has now became a part of him the better part of him. No matter the pain and stuff she puts him through he still finds the love he has for her but his love has turned into a twisted obsession. Obsessed with her ways and the things she does he can’t resist her or her tainted love. She has consumed his dreams and crushed his very own being. The once strong boy with a ton of friends has become a little innocent boy who is weak and powerless towards her and a loner. Putting himself against the wall for her he sees nothing but her a person he considers her his oxygen without it he would die but with her he can’t last much longer since she is killing. She now is like Aids infecting his body and destroying his immune system towards her killing him slowly and painfully no matter what he does she makes it out to be his fault and like a puppet he dances to her tune. He has lost all faith in everything accept her and she abuses this knowing she can stab him in the heart and he would still ask her nicely to not stab him again instead of taking it out and stabbing her. Now with his obsession consuming him he see’s he is losing her. She now is flirting with other guys trying to find something new he acts on this and takes action. He tells her his parents want to meet her if she could please go with him but not to tell anyone due to the fact he doesn’t want people to know. She is confused but agrees later on she meets him and a girl with sunglasses who doesn’t even take a look at Alexia drives them to a building it the outskirts of their city. Alexia confused says why are we here? Jared replies saying I can’t trust you

Alexia now freaked out says she needs to go home now! The girl in the car with sunglasses grabs Alexia by the hair pulls her out and punches her in the face causing her to break her nose. The following happens

Alexia- ouch what the hell

Girl with sunglasses- Look she’s human after all she bleeds

Jared- it’s time let’s take her

Alexia- NOOOOO!

Jared and The Girl now take her inside the building which is just a small office building. As they enter they open this wall and it’s a secret underground place that only goes deeper into the darkness. As they descend lower and lower they make their way to a train that leads then 30 miles underground as they get there they enter what is known to be an underground city but more like a hive. Now taking her to a room with thick doors and no windows and it being 0 degrees it was very cold as they throw her in the girl with glasses injects her with something to put her to sleep. The injection takes three minutes to take affect and as those three minutes are counting down the following happens

Alexia- why? (eyes filled with tears)

Jared- because you never saw me for me you got tired of me

Alexia- I love you ….you should know that

Jared- I need to believe that but you never saw the little innocent boy in me instead you ripped my wings off and laughed as you did it


Alexia now asleep Jared grabs her and holds her and says “As You Sleep let me rape your dreams baby”. He then ripped all her clothes off of her and puts her in this capsule that is behind her and puts a mask on her with 2 inch needles on different parts of her body and closes the capsule. It then starts to release crystal clear cold liquid all over her and eventually fills the capsule completely covering her body. Now the girl with glasses says “she’s now in year zero a year that doesn’t exist a endless time pit” next she leaves the room and leaves Jared with Alexia alone as he acts next is on the following

Jared- I’m sorry alexia but you are my god my icon now and I can’t let you leave me or die or disappear.

- Walks closer to the capsule-

Jared- Alexia please hear me you are perfect you’re like a doll now so perfect but so still

- As he puts his hand on the cold lifeless capsule-

Jared- Alexia baby hear me As You Sleep you will be on my mind all the time

As You Sleep please come and rape my dreams

As You Sleep I will be the one bleeding for you

As You Sleep you will be all my memories

As You Sleep please tell me you love me

As You Sleep you will never see the little innocent boy in me

As You Sleep I will be next to you

Becoming sane for a moment he starts to leave the room into the blinding light and whispers as he leaves

As You Sleep I will slowly be dying…….

© Copyright 2018 Mana Filth. All rights reserved.

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